Create a better Instagram Presence with 11 Best Instagram Tools for Business

Create a better Instagram Presence

Instagram plays a huge roll in our daily lives these days and its impressive power on our lives, the growth of businesses and brand awareness, can’t be underestimated.

Instagram currently has more than one billion users worldwide which make every marketer think of it as the best marketing platform for businesses. I mean, who can ignore a social media marketing app which has this much users all at one place?

Instagram marketing is highly recommended for all types of businesses and brands since any kinds of people with different needs and interests can be found on Instagram. But keep in mind that you need to start using Instagram tools for your business to improve the quality of content you share and to get better results in marketing your business on Instagram.

Instagram tools

What are Instagram tools and why should use them for business?

Instagram tools are some third party apps for each of the activities on Instagram to facilitate our Instagram business marketing and to manage our Instagram presence much easier.

To create more appealing content, attract more audience, and to introduce your business to more people, using Instagram tools can be very helpful. These tools are created for different goals, and each of them can help us in a different section of our Instagram marketing.

There are lots of Instagram business tools all over the web to facilitate our marketing strategy, and it would be very wise to make use of some of them to have a more convenient marketing process.

Instagram tools are divided into some categories regarding their functionality, and some of those categories are as below:

  1. Video and photo editing tools
  2. Tools for Instagram Layout
  3. Instagram scheduling tools
  4. Analytic tools for Instagram
  5. Instagram tools for audience engagement

Here in this blog, I am going to introduce the most effective tools for Instagram, which makes your business to be noticed more and capture more attention.

What are the best Instagram tools for businesses?

In this section of the blog, we are going to get to know the best Instagram business tools we can get help from to market our business more effectively and to maintain a better Instagram presence. No matter what business you run and what you are going to promote on an Instagram account, the list of apps below would definitely help you to modify your marketing strategy and to create quality content. So let’s wait no more and get started with the best Instagram tools for marketers.  

  • VSCO (Video/Photo editing tool)

The acronym VSCO is derived from the complete name of Visual Supply Co, which is a mobile app for editing photos and videos with wonderful preset filters. We can also capture new photos with VSCO and edit them right away on the app with powerful editing tools. Share your content in the VSCO community as well as Instagram itself to show it to more people and get comments on it.  

The app enjoys such high popularity namely because of different presets that you can import to it and apply to your shots. Thus, it is possible to turn a basic photo snapped in the street into an arresting image in a matter of seconds. The variety of VSCO Lightroom presets is fantastic, so you can get powerful tools for virtually all shooting scenarios.

The content you share as a marketer on Instagram must be appealing to the audience so that they decide to put their time paying more attention to your content. So editing photos and videos before sharing is a very important thing to consider that’s why such Instagram tools are suggested.

VSCO tool
  • Canva (content creating tool)

Whether it’s Instagram feed or stories, Cnva is the Instagram editing tool you always needed to create content which stands out. Add cool texts, create multi-image layouts, and pull in a wide range of graphics to level up posts and get your followers’ attention. A business always needs to share great quality and appealing posts, so editing the content you want to share, is a must.

Canva has lots of Instagram templates we can use for Instagram Stories. By a lot, I really mean a lot. It provides over 5000 Instagram templates to choose from, which sounds mind-blowing.

Canva tool
  • Snapseed (Content creating and photo editing tool)

Snapseed is another photo editing tool which has some unique features for editing content. When you apply any of Instagram’s filters to a photo, this filter affects the whole image, while with Snapseed, you can choose specific parts of your photo to apply filter. This option would be great for marketers who are looking for an Instagram business tool. They can easily enhance any part of a photo, such as their business logo.

Snapseed also has other great features, called the “Stacks,” which lets users save groups of filters as a template.

Snapseed tool

The growing popularity of making collages among Instagram users was the reason why so many collage maker tools emerged, and soon after that, Instagram decided to make a standalone collage-making app for its users.

With a collage maker, you can easily mix several photos into one single photo with a nice frame that’s why I believe them to be one of the best Instagram tools marketers can use to drive more attention to their content.

