How Does Instagram Rank your Stories Viewers?

How Does Instagram Rank your Stories Viewers?

Let’s admit this, Instagram is an excellent way for stalking. Whether there is a purpose behind it or not, you can’t create an Instagram story without checking back to see who has viewed your story every hour. But maybe you are wondering how does Instagram rank your story viewers?

It’s genuinely impossible to let your story perish without reopening the platform to see if your crush, the one you’re trying to make jealous or the one you hate has viewed your latest upload or not.

Is it just me, or do your BFFs, your family, and even your Instagram crush not appear in your top five story viewers? My top five goes a girl I haven’t talked to in years, my ex, two of my university friends and a girl I have just spoken five words to in my whole lifetime. I mean, how is that even possible?!

Instagram contains many enigmas, like how to get a verification thick, how to view someone’s story without them knowing, and how to get real followers, but the stories viewer order is one of the most mysterious things about Instagram. So in this article, we have tried to understand precisely how Instagram ranks the viewers of your stories into various Instagram story ideas, and what the number one person in your viewer’s order really means?


The theory of Insta-stalking

There are a lot of different opinions about stalking on the internet. After a quick search, I found a thread of a Reddit user which told the top viewers are those who stalk your Instagram account the most. These accounts don’t even have to engage with your account with likes and comments, as long as they view your Instagram profile frequently, they will appear first on your viewer’s list.


The three signals theory

there are three factors as to who ranks where, including the timing of your story, your relationship with them and how much they think they’ll admire your story. Related to the Instagram feed, stories are ordered based on which moments you will care about most.

The order is defined based on some signs including:

  • the possibility you’ll be interested in the content
  • timeliness of the stories
  • Your relationship with that user.

So, whoever is in your top five presumably stalks your Instagram account all the time, even if they don’t engage with you or don’t even speak with you anymore.


This means every time you upload a new story; you can get an ego lift from understanding your ex is still missing you, or that your ‘best friend’ is the actual best friend they pretend to be.



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