9 Tips To Get More Likes On Your Instagram Posts

To achieve success on Instagram, you need to have a strategy to increase the likes on your content. Follow our top tips on how to reach rapid growth on Instagram. 

If you’re promoting yourself, your brand, or your business on Instagram, then it’s important to have a great strategy to get more likes on your posts. 

More post likes equals higher user engagement with your Instagram account. This increased account visibility ultimately leads to more success on the platform (whether you’re looking for more sales, or more exposure!)

Random, thoughtless Insta-posting won’t get you far in terms of likes. Getting tons of post likes can take some effort on your part. In this article, we will look at some top tips to help you get more likes on your Instagram posts. 

The Importance Of Instagram Likes

Instagram had over 2 billion active users in 2022, and will reach 2.5 billion in 2023. What does that mean for you? It means that there are a ton of people online waiting to like your content.

Instagram likes on your posts are important because they act as a great metric to gauge how well your account is performing. If you regularly have many likes on your posts, this creates a good impression on those visiting your account. This will bring you more customers and followers.

The importance of Instagram likes goes even further. The Instagram algorithm uses this data to rank and decide which content gets directed to larger audiences, increasing the popularity of specific Instagram accounts.

This is why there are so many services out there that focus primarily on helping people get more likes on their accounts. We’ll share some tips on organic likes strategy, as well as the best service to buy automatic likes on Instagram.

9 Tips To Achieve More Likes On Your Instagram Posts

1. Post High-Quality Content

Posting visually appealing high-quality photos and images will go a long way to boost your post likes.  

When taking photos to post to your account, whether on your smartphone or camera, ensure you take photos where there’s great natural light. Photos should be bright, clean, crisp, and uncluttered. Photos and images uploaded to your account should never be blurry or pixelated.

Your photos and images should be high quality in both resolution and content. Think entertaining, helpful, informative, interesting, and satisfying.

Analyze past photos posted on your account to see which received many likes and which didn’t. Check out your competitors’ photos and images to compare. Use this as a guide to what your followers like.

2. Have Great Captions

Posting the right visual content to your account is extremely important for getting likes, but remember that the captions to your images and photos are just as important. 

Great captions with the right tone and voice can help you engage more with your followers. Use captions that are funny, interesting, and informative to keep your audience viewing your posts for longer.

Your caption writing skills should develop over time. Keep your captions thoughtful. Make your captions personal or share something interesting about the image posted. You can also encourage engagement from your followers by posing questions to them regarding the image posted.

3. Use Hashtags & Tagging

Using the right hashtags in your Instagram posts can drive a lot of organic traffic to your account, resulting in more likes on your posts. Use relevant and popular hashtags in your post captions, but be careful not to spam them. 

Select hashtags appropriate to your brand, industry, and content. You can use analytic tools to see which hashtags relevant to your type of content received the most user engagement. Also, tag the right accounts in your captions, giving credit to the people, brands, or businesses you’ve collaborated with.

This will result in more engagement with your posts through their accounts, and ultimately more likes. Tagged Instagram users are likely to like your post and share it, creating more visibility for you. Also tag your location on your posts – more people will find you as they search for location-based content.

4. Buy Instagram Auto Likes

Do you know that it’s possible to buy auto Instagram likes to help boost the success of your Instagram account? It’s actually a super effective way to get fast growth on your account, so long as you use the right auto Instagram likes service.

Instagram marketing strategies that work for many businesses and individuals include approaching social media marketing service providers to buy automatic likes on Instagram. Doing this will help you gain a competitive edge while saving you loads of time and money trying to obtain likes organically. 

There are many social media marketing service providers from whom you can buy Instagram automatic likes. Have a look at skweezer’s https://skweezer.net/buy-automatic-instagram-likes page. It’s one of the most trusted websites to buy Instagram likes automatically. 

Skweezer is an organic Instagram growth service that also offers other Instagram marketing solutions, so you can do more than just buy automatic Instagram likes.

5. Like-Based Contests

You’ve probably seen many like-based contests on Instagram. That’s because they are extremely helpful in gathering tons of likes on your posts.

Giveaway or competition posts usually direct the audience to:

  • Like the post (and sometimes the three most recent posts)
  • Tag friends in the comments section (which often results in more likes, as they enter the competition)
  • To follow your page.

Run competitions where you collaborate with other influencers, businesses, or brands, as this helps to create far more exposure for your account and your collaborators – and better prizes!

These posts have high engagement on Instagram, and people are driven to enter these competitions because it’s simple to do so.

6. Use a CTA In Captions

One way to get more likes on your Instagram posts is to ask for them. Yes, you read that correctly. Don’t be shy to ask for likes. There is a lot to be gained by actually just asking people to like your post. 

It’s as simple as adding the phrase “Please like this post” in your caption or even on your posted image as overlay text. You can go one step further by calling on followers and your post viewers to tag friends, share, and comment on your posts.

7. Consider Post Timing & Volume

When and how often you post to your Instagram account is important to gain higher account engagement and more post likes. There isn’t a winning approach for everyone, however.

To achieve optimal timing for your posts to attract your target audience, it takes some experimentation. There is no concrete rule for optimal timing. 

Analyze when your followers and target audience are the most active online and when your competitors are posting. Consider your post analytics to learn about what times your posts are getting the most likes generally and take it from there. 

Post at different times on different days to test what time works best for your audience.

Post regularly so your followers don’t forget about you and engage with your account often. Try to post at least once a day and not more than three times daily.

8. Mix It Up 

Use different Instagram post content types. These include using Carousel Posts, Reels, Stories, and Short Videos. Use these different content posting modes to cross-promote the content on your account. 

Stories can drive traffic directly to your actual account posts as users tend to tap through stories more often than scrolling through their feeds. Reels achieve higher likes than still-image posts as they are more entertaining (and the Instagram algorithm favors them). Carousel posts can share a lot of information in a visually pleasing way.

Mix things up by posting different content on your account now and then. For example, if you’re a business marketing products on your account, throw in some fun and reliable posts sometimes, too.

9. Other Social Media Platforms 

If you have a website with high traffic or other social media accounts with many followers, you should use the opportunity to promote your Instagram account and posts on those mediums.

Ensure you have an Instagram link button on your website to direct visitors to your Instagram account. Cross-share your Instagram posts to other social media accounts on platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

This will drive traffic from your other social media accounts to your Instagram account, where you should receive more likes on your posts. Instagram makes cross-sharing to Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter super simple.

Final Thoughts: Auto Likes For Instagram

You’ve got this! Getting high numbers of likes on your Instagram posts might seem daunting. With the right strategy in place, especially getting automatic Instagram likes, you’re on your way to gaining many Insta-followers and post likes, 

This is a great starter toolkit to ensure you are successful on Instagram. Whether you choose to buy automatic Instagram likes or not, always post high-quality content consistently. We hope our tips will help you wrack up tons of those sought-after little insta-hearts!

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