Layout from Instagram tool

Giant Square is an all-in-one tool which lets you do cool things for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram profiles. One of the main features of Giant Square is the poplar act of dividing a single picture into several neat pictures that you can share like a puzzle in your Instagram account. Besides a powerful editing tool for Instagram and other socials, Giant Square can be the best choice for marketers as an Instagram business tool as well, since you can make wonderful banners and grids using this app, and sharing banners relevant to a business, is a great marketing strategy to consider.

Giant Square tool
  • iLink (audience engagement tool)

I want to mention iLink as a very useful Instagram business tool. As a marketer, you’d be happy to know that there is a tool which can ditch Instagram’s restrictions to share only one link in your bio. Surprising, isn’t it? iLink is a service that makes you able to create a mini web page known as “Landing page,” and share as many links as you want there. You can share each of the links in separate clickable buttons, and all these links would be converted into only one short link which you can share in your Instagram bio or any other social media account’s bio. You can also share all your other social media profile links as contact icons on your landing page.

iLink tool

You would not know whether your marketing strategy has done well or not without keeping track of the analytics. So you should know and analyze metrics every now and then to see if the strategies you are using are effective or not.

There is no need for an external Instagram tool or third party app when the in-app Instagram insight is there with complete data on business accounts. Make sure to investigate posts, followers, and impressions constantly to maintain a great Instagram account.

Crowdfire is one of the best social media management tools all over the web. It works with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, WordPress, Etsy, Shopify, Medium, 500px, Vimeo, and many more platforms. Crowdfire, as is used by lots of businesses all over the world for its unique options and functionality.

One of the most amazing things we can do with Crowdfire is to automatically find and recommend articles and images our audience will love, and share them to all our social profile and keep our timelines buzzing!

Crowdfire tool

It is a well-known fact that business owners do not have enough spare time to devote to managing their social media accounts for growing their business, so that’s why a marketer needs to manage their social media accounts. A wise marketer always gets help from Instagram marketing tools to maintain a better Instagram presence and to speed up the marketing process.

One of the most time-consuming things to do on social accounts is to create posts, since creating posts to share, needs quality time to choose which content to share, what hashtags to choose, select filters, Adding locations, etc. The solution to this problem in order to save time is to use an Instagram scheduler, and the best scheduling tool around is Instazood.

For sure, schedulers like Later, are recommended as well, but they are really hard to work with, and for basic users, it would take long to know how to work with it completely and the prices are also very high starting at 19$ to 49$ while Instazood has the most user-friendly dashboard of all other Instagram tools for scheduling and the fairest price as well with only 9.99$ a month to get full access to all its scheduling features.

When you decide to schedule posts, you only need to devote some minutes once and for always, to prepare posts, their captions, hashtags and when you want each of them to be posted, and then after that, you’d have no worries about your posts since they’ll all be shared automatically. The instazood Schedule post has more features than Instagram’s own posting function.

Instazood scheduling

Another great Instagram business tool you can use to share different content, and even other’s posts, is the Repost for Instagram. Vary your content sharing by morally reposting other account’s posts, especially posts of customers about you or your business. To share an image from someone else’s Instagram account on your own, just copy the Share URL on the post you want to share, and open Repost on your phone. It’ll add a credit icon to the image, copy the description, and post it to your account in seconds.

Repost for Instagram

Direct message marketing is a very effective form of marketing on Instagram since it is a very direct form of introducing a business or brand to new audiences. Just imagine you target a set of accounts (you can target all existing followers, the new followers you get or a custom list of accounts) to send the text you wish, and each time this text differs and would be randomized regarding the patterns you have set, and the messages would directly and automatically be sent to the people you have chosen, without even touching your phone. This would be a huge movement in your business marketing strategy.

The one and only reliable Instagram auto DM tool for this purpose are Instazood which is adding new features daily. Such as the ability to access direct messages from a web browser on the Instazood dashboard. You’ll have all the direct messages in a chatbox so replying to them and managing them would be much easier.

Instazood auto DM


In this blog, I tried to gather the best Instagram tools to market your business and maintain a better Instagram presence. Each of the tools mentioned above has specific functions which can help you to capture more attention on Instagram, just remember not to lean only on a couple of them since they all are different in functions and each of them work on different purposes on the platform. A wise marketer is the one who combines most of the mentioned tools and uses them at their best.

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