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How to post a reel on Instagram?

Instagram has been around for years, but just because you’re old doesn’t mean you’re going to be the winner forever. Video streaming has been a minor Revolution for social media platforms. By the rise of tiktok, YouTube and Instagram woke up from hibernation and had realized that users seek more than story and normal video format. Instagram came up with Instagram reels. Instagram reels is a great tool for vloggers who are looking for organic followers.

In this article, you’re going to know everything about Instagram reel and how to post a reel on Instagram.

The Instagram reel is a 30-second Long video with popular classical music in the background, visual effects, filters, and other attachments like text and gifs to produce great-looking content like tik tok.

Reels can be posted on your feed, and it can be discovered in reels feature in Instagram explore. Many think that Instagram reels are a copycat for tiktok what there are little differences:

  • The length of Instagram reels is half of the TiK ToK videos.
  • Instagram has many features like stories, normal posts, igtv, and pictures, while tik tok has only one feature.
  • Instagram reels can be posted on your story as well as your feed.
  • If you’re fond of audios, tik tok has a wider range of audio collections, but for Instagram, you must upload your own audio, or you have to use an approved library which is very limited compared to tiktok

At first, you might ask what’s the point of reels when there are stories…

… well, there are minor differences, such as stories will be gone after 24-hours, but the reels will be permanently on your feed unless you delete them.

If you want the world to discover your content, you should consider using reels more often because reels can be found on the new explore page, but stories never are displayed on explore that often. Reels can be found by people who haven’t followed you yet. On the other hand, only your followers can see your stories. So if you’re a marketer and you have got a very exciting product, using reels can be good to Intrigue the public’s curiosity.

Stories can’t be saved unless you turn them into highlights, but reels can be easily saved, and people can see them later. Users believe that reels are easier to share compared to stories.

Now it’s time to compare Instagram reels vs igtv. Keep that in mind, that if you know exactly what this feature does, you’re going to work much more optimally in the journey of growing your account. For example, if you want to upload a 10-minute Long video, you should aim for igtv because reels can be only 1 minute long.

Instagram cares too much about igtv that’s why they have created a stand-alone app for this feature, and it’s also available in the main app. But they haven’t planned to create a separate app for reels. For now, you can have access to your reels in the main Instagram app.

If you’re a hardcore marketer, using igtv is more recommended because you can talk about your product in much more detail, but reels are just made for entertainment.

If you can’t see reels on your Instagram, it’s because the company hasn’t rolled out this feature to your location yet or you are using the old version of Instagram, so consider updating your app.

How to post a reel on instagram

  1. Open the app and tap the “+” button (for posting). Scroll right and find the reels option
  2. Choose your preferred video length. There are two options: 15 seconds and 30 seconds.
  3. Before recording, you need to select your audio. Tap the music icon on the left side, browse in the library, and choose the audio you want (select something classic/relaxing because people love it more❤). If you don’t add any music, you can add your audio. If your account is public, you’re allowing the other users to use your audio for their reels.
  4. Now it’s time to choose the speed of your video. Here you need to sync your audio with the video speed. It’s Just a personal preference.
  5. In this step, you choose an effect. Here Instagram gives you access to the effect gallery. Here is a wide range of things you can add to the Top of your video.
  6. To set a timer, tap on the clock button on the left and choose the time you’d like your video to be. Then you activate the countdown, and when you’re ready, hit “set timer.”
  7. If you’re ready, hit the record button. You can record a single video or multiple short clips. You can also change roles, meaning you record a short clip and then pause and record another short clip from a different point of view and so on. In the end, Instagram, we’ll stick them together, and you’re going to have a complete reel.
  8. After you’re done recording, you can put a little text on your reel. Select the little arrow button right next to the record button. Here you can add text, affect, or even hand-free drawings. If you’re creative, you will add a gif or a sticker by tapping the sticker button on the top of the screen.
  9. Now it’s time to post the reel. Press the arrow button at the top right corner, and then you can choose to put it in the Explorer feature, your feed, or stories.

If You want to become a celebrity, you should make your reels go viral. So after recording your reel make sure it’s posted in the explore feature. Also, make sure that your account is public.

You should make some noise. That is why we recommend you share your reel everywhere you can, like the explore page, your feed, and even your stories.

Also, go with the trends and see what people do that goes viral, and you try to do it better than them. Make sure it’s innovative because every monkey can record itself dancing with a Drake song in the background. Be interesting! Be creative!

Be consistent with your reels. Record every single day. Even if one of the videos goes viral, it would be enough for you to gain some organic followers. Do something new other than dancing in front of the camera or showing off your body to the world because people are sick of it.


Now you know how to post a reel on Instagram and its effectiveness for organic followers. Now it’s time to put it into action and create interesting reels to grow your Instagram account, and the good news is that it is free! so get the most out of it but don’t be a copycat of the dancers and the hot chicks!

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