What are the best best free hashtag generators?

While you may think choosing Instagram hashtags are simple enough, choosing the right ones can be difficult. That is the reason people use hashtag generators. If you choose just one of them, you can easily find relevant hashtags. It also makes you the detector of potential followers

What is a hashtag generator?

A hashtag generator is a useful tool that you can use to create popular hashtags for your social media channels. You can use them to find hashtags related to your posts and gain more followers and views. You can set them to search hashtags based on your content, images, or even URLs.

Why is it good to use a hashtag generator?

The hashtag generator app, which many people use today, started with the Task Ant. They started this niche when they understood that there are lots of people looking to find an ideal strategy to find the best hashtags without spending hours. Today many people use different hashtag generators, to gain the best hashtag options related to their niche and industry. If you choose good hashtag generator apps, you will find appropriate hashtags and improve your profile significantly. Totally, this affordable option helps many people to save time.

Are there any free hashtag generators?

As I mentioned before, you can find many hashtag generators to help you be the best on your market. The good news is that many of them are free hashtag generators, meaning you can use them without paying.

Here, there are ten free Instagram hashtag generators that you can use. I divided this text into two parts.

The first part talks about seven free websites, and in the second part, I mention three free applications.

What are the Free hashtag generator websites


MetaHashtags is a free Instagram hashtag generator that helps you find the number of relevant hashtags. It comes out in 2020. Some helpful metrics guide you to pick the best ones. This tool makes it possible to find hashtags used by other accounts so you can copy your hashtags easily.

  1. Ingramer

Ingramer is another free Instagram hashtag generator and analyzer that helps you to get the best hashtags.  First, you have to ask for a list of hashtags, and Ingram generates a list with as multiple approaches as are possible. You can upload your photo, post URL, or listing 1-5 keywords then this tool shows you the most appropriate hashtags. Outcomes might be terms like your keyword. Ingram recommended hashtags divided into three groups. First, it shows you two common hashtags, then eight average ones, and finally around 10-12 rare ones.

  1. All-hashtag

With All-hashtag website, you can find attractive, new, or casual hashtag recommendations. This free tool helps you to save time and energy because you can copy all their top or similar suggestions with a click.  Nowadays, this site includes four hashtag tools:

First, a hashtag Generator that makes the best, particular, or lives hashtags and helps you find the best hashtags you might like.

Secondly, a hashtag Creator that supports you create the best hashtags.

Thirdly a hashtag Analytics. It analyzes your chosen hashtag and gives you some analytic data about your hashtag to help you make the best marketing strategy.

The fourth one is top Hashtags. It shows what the best hashtags are and what the most popular ones are.

  1. Display Purposes

Display Purposes is the most fun, free practical tool in comparison to others. There is a top search bar that your can start your hashtag exploration there. When you enter a keyword, a list of hashtags will appear in the box. This app has a basic, simple design which makes it a favorite one. By the color of the schemes, you will understand how valuable the hashtags are. For example, when it is quirky, the outcomes are priceless. In this tool, there are two options Auto or Manual tag choice.

In auto-tag choice, you will find your screen that populated with hashtags chosen by the app. While in manual one, you could pick checkboxes and choose which tag you want.

  1. Hashtracking

This service is not completely free, and you have to pay a premium price for some aspects of that, but you can use their Historical Instagram and Twitter Snapshot Reports for free. To use Hashtracking, you have to log in using your Twitter or Instagram account, and you will find some relevant results. In this app, you can design, experience, and draft reports without any limitation. You can save those infographics of your tracker data so you can use them anytime you need later.

  1. Influencer Marketing Hub

Like others in this tool, you upload your chosen photo on Influencer Marketing Hub, and you see a variety of related hashtags. For the beginning, you have to click on the + symbol in the right-hand view.  More than that, this Instagram Hashtag Generator has proposed more than 20 potential keywords for your photo. And it will help you to choose the most popular keywords. If you pick six keywords, you can find a maximum of 30 recommended hashtags.

  1. Ritetag

It is part of RiteKit’s social media toolkit. Especially useful for those who live on social. Fortunately, you can use Ritetag standalone from the other parts of Ritekit.

Ritetag shows you prepared hashtag ideas based on images and texts on desktop and mobile. And you can be sure that the app makes these hashtags based on original hashtag engagement. There is another extra option for this tool. It allows you to use it for both text or images and receive valuable results.

