Best Instagram Challenges

Best Instagram Challenges

What are the best Instagram challenges in 2021?

  1. Long run


#365project and its friends






Theme: Take a picture every day for 365 days

Purpose: Time goes by, and we rarely notice how fast it flies. What did you do on the 23rd of November in 2018? #365project works as your photo diary, guiding you to be observant and improving your photography skills.

Best Instagram Challenges

2. Stay happy




Theme: Each day capture a photo of something that makes you happy. Whatever it is.

Purpose: Begin noticing something good every day, which will eventually make you more optimistic!

Best Instagram Challenges

3- Be grateful



Theme: Every day capture a photo of something you are grateful for.

Purpose: Remember what you’re thankful for and share your appreciation.

Best Instagram Challenges

4. Monthly challenges





Theme: Many monthly challenges require a picture a day but don’t have a specific theme. For example, @photochallenges2015 gives you a topic for a picture every day: (i.e., morning, chicken dance, hug your cat, etc.).

Purpose: Keeps you busy, lets you connect with people who share your interests.

Best Instagram Challenges

5. Weekly challenges:

Theme: @its_my_week suggests a topic for each week with a title #myweekof





Purpose: pictures that take part in this challenge are usually very tasteful and stylish: an excellent way to improve your photography skills if you want to keep up your level!

Best Instagram Challenges

6. Weekend challenges:

Theme: @instagram hosts a challenge every weekend, named Weekend Hashtag Project (#WHP) For instance, #WHPemojisinthewild (capturing favorite emojis in real life); #WHPidrewthis (sketches and illustrations of things you might usually photograph); #WHPcandid (creative pictures of people in honest moments), etc.

Purpose: Topics are generally quite challenging, which expands your creativity and gets your attention.

Best Instagram Challenges

7. Creative challenges:



Theme: Throw Back Thursday – on Thursdays users upload pictures, sharing special moments that have occurred in their past.

Purpose: Feelings of nostalgia are universal, that is why #TBT is really popular and draws such celebrities as The famous rapper Snoop Dogg (@snoopdogg), The US First Lady Michelle Obama (@michelleobama), footballer Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano) and others.

Best Instagram Challenges
Best Instagram Challenges


theme: The name of the challenge pretty much talks for itself: an upside-down picture each day!

Purpose: If you really can do it, why not showing off and inspire others?

Best Instagram Challenges


Theme: Take a selfie with a stranger every day for a month.

Purpose: The 30-Days Stranger Selfie Challenge inspires you to open up, increases your self-confidence, helps you improve your speaking skills and extends your social circle.

Best Instagram Challenges


Theme: A mustache picture every day.

Purpose: Mustaches are fun, aren’t they? Also, the challenge supports the Movember foundation which raises funds in support of men’s health.

Best Instagram Challenges


Theme: Celebrate Mondays with a fun picture.

Purpose: this tag is often used sarcastically because there is nothing fun about Mondays — still, an excellent way to make the best out of the start of the week.Best Instagram Challenges

Instagram photo challenges diverse your life, make you pay more attention to the small things happening around you each day, boost your creativity and improve your photography skills. So go on and take part in one right now!!instazood-automation tools for Instagram

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