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How to post a job on facebook? [Complete Guide]

Nowadays, many employers use posting jobs on facebook to find potential employees because they believe there are millions of active users on Facebook, and it can be a helpful advertisement. If you are interested in knowing more about facebook job posting and how to post a job on facebook app, here we are to help you. Below you can read a complete guide about all details of how to successfully post jobs on Facebook.

Why choose posting jobs on facebook?

Before I want to talk about the steps of how to post a job on facebook, it is good to know why people choose facebook job posting. Based on the latest reports, posting jobs on facebook are popular because of three main reasons:

  • The first reason is that it is free, which means you should not pay any high recruitment fee unless you choose to use Facebook ads’ golden opportunity for more effective recruitment.
  • Facebook job ads are the most viewed of any social media platform, as 1.09 billion active users spend a significant amount of time searching through Facebook every day.
  • Facebook Messenger provides a system that helps employers to communicate with candidates much faster and reduces the time of hiring.

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How to post a job on facebook

Now that you read about the benefits of posting jobs on facebook, you might be eager to try this way and attract qualified candidates. If so, just follow the below steps and learn how to post a job on facebook.

  1. First, you have to create a Facebook account for your company.
  2. Log into your business account and tap Create Job from your home page.
  3. Now, there is a form that you have to complete with the job information, such as job title, work location, job type, and job description.
  4. And finally, choose the Publish button to post your job ad.
  5. Also, I have to add that you can boost your facebook job posting by choosing the Promote option just below the Manage Page menu.

How to post a job on facebook Lite?

Previously you read about how to post a job on Facebook. But now I want to talk about the answer to “how to post a job on Facebook Lite?”. Facebook Lite is an app you can use for a faster experience of using Facebook. But I have to mention that while this app is smaller and uses less storage space, it is not as complicated as the site. For example, you can not use Facebook Lite for posting jobs on facebook.

How to post a job on facebook without a business page

Unfortunately, I have to say that posting jobs on facebook is only available through Facebook Business pages by following the steps I have mentioned above. So, if you are searching for how to post a job on facebook without a business page, you will not find any usable solution and the only way is to create a business page, which is not a hard job.

Why can’t I post a job on Facebook?

If you followed all the above steps but you can not post a job on your facebook page it means something is going wrong. So, I suggest you check all the below possible points and you might find the reason.

  • Check your internet connection
  • Make sure you are logging in with a business account.
  • Check if you have previously posted a job that was against Facebook policies.
  • If you have created your profile during the past 60 days, because these accounts can have zero open jobs.
  • You have posted the maximum allowed number of jobs, so you have to close some of them.

How much doesposting jobs on facebook cost?

The general facebook job posting is free, but if you want to boost your post as an ad, you have to pay a specific amount of cost, which will be determined based on the target market and your ad duration. Also, I should mention that Facebook ads pricing is based on a pay-per-click model, which means each user can select his own budget.


How to find jobs on Facebook?

Basically, you can find jobs on Facebook from three different sections; the jobs Page, a company’s Facebook page, or on Facebook job groups. And the only thing you have to do in any of these sections is to search your keyword or job title.

Can I post a job on Facebook for free?

The answer is yes, you should not pay any cost for posting jobs on facebook from your business account.

Can I post jobs on Facebook Marketplace?

Again the answer is yes, you can select the “Job Opening” option and post your jobs on the Facebook marketplace. 

Is recruiting with Facebook a good idea for small businesses?

There is no doubt that social media platforms like Facebook are very beneficial to small businesses because they are helpful in gaining more traffic in recruitment.


As you may have heard, Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms and many people from all over the world spend time on their Facebook accounts on a daily basis. It means facebook job posting can be a great way for employers to find new workforce. Also, I have to add that posting jobs on Facebook is as simple as creating a business account and following a few steps. If you want to know more about the details of how to post a job on facebook, read the whole above text.

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