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The Importance of Social Media Marketing in iGaming

iGaming and Social Media Marketing

Social media is ever-present in the modern world, and, as such, it’s a prime area for marketing for businesses – including iGaming.

The Rise of Social Media 

It isn’t so long ago that social media simply was not a thing, and news and advertising were the preserve of TV bulletins, newspapers, and the radio. Nowadays, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other networks are juggernauts with astonishingly high audiences and massive marketing clout. And despite the large number of social media sites the numbers are still going up as innovation and technology steadily marches on. Because they’re online and have such substantial interest, social media is an essential part of any iGaming marketing campaign. 

No Deposit Deals 

Marketing is critical for the world of iGaming, both in social and more traditional forms of media because the sector is intensely competitive. This makes it very much a player’s market as online casinos compete with one another to win and retain customers. Another aspect of this ferocious competition comes with special offers, of which there are many at the best USA no deposit casinos. Check our link for the leading USA no deposit bonus codes for 2022 that offer the best potential start to betting. No deposit promotions are ideal for both new and old players. Newcomers can find out if casino games are for them without depositing (and therefore risking) a single penny, and old hands always enjoy the chance to win real cash with zero risk of losing out.

Choosing the Right Channel(s)

Every online casino and sportsbook has a certain budget for self-promotion, and even if cash were no object there comes a point where throwing more money at something costs more than the extra revenue it generates. Because of this, it’s critical to consider which social media network, or networks, is the right fit for an iGaming site. Facebook is perhaps the most obvious social media outlet for marketing but is not the friendliest towards gambling content, and the banhammer can cut short any marketing tail. 

There is Twitter and Instagram as well, and while Reddit is not the first name on lips it can be pretty good for this sort of thing. Posting promotional content is ok in subreddits, and if you have a dedicated staff member to check regularly to answer questions and clarify any ambiguities this can be a good way to show a positive attitude to customer (and potential customers) service. 

Running ads on Facebook is another possibility, although this is a different kettle of fish compared to posting content and engaging that way.

Style and Appeal 

Branding, style, and visual appeal are something that iGaming firms are very familiar with and they matter a lot for social media marketing. It’s important that adverts and visual assets catch the eye and give an intriguing (and honest, of course) view of a site. This might include the headline of a new player promotion, especially of the no deposit variety as these offer the best value to potential players.

An alternative way to generate social media engagement can be through prize draws. On Twitter, for example, this could come in the form of a free entry to the draw for free cash for anyone who retweets. That way your tweet gets seen far more than it would have, and the individual only needs to hit the RT button to have the chance of a free cash promo. As that example makes clear, the specific giveaway (as with the art used) may well depend on the social medium selected.

Social Media and the Mainstream 

While there is a difference between social media and the mainstream, this is not an unbridgeable gulf and there are ways to mix the two to best effect. It is possible for an iGaming site to take advantage of Twitter TV ads, which appear to people engaged in a particular TV show (if you run a sportsbook then football matches would be an obvious example). This neatly matches up pre-existing interests and new, related opportunities. Getting a football fan to make a bet on football or a poker fan to play poker is a much smaller step than getting a gardener to do so because, on average, the gardener will be less interested in activities adjacent to betting.

Navigating the Minefield 

There is one drawback to social media that can be tricky to overcome, and this is the opaque approach to the rules that social media networks draw up. This can mean adverts are refused for reasons that are not readily apparent, making it hard to correct matters so they can be approved. Facebook does allow advertising, but can also shut down your account if you are deemed to have contravened its advertising policies. Note also these policies can change often, so you should check before launching a campaign even if successful with the same network in the past.

Social media is not the only marketing avenue worthy of exploration for iGaming firms, but it is one of the most important.

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