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3 Methods on How to Screen Record Instagram Videos

Instagram has set itself as one of the most used social media platforms in the world. While catering to the needs of millions of worldwide users, the diversity of features offered by this social platform is exceptional. From its operability on smartphones to its ability to function on computers, Instagram has come a long way. 

With such extensive use, there’s always some case where you might have to record an Instagram video. This might involve sending a video to another user who cannot watch it normally since they might not follow the specific user on Instagram. For that, we shall recognize some essential methods to screen record such videos easily.

Method 1: Record Instagram Videos on a PC

Method 2: How to Record Instagram Videos on iPhone

Method 3: How to Record Instagram Videos on Android 

Method 1: Record Instagram Videos on a PC

The first technique involving the method of recording videos on Instagram is through the computer. For this, you shall consider using EaseUS RecExperts, an exceptional screen recorder designed to record computer videos. If you are looking to record your Instagram videos, this is the best option that you can find for this purpose since it captures videos up to 144fps with no lagging.

Along with its high-quality results in recording screens, it can also help the user make simple edits within the recorded video so that it can be shared with ease. Its fast and effective features streamline the process, making it very easy to record Instagram stories, videos, and other reels. 

Vital Features of EaseUS RecExperts

What makes EaseUS RecExperts the best option for recording Instagram videos? We shall review some essential features of this professional screen recorder as follows:

  • While setting up the frame rate of the recorded video, you can save it in 10+ video formats which include MP4, MOV, AVI, etc.
  • You can also take important screenshots of your computer’s screen while recording something through it.
  • Use the Auto-Split feature provided by EaseUS RecExperts to separate videos automatically and develop multiple files.
  • It allows you to save video files as GIFs, which can then be utilized as proper animations.

Steps to Screen Record EaseUS RecExperts

With that, we shall review the steps of recording the Instagram screen on your PC with the help of EaseUS RecExperts. Look into the detailed steps to know more about the recording procedure:

Step 1: Set Up Basic Configurations

You have to first open the EaseUS RecExperts on your computer and set up the basic configurations for recording the screen. Define if you want to capture the complete screen or a region. Click on the “Audio” button to set up the audio source and select “Webcam” to add the webcam overlay, if required.

launch easeus recexperts

Step 2: Define Advanced Settings

Following this, you can define the advanced settings for the recording by proceeding to the “Settings” option. You can specify the detailed settings in the window that opens and click on “OK” to save the settings for recording Instagram videos.

adjust the advanced settings

Step 3: Record the Instagram Video

As you lead back to the main interface, click the “REC” button to start recording. As you are done recording the screen, click on the “Stop” button to preview and edit the video on the interface. 

start recording instagram videos

Bonus tip: If you ever lose your Instagram videos, then you can also use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard data recovery software to retrieve deleted Instagram videos.

Method 2: How to Record Instagram Videos on iPhone

What to do if you have an iPhone with you? Although recording an Instagram video might seem complicated, the complete process is the simplest you can come across. With dedicated screen recording by iPhone, it is generally straightforward to cover this process. Thus, we will be looking into how you can record Instagram videos with the help of your iPhone:

Step 1: Before we screen to record the video on iPhone, you might have to add the Screen Recording function in the Control Centre of your phone. For this, open the “Settings” of your iPhone and proceed to the “Control Centre” section. 

tap on control centre option

Step 2: In the “More Controls” section, find “Screen Recording” and touch on the green icon to add it to the Control Centre.

add screen recording option

Step 3: Lead back to the main screen, open the Instagram video you want to record, and access the Control Center. As it opens, tap on the circular recording icon to start recording. The recording will begin with a delay of 3 seconds.

tap on the screen recorder icon

Step 4: Once you are done recording the screen, tap on the “Top-Left” side of the screen to stop the recording as per the indication. You can find the recorded video in the “Photos” of your iPhone.

stop the iphone screen recording

Method 3: How to Record Instagram Videos on Android 

Android devices provide a similar experience of recording Instagram videos like iPhones. With their dedicated features of recording a screen, you can efficiently execute the process by looking into the blueprint of the process. We have provided you with an understanding of the steps, which can be seen as follows:

Step 1: The recording option can be accessed in the Quick Menu of your Android device. However, if the function is not available on it, you will have to add it first. For that, scroll down from the top and scroll down the screen again from the top to open the extended menu. As you scroll to the right, you will find the “Edit” button.

tap on the edit option

Step 2: To add the “Screen Recorder” function in the menu, you must drag it from the bottom to the options on the top. Press “Done,” once you have executed the procedure. Lead back to the Quick Menu to access the “Screen Recorder” function.

complete the settings

Step 3: Ensure that the Instagram video is open that is to be recorded. Tap on the “Screen Recorder” and find a widget appearing on the screen.

press on screen recorder

Step 4: You can touch on the “Gear” icon to open a window where you can set the properties of the recording screen. Next, hit the “Red” button to start recording the screen. Once you are done, press on the “Stop” icon and tap on the notification to open the recording where saved on your Android. 

access the screen recorder settings


This article has provided an overview of the screen recording options that you can consider to record an Instagram video. With tools like EaseUS RecExperts, the recording quality would be as perfect as you can think of. You won’t face difficulties while sending and sharing videos, as the other user will have a clear result with the help of the methods provided above.

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