When you sign up for Ritetag, you can access these items:

First, it shows you immediate hashtag ideas for text and images on any site via browser size, the same as Android and iOS mobile apps. Secondly, you could itemize hashtag stats on the network and in mobile applications. Thirdly, it provides you the ability to collect research from interactive hashtag analytics pages and corresponding pages in TagSets.

What are the Free hashtag generator apps


  1. AutoHash

AutoHash is a free hashtag generator in two versions, one for Android and another for iOS users. In this app, you upload your photo simply, and it will show you a list of related hashtags in a computer version algorithm. The best part is that you can find hashtags that are appropriate based on your location.

  1. Preview App

Today more than seven million Instagrammers, content creators, and business owners use this app. The preview app is a free appropriate place for everything from searching the right hashtags, observing your progress, choosing your photos, and more. It does the best hashtag research for you. With this app, you can search for the best Instagram hashtags freely and improve your account. In this app, you can find hashtags based on the category you choose, your country, city, or your Instagram community.

  1. Command

As an Instagram user, you might like to have more followers and more likes. Also, you might need to understand your account better as Instagram is important to you. There is no difference that you are an influencer or a small business. The command could be an app specifically to help you to be more successful on Instagram. Think of this free app as an irritating coach that wants to show you how to get the job done. The command helps you by the specialist caption and hashtag suggestions, profile analytics, demographics, and more.

What are the best best free hashtag generators?

If you are looking to find the best free hashtag generator, do not miss this paragraph. Here, you can read about some of the best free hashtag generator options.

Best instagram hashtag generator

If you want to find out the best hashtag generator for instagram to find the optimal hashtags for your Instagram content, keep reading.

  • Flick

As its name implies, Flick does things in a flick of time. But speed is not the only amazing feature of this app, you can search hashtags in 20+ languages using this app. 

  • MetaHashtags

One of the recent and successful Instagram hashtag generators is the Metahashtags. While it gives you relevant hashtags, it helps you to gain their full potential.

  • Kicksta

Kicksta is one of the greatest Instagram hashtag generators, which helps you to find out the best hashtags for your image and videos or stories.

Best youtube hashtag generator

If you want to get help from YouTube hashtag generators, keep reading and some of the best hashtag generators for YouTube. 

  • TagsYouTube

If you are a new YouTube user, I suggest you use TagsYouTube to find related hashtags, and skim through suggestions to create a list of the tags you like.

  • Keyword Tool

Many people know Keyword Tool to find long-tail keywords for blogs, but there is a dedicated section to search hashtags for YouTube.

  • Rapidtags

Rapidtags is another great YouTube hashtag generator. There, you have to copy-paste your blog title and the app will show you a list of related hashtags. 

Best tiktok hashtag generator

While most TikTok hashtag generators work similarly, people prefer some of them. Here are three best TikTok hashtag generators.

  • TikTok Hashtags.com

If you are a TikTok fan who likes to find the simplest, most effective TikTok hashtag generator, you have to try the TikTok Hashtags.com website as a good choice.

  • Influencer Marketing Hub

The Influencer Marketing Hub is much more than a hashtag generation support, you can use it to find influencers, too.

  •  Tucktools Hashtag Generator

Tucktools is another simple design TikTok hashtag generator which works similar to other hashtag tools.

Best Twitter hashtag generator

Here you can find some of the free Twitter hashtag generator tools to find the most relevant top Twitter hashtags.

  • RiteTag

RiteTag is one of the most popular tools to find Twitter hashtags, which provides instant Hashtags results for images and texts on desktop and mobile.

  • Tager – Hashtag generator & analytics

To find the most popular and related hashtags install the Chrome extension of Tager and discover the worthy hashtags to use in your social media posts.

  • HashAtIt

Use the Twitter hashtag tool named HashAtIt and search for Hashtags, Keywords, URLs, and @mentions for your social media channels.

Best Facebook hashtag generator

To use the best hashtags on Facebook, you can use different hashtag generators like what you do for other social media channels. Some popular hashtag generators are, HashtagsForLikes, Tailwind, BigBangram, All-Hashtag, and so on.


Almost all people use social media channels these days, and all of them like to be the best among other competitors. To do so, you have to gain many followers and views. One simple way to gain more views is to use appropriate hashtags. Read the above article, and understand how a hashtag generator helps you find the best hashtags. Also, you could find some of the most famous ones for different social media.

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