Everything about Instagram Payments

Everything about Instagram Payments

When thinking of social media platforms, one of the first ones that come to mind is Instagram. Instagram has instantly grown up to be the most popular platform for sharing pictures and videos with people all over the world.

Whether you want a refresher of the platform or want to stay on top of the latest headlines surround it, here’s everything you need to know about Instagram’s new feature. Instagram has added in-app payments feature that allows you to make direct payments from the platform. The intention is clearly to enable businesses and brands to advertise on Instagram. 

Do you know how do sponsorships work on Instagram? If yes, you are likely to like it because that is the key success of many Instagram brands and influencers. Does it seem hard to find out how to get sponsored on instagram? . Go on and learn more about Instagram sponsorship details, the best apps, and so on.

TechCrunch was informed by one of its readers that Instagram users were able to register their credit card details to their profiles on Instagram, along with setting a security password. If you can see the feature rolling out, you would find it in your profile settings below “payments settings.” As of now, there’s a restricted set of partners, including Resy – a dinner reservation service. In the future, it’ll be possible to book movie tickets within Instagram, too.

Everything about Instagram Payments

The concept behind introducing in-app payments feature is to be merged with Instagram’s “Shoppable Tags,” a natural combination that makes it easy to tag and shop products straight from your Instagram posts. The purpose is to allow businesses and brands to advertise on Instagram

As 800 million use Instagram each month to discover and follow their passions, more and more people are using it to connect with businesses they love,”

Instagram said in a blog post while celebrating the reach of 25 million listed businesses last year.

“In fact, over 80 percent of accounts on Instagram follow a business,  while 200 million Instagrammers actively visit the profile of a business every day. As a result, the Instagram community is helping spur small business growth in big ways”.

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