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Everything about bella poarch (