How Do I Contact Instagram Support?

How Do I Contact Instagram Support?

Contacting Instagram is an easy thing to do. The real issue is receiving an instant response back and let alone a resolution to your question is tough. You should know about all the options that you have to make process with Instagram support.

This article covers the most common strategies for getting the help you need.

How Do I Contact Instagram Support?

Instagram contact information

There are two options for contacting Instagram.

Instagram contact number

You can contact them via phone and let them know about your problem by calling them on 650-543-4800.

Instagram email address

You can also contact them via email: [email protected].

But it’s highly likely that you won’t get a response to your inquiry via these channels.

What are my other options?

If you are a regular Instagram user, your options are limited to the official channels. Its one of the unfortunate economics of using a free app. Instagram may ignore these issues and work on a new money-making product instead.

There are two primary methods you can use to contact Instagram:

  • Contact Instagram directly
  • Problem-solving

How Do I Contact Instagram Support?

Contact Instagram directly

  • You most likely won’t receive a response:

The Instagram phone line is more of a helpful resource and not a right way of contacting them.

  • Visit the Instagram support site:

Go to https://help.instagram.com on your browser and click the topics and find the answer which is most related to your issue. This is an excellent resource to use if you have problems with your account or the app.

  • Call Instagram

You can dial (650) 543-4800 to call facebook helpline, then press 2, when asked. This will lead you to Instagram’s automated support line. Note that you won’t be able to talk to an Instagram support representative on the phone.

  • Email Instagram

Send an email with your account name, your issues, and any other information you want them to know to [email protected].

But consider that The chances of receiving an email back from Instagram are meager.

Try to Keep your email clear, and only list the necessary information.

  • Contact Instagram on social media

You can use facebook and twitter to get your response. Instagram occasionally responds to inquiries on social media.


  • Block irritating or abusive users

If you are bothered by a user on Instagram, the easiest way to get rid of them is by blocking them.

  • Change your password

To avoid getting hacked on Instagram, you should change your password every six months.

How to contact Instagram support as a regular user

If you are a regular Instagram user, you should contact their support from Instagram.com.

  • Go to Instagram.com
  • Scroll down to bottom of the webpage and click support
  • Click privacy and safety center
  • Click report something
  • Click on the type of issue you are dealing with
  • Look for the link to report it.

How to contact Instagram support as an influencer

You can be targeted for attack as an influencer. The best way to reach them is through unofficial channels like other social media platforms and channels. If you have a significant amount of following you will get a response on these channels.



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