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How to Download YouTube Music Offline?

Can You Watch YouTube Videos Offline

Do you use YouTube to enjoy your favorite music? YouTube is among the most popular websites to enjoy music online. The platform caters the latest music from all around the world. YouTube lets you watch your videos, but what if you like a video and wish to download it? Obtain a YouTube Music Premium Membership plan or choose a youtube to mp3 downloader.

If you are a YouTube Music Premium Member, you may enjoy unlimited YouTube music offline. Unfortunately, if you do not have a premium plan, YouTube does not allow you to download your favorite video. How do you download and enjoy YouTube videos offline? Check the easy ways for youtube mp3 download.

Use PPTube YouTube Downloader to Download YouTube Music for Free

Can You Watch YouTube Videos Offline

YouTube does not allow downloading or sharing videos. If you wish to download YouTube videos, use a trustworthy YouTube song downloader. The reliable video downloader provides an easy way to download and share videos. There are so many downloaders that ease your offline access to YouTube videos. Select a video downloader that allows download without any cost.

Choose the PPTube YouTube Downloader to enjoy unlimited YouTube videos without internet connectivity. Now save YouTube mp3 to watch your favorite video on your device using a professional video downloader. The PPTube allows downloading in varied file formats to share your favorite video with friends. Check the easy steps and PPTube feature here:


  • Smart YouTube mp3 converter that supports unlimited YouTube video download without any cost
  • It lets you enjoy YouTube videos offline without a subscription
  • Provides easy download choices in multiple output formats
  • Ensure ad-free video download without watermarks
  • Maintains user’s security without opening additional trap links

Step-by-Step Process

Step 1: Download PPTube Video Downloader

Find and download PPTube Downloader. 

Can You Watch YouTube Videos Offline

Step 2: Copy the YouTube Video URL

Open YouTube on your browser to play your favorite video. Copy the video URL. 

Step 3: Open the PPT Video Downloader

Install and launch a PPT downloader to convert youtube to mp3

Can You Watch YouTube Videos Offline

Step 4: Select the Format

Now select the desired output format when you start the conversion.

Can You Watch YouTube Videos Offline

Step 5: Paste URL

You will find a box where you must enter the copied video URL to download the video.

Can You Watch YouTube Videos Offline

Step 6: Save The Video 

Browse the location on your desktop to save the download video. Find and enjoy your favorite video offline. 

3 Easy Methods to Download YouTube Music Online

Is it possible to download YouTube videos without a YouTube premium membership? Downloading videos with downloaders is the easiest and most reliable way to enjoy YouTube videos offline. An online YouTube video downloader like PPTube helps with YouTube song download mp3s. Users may rely on some other ways to download YouTube videos. Check a few below:

Download YouTube videos with Tubidy Video Downloader 

Can You Watch YouTube Videos Offline

How to download YouTube videos for free? Use Tubidy Video Downloader to download YouTube videos at no cost. The youtube to mp3 online converter allows easy and quick video downloading choices. The MP3 video download supports unlimited video downloads without any sign-in or registration. Tubidy is an efficient downloader that provides varied features for easy download. Check a few here:


  • Download videos in multiple formats
  • Download without registration
  • Reshare the downloaded YouTube videos
  • Enjoy unlimited video access without internet

Steps to download YouTube videos

Step 1: Find and open the Tubidy video downloader.

Step 2: Open YouTube and copy the URL of your favorite video.

Step 3: Open the downloader and paste the copied URL.

Step 4: Choose the desirable output format and click Download to save the file.


  • Sometimes, download low-quality videos
  • It may result in virus downloading

How to download YouTube videos using the X2Download App?

Can You Watch YouTube Videos Offline

X2 Download App is an online app available for free YouTube video downloads. X2Download is an easy-to-use app with a wide range of features to enable unlimited video access through YouTube. The enhanced youtube video to audio converter lets you choose from multiple formats, including MP3, MP4, 3GP, M4A, etc. The download enables you to download videos in simple steps. The steps and features of the app are mentioned below.


  • Download YouTube videos in 720p, 1080p, 2160p etc 
  • Enjoy ad-free YouTube videos in HD quality 
  • Fast music download with 1GB/s speed
  • Works well with multiple browsers

Steps to download YouTube videos 

Step 1: Open YouTube to copy the URL of your favorite video.

Step 2: Open the X2Download App and paste the URL.

Step 3: Here, select the video quality and then click on Get Link. 

Step 4: Choose the Download button to start the process.


  • Result in slow downloading for bulk videos
  • Reduced quality for some videos

How to download YouTube videos using YTMp3? 

Can You Watch YouTube Videos Offline

Download unlimited YouTube videos using YTMp3. YTMp3 is a user-friendly app that lets you access YouTube videos without registration. The YouTube to MP3 converter downloads videos in many formats, making sharing downloaded videos on other devices easy. The intelligent app converts YouTube videos in a breeze. Check the features and steps of this helpful YouTube video downloader and converter here:


  • Quick YouTube video download and conversions 
  • Limitless YouTube video downloading without registration or fee
  • Intuitive interface to enable easy downloading for beginners
  • Works well on tablets, mobiles, and PC

Steps to Download YouTube videos 

Step 1: Open YouTube and play the video to copy your favorite video URL.

Step 2: Open YTMp3 and paste the copied video URL.

Step 3: Here, choose the output format and click Convert.

Step 4: Once the video is converted, click Download.

Step 5: Save the video on your desktop.


  • Sometimes, they download unwanted viruses
  • Works slow with improper internet connectivity


A list of top YouTube video downloaders is mentioned above. These downloaders let you download videos easily. It is essential to choose only the best youtube to mp3 converter  to enjoy videos offline. PPTube YouTube Downloader lets you enjoy your favorite video from your comfort zone. The downloader makes it possible to create your playlist even without Wi-Fi. 

If you wish to enjoy endless YouTube entertainment without a premium subscription, trust PPTube for easy video downloading. PPTube is one of the most popular video downloaders for easy video downloads. 

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