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Everything about Brent Rivera (From relationship to net worth )

Brent Austin Rivera is another handsome social media superstar born in Huntington Beach, California USA, on 9 January 1998. Many people know him as the most successful teenage celebrity. He started by uploading various content on the famous video streaming platform Vine. Then expanded his fan base on other popular social media platforms. So far, he has amassed over million followers on his official Instagram account, YouTube, and official Twitter account. Here is all about Brent Rivera.

Brent Rivera

How old is Brent Rivera?

As I told you, Brent Rivera was born in Huntington Beach, California. If you like to know about Brent Rivera age, I have to say that he is 24 years old as of 2022. He is a Latino with the zodiac sign of Capricorn. Each year, he celebrates his birthday on the 9th of January.

what is Brent Rivera ‘s net worth?

It is hard to say the exact net worth of celebrities. But we know that Brent Rivera net worth is about $4.11 million salaries each year. As Brent Rivera has 68.46 million monthly views on his YouTube channel and 2.28 million views per day, he will receive much money based on every thousand views. Youtube pays each user, the amount of $3 to $7 per thousand views. Based on this information, Brent Rivera earns from his YouTube channel about $273.84k each month, which is $4.11 million per year. The total net worth of  Brent Rivera is approximately $11.17 million as of November 2021.
Brent Rivera

Who is Brent Rivera girlfriend?

Almost all celebrities do not like to talk about their personal life. But if you want to know about Brent Rivera gf, I have to say that he first dated Eva Gutowski in 2019. On Nov 9, 2019, Brant Rivera tweeted that I got married to Eva for 24 hours. In 2020, when Eva and Adam broke up, Brent tried to win her back. Brent defined in a YouTube video that he supposed it was his opportunity to win Eva back, but he wasn’t sure about her feelings.
Brent Rivera

Based on the reports, he dated model Morgan Justus previously. Now, you can usually see Brent hanging out with his best friend Pierson. But are Pierson and Brent dating? While you see Brent and Pierson close in their videos, nobody is sure if they are dating or not.
Brent Rivera

How tall is Brent Rivera?

Other private questions followers like to know about celebrities are about weight, height, and like this. If you want to know about Brent Rivera height, he is five feet eleven inches. He is in shape with a muscular body, weighs around seventy kilograms, a handsome boy with brown hair and eyes.

What are Brent Rivera’s socila media accounts?

You might search for Brent Rivera phone number to contact him. So I have to say that there is no exact number to find him. But indeed, you can use helpful Social media accounts. You can find Brent Rivera now on the most popular social media channels. You can use these channels to send a direct message or use the internal message option by default. Here, are the most famous social media accounts of him:

TikTok: @brentrivera

Instagram: @brentrivera

YouTube: @MrBrent98 Channel

Twitter: @BrentRivera


In the world of celebrities, you can find many handsome boys and girls, which you like to follow. One of them is Brent Rivera, a famous American social media sensation, YouTuber, and actor. If you are one of the followers of this excellent talent and skillful superstar, read the above text to find much useful information about him. There, we told you about his height, GF, net worth, and so on.

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