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Add a Instagram Line Break 2023 (Best instagram line Break Generators)

Actually, the instagram line break is not a complicated point, but each day many people search for ig line break, and instagram line break generators on Google. So, we want to help you learn all details of this topic and how to ig line breakers. So, read the text below and find the answer to all the most asked questions, such as what is an Instagram Line Break or IG linebreak?, how do you create an Instagram line break? and what are top instagram line break generators?

What is an Instagram Line Break or IG linebreak?

Have you ever faced a situation where you want to post an Instagram photo with a caption of more than 2,200 characters? If so, you should notice that it is hard for many users to read a long blob of text, so they will skip them. But when you add some line breaks, everything will change. An ig line break is a space between two lines usually used in long text captions. And there are different ways that you can use instagram line breaks, such as including punctuation line periods, emojis and editing a post with an instagram line break generator before posting it. To know more about this topic, read this text until the end.

instagram line break

Does Instagram let users add line breaks?

Is it possible to add instagram line breaks using the app? While Instagram is a popular and easy-to-use platform, the bad point is that no default option lets users add ig line breaks in captions, bios, and comments. But there is nothing to worry about, you can bypass Instagram’s annoying user interface and add Instagram line breaks where you want.

How do you create an Instagram line break?

Now, it is time to find the best ways to add instagram line breaks. Read the below points and choose the one which is easier to use for you.

  • Use emojis to create ig line break:

The first way I want to introduce is to use emojis and break two lines of a text by following the below steps:

  1. First, write what you want in your phone’s “Notes” app.
  2. After each paragraph, you should double press “Enter” (or return).
  3. Now choose an Emoji and add it between the sentences you want to create an instagram line break.
  4. Now, you can paste the caption to your Instagram. (But before that check that there is no space at the end of a sentence or before a line break).
  • Use invisible spaces to create ig line break:

Just like what I have explained about emojis, you can use invisible lines to add an instagram line break, simply by following the below steps:

  1. Write your caption in your phone note app.
  2. Create brackets like [ ] around the spaces in your note to make the copying process easier.
  3. Now, you can copy and paste the space between two lines of your Instagram caption to insert a hyphen.
  • Use third-party apps to create ig line break:

And finally, the easiest way is to use instagram line break generators. There are many third-party apps you can use as a line breaks tool. Using these apps is not hard; you should copy your preferred text, paste it on the app, and simply edit it as you want.

ig line breaker

What is an Instagram line break generator?

As you read above, one of the simplest ways to add an ig line break is to use an ig line breaker. If you do not know what an instagram line break generator is, the best introduction is that they are useful tools that help you add clean line breaks to your instagram captions. Now, let’s go deeper and find some of the best apps.

Top 5 Instagram line break generators

The easiest way is to use a free online Instagram line break generator freely without any installment. Check the below list and choose your favorite one.

  • Apps4lifehost:

Use and simply add as many line breaks as you want without any word limit. Also, this ig line breaker offers two options to create bold and italic text. After you edit your text as you want, only click the ‘Convert (& copy to clipboard)’ button and paste it into Instagram.

instagram line break

  • Instagramlinebreak:

The next option is, which many people like to use because when you open the site, you will see the explanation of how to add line breaks to your Instagram captions. While this app is free and convenient, there is no bolding or italicizing feature.

  • Textspacer:

Also, you can use as a popular ig line breaker to edit your text with different fonts, adding instagram line breaks and copying it wherever you want. The only point about this site is that there is a word limit up to 2200 characters.

  • Seekmetrics:

This option is one of the most complicated instagram line break generators, which offers 22 free tools you can use on social media. So, if you want to arouse the attention of viewers, be sure that Seekmetrics is the best.

  • Yaytext:

And finally, I want to introduce Yaytext as a great online ig line breaker, which you can use to add spacing, breaks, tabs, and indentations. Whether you are an Instagram user or want to edit your text for any other social media, such as Facebook, tweeter, or anything else, you can use this app to edit your paragraphs for free.

instagram line break

Why should you use Instagram line breaks?

As you read above using ig line breaks when you want to write a long caption is necessary. If you are wondering why, just read the below list and find all reasons in short:

  • It helps you to create clean-looking captions and messages.
  • By adding instagram line breaks, you will quickly increase the readability of your posts.
  • And finally, it helps you get higher engagement.


Do you want to write a long caption for Instagram and need to create an ig line break? Yes, the app does not let you do this, but do not freak out there are some tricks that help you easily add an ig line break, such as adding emojis, invisible spaces, and even using instagram line break generators. To know more about the details of these ways, read the above text in detail.

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