How to Embed Instagram Feed in Website? (best plugins)

Embed Instagram Feed in Website

With almost 1 billion and 800 million downloads and over 500 million daily active users, Instagram feed makes an authentic source to refer to in times of need.

One way to go is to embed Instagram feed in stories and blogs if you want to add some more flavor and authenticity to website contents.

While creating visual aesthetics in a website matters excessively, Instagram posts added to blog contents can double the impact.

In this article, we want to discuss how to add Instagram photos and videos in blogs and introduce three of the most popular embedding tools for this end.

How to embed Instagram feed into your website?

There are two fashions to use the Instagram feed on a website:

One is on website wall (a.k.a. live social media wall), which is displayed on one of the main site pages, and the other way is to embed single Instagram contents in an individual blog post.

Tip for going pro: get help from an Instagram post scheduler, so that you will not have to worry about posting on Instagram account, timely. With everything automated on the website and Instagram, your efficiency increases to a significant extent.

Now let’s discuss each of these methods.

  • Creating a live social media wall

This is an innovative idea for brands and businesses to put into display the contents from Instagram on their website.

The social media wall is a live (real-time) element which synchs itself with every change made to the Instagram account it is linked to. So, this wall provides a place to share activity on Instagram with site visitors, which, in turn, leads to more traffic to a targeted Instagram page. All you need to do to have an attractive social media wall on a website is to sign up to a third party embedding tool and link Instagram to that site.

More about best embedding plugins down this blog.

Social media wall on the website
Twitter and Instagram feed on a website
  • Embedding Instagram feed in an individual blog post

Adding Instagram videos and photos to a blog is an authentic way to increase the content’s Adding Instagram videos and photos to a blog is an authentic way to increase the content’s credibility. You can easily do these things with the website you created via Freewebsitebuilder.

There are some widgets and plugins that can make embedding Instagram feed into a blog possible, which make sure that the included feed is synched with the changes made to the original post (such as the number of comments, likes, etc.).

Where to get the embedding link on Instagram?

The link can be easily acquired by going to a post of interest, tapping the three dots on top of it and selecting the “embed” option. Now you are provided with a link, which is the embedding link to that scheduled Instagram feed.

Embed Instagram feed
You can access the embedding link right from the Instagram post

Three of the most popular Instagram feed embedding tools

Now that we know everything about linking Instagram contents to your website let’s see what tools work best to this end.

Many free Instagram feed plugins are waiting for you out there. They provide you with quite a decent set of accessibilities but are not enough for going pro with embedding Instagram feed on the website.

So, here are the three most popular and useful Instagram feed plugins, which are not totally free, but are definitely worth the price to create a kill-it website.

This JetElements Instagram feed widget is a great tool to add a magnificent Instagram feed to your personal or business website via Elementor page builder. It helps you to visualize the layout and style of Instagram photos without coding. To apply JetElements, firstly install a free Elementor builder on the WordPress website. Afterwards, install the JetElements plugin for displaying Instagram feeds. 

With the help of the Instagram feed widget, you can showcase Instagram posts with tags, the caption, comments and likes count. 

You can pick among three feed layouts: masonry, list and grid. Furthermore, to make your feed stand out from the crowd, just add an overlay. 

Additionally, the JetElements Instagram widget enables you to choose the image and feed size. Moreover, you can present your Instagram feed from 1 to 50 photos in a single feed. Automatic updates to the latest posts each minute, hour and day.

Besides, JetElements goes with 44+ widgets that help you add more functionality to your website.

  • World’s Best Instagram Feed Plugin for WordPress: 10Web

10Web is best to embed Instagram posts in an all-in-one-effort way. It helps to add posts and content from Instagram accounts as well as hashtags easily to websites and blogs.

Another exciting thing about this WordPress plugin is its offering a variety of themes for your website’s social media wall so that it matches the overall website design.

You can also combine Instagram account and hashtags to reach a fresh, and innovative mixture of Instagram planned feeds on the website.

Comments, likes, and profile information of single posts embedded into a blog can be displayed through the WP plugin and increase the authenticity of your blog.

Being mobile-friendly and responsive to phones of any size is another thing most people love about 10Web Instagram Feed Plugin.

10web Instagram feed WordPress plugin
10Web is best to embed Instagram posts in an all-in-one-effort way.
  • Create a social wall for their website: Taggbox

Taggbox is a trusted aggregator tool for social media. It allows brands to select and monitor their Instagram feed and display them for visitors on social media wall.

It also gives businesses the necessary tool for embedding their user-generated Instagram posts on their website so that a far more trustworthy advertisement takes place. It is because people trust the word of other ordinary people and will take action based on their word of mouth.

Taggbox needs no further coding experience, and all features of this tool is user-friendly, creating a visually beautiful website.

Taggbox Instagram feed embedding tool
Create a visually attractive website.
  • Are you looking for a responsive widget for Instagram: LightWidget

LightWidget is a neat and responsive plugin for Instagram feed to be added to websites.

It creates both social media walls and embedded feed into blogs, to easily connect your audience with that Instagram account you desire.

LightWidget can easily be embedded into WordPress sites, Shopify, Drupal, and any HTML websites.

Lightwidget Instagram post embed
LightWidget is a neatly responsive plugin for Instagram feed to be added to websites


If you have not decided yet to include Instagram posts on a site or not, then take time and think about it: With Instagram feed present on your website, a two-way portal will open to and from Instagram, resulting in both increasing the number of Instagram followers and positive impact on website visitors.

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