How to delete a comment on Instagram? (All About Comments)

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Most Instagram users have at least once experienced commenting on a post with a typo or commenting on the wrong post. But don’t worry about it; all users can delete their Instagram comments whenever they regret about a comment or just want to delete the comment for any reason.

Now we are going to answer the questions that might cross your mind about Instagram comments such as:

Before deleting a comment on Instagram account, you should consider whose account is this, if you want to delete a comment on your own post, it is possible to delete both people’s comments and your comment, but if it is someone else’s post, you can only delete your own comment on the post. Let’s start by getting to know how to delete comments on Instagram.

How to delete a comment on Instagram on phone?

  1. Tap đź’¬ under a post, or tap any comment under the post.
How to delete a comment on Instagram
  1. iPhone users: Swipe left over the comment / Android users: Hold a comment and tap Delete.
How to delete a comment on Instagram

How do I delete a comment on Instagram on computer?

  1. First of all, you need to log into the Instagram account if you are not logged in by Instagram.com.
  2. Find the post that you want to delete its comment, click on the three dots in the right corner of the comment, and click on it, then select “Delete.”
how to delete a comment on instagram

Why can’t I delete a comment on Instagram?

As an Instagram user, you might have experienced that sometimes you try to delete a comment  on Instagram, but it doesn’t happen!

Want to know the reasons? Follow me to get the answer!

Instagram users have reported that they sometimes face an error when they try to delete a comment on Instagram; it is because; the comment might already be deleted on Instagram, and it might be a bug that you still see it. (You need to refresh the page or leave the page for a while and then check the comment.)

Note: It is important to know that you can only delete your own comments on someone else’s account. Deleting all or some of the Instagram comments that you are not interested in them, is only possible on your own post.

How to Delete Other People’s Instagram Comments?

It happens for any body that sometimes they don’t like what someone typed on your post, the good news is that you can deleted such Instagram comments and it has a few simple steps.

Note: You cannot delete other’s people’s comments on their posts or others.

  1. Open the Instagram app.

  2. Choose the post which contains the comment, then tap on the comment icon to find the comment you want to delete.

  3. The process may differ in iPhone and Android so If you have an iPhone, you can swipe left and if you’re using Android, just tap on the comment.

  4. Choose the trash icon and now the comment is deleted. 

How to respond to Instagram comments?

How to delete a comment on Instagram

As I checked some Instagram business accounts, I find out that the majority of businesses don’t respond to comments and just ignore them, which is a big mistake. Instagram is a social platform, which means you should be sociable and react to comments!

Answering comments will increase the engagement rate and may get you more clients and followers, so don’t neglect it and respond to comments.

  • Respond to a positive comment

After getting a lot of positive comments on Instagram because of the post’s beauty, being artistic and attractive, knowledge, etc. users may wonder how to answer to all the comments and different ideas cross their mind such as answering to all comments in a new post or story, answering them in a direct message, mentioning them in a comment, etc.

It is better to answer the praise and positive comments in an encouraging and thoughtful way and be grateful for users because of the time they spent to leave a comment on your post.

If you are a business, you should know that building trust is an important element to keep the potential customers; because they would know that you care about the clients by responding to comments, and it encourages them to leave positive comments in the next posts.

  • Respond to a spam comment

On the other hand, you may get spam comments or the ones that you are not interested in seeing them on your post, such as “Follow me back”, “You look beautiful”(while there is no face or person on the photo), etc.

Also, you may get hate comments because of unsatisfied customers if you are a business, then it is better to delete the comment or report it as spam.

Moreover, Instagram has launched “Anti-Bullying” tool, use it to stop people from leaving hate comments on your post. Read Instagram Launches Anti-Bullying tools on Comments to know about Instagram’s anti-bullying feature.

  • Respond to a question comment

Have you ever asked something personal or general from your followers? If yes, you have to respond to their comment to keep the engagement or even to get a higher engagement rate.

The responses can vary in different questions, but generally, you should be thankful to the followers that they have left a comment for the post. It is better to answer them in such ways: “Thanks for sharing your idea”, ” What a good idea”, ” I would definitely try it”, “I haven’t experienced that yet”, ” I really liked the suggestion”, etc.

If you are a business and someone left a question on the post’s comment, you can ask for the chat on the direct message or ask for an email address to have conversation and respond to the question.

  • Respond to a mention

People are used to mentioning a friend in a comment in different ways, such as @username, username with a question or username with a sentence for several reasons such as telling their friends that ” I thought of you at the moment I saw the post” or it might be because of the discounts or prizes that some Instagram brands offer and ask followers to tag their friends.

Just a simple “Thank you” or “Thanks for sharing” is enough to respond to the comments. However, if you know the audience who tagged others in the post, it is better to appreciate their share in the direct message.

  • Respond to emoji comments

Instagram users don’t necessarily need to answer the emoji comments, but if you don’t want to ignore any comment replies, just respond to them with an emoji comment.

  • What can I do if Instagram users @mention me in a spam post?

Instagram users feel annoyed when a user mentions them in a post and users try to find a way to get rid of that, but how?

Sadly, there is no option on Instagram for preventing people from mentioning users in a post. But it doesn’t mean that there is no way at all; I recommend you report and block the user who mentions you a lot in comments.

How to edit a comment on Instagram?

Unfortunately, you can’t edit any of the Instagram comments, and the only way for getting rid of the comment is deleting it and leave another comment on the post.

As a result, If you want to edit a comment you left on another account’s post, you’ll have to delete the comment and  rewrite the comment.

Why can’t I comment on Instagram?

Getting an error when trying to add a comment seems to be an Instagram bug, but there are some reasons; first of all, update the Instagram app to the latest version and keep in mind that:

  • Only 5 @mentions are allowed in a single comment
  • You can add at most 30 hashtags in a single comment
  • You can’t post the same comment several times. (includes both text and emoji)

If you don’t follow the Instagram comment rules, it is not possible to leave a comment.

Also, sometimes you it is not possible to comment on a certain person’s Instagram post; to know more about it, read Why can’t I Comment on a Certain Person’s Instagram posts? (comment blocked)

How to like a comment on Instagram?

Liking a comment is a great way for thanking the followers and showing that you care about the comment which is used by many Instagram users. For liking the Instagram comment:

  1. Tap “view all comments” under the post; then all the comments will be opened on the screen.
How to delete a comment on Instagram
  1. You can Like the comments of your own post or the comments left by others by tapping on the “heart” icon.
How to delete a comment on Instagram

Whenever you regret about liking a comment, tap the heart again to unlike it.

How to tag someone on an Instagram comment?

In order to @Mention someone on an Instagram comment, you should type @ right before the username without any space. Then users will be notified that you have mentioned them in a comment.

Other “Instagram comment” questions that may cross your mind:

All in all

By knowing everything about Instagram comments now you won’t face any problem, and you can handle all you need on Instagram comment. Is there anything else that you need to know about Instagram comment? Feel free to ask us, we are all ears!

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