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Instagram’s new “Stories About You” Feature is Being Tested out

Instagrams new Stories About You Feature is Being Tested out

Instagram is testing a new feature that will absolutely be of great use for Instagrammers. Stories About You Section is a new listing that helps users be notified every time they are mentioned in a story.

The new feature was discovered by the reverse engineering expert, the peerless discoverer of social media unreleased updates, Jane Manchun Wong.

This new feature might most probably be added to Instagram user’s notifications section, but with a separated heading saying Stories About You. This mostly helps users who have ultra-active pages and get lots of notifications and mentions every day. Now they can see the announcements of stories mentions in a separate section to be able to manage their accounts in a more optimized way.

Stories about you on Instagram

How to mention someone on Instagram stories?

When you want to upload a story to Instagram, you will see the mention stickers on the stickers’ tray. Simply tap on the mention sticker and type out the username of the people you want to be mentioned in your story. With the new update (if rolled out properly) there must go a message to those people in their Stories About Me section of notifications.

With more than 500 million users on a daily basis, it is quite sensible for Instagram to try adding new features to the stories in order to help people use the functionality even more efficiently and prevalently.

This new Stories About You can be of high importance for brands to see where they are mentioned so that they can manage their customer streams more efficiently.

Now that the feature is being tested, we can’t predict more details about it, but it is undoubtedly an attractive change for Instagram users. There is no information as of when and in which regions the new update will be released first, but we are positive that Stories About You will be rolled out soon and most probably globally.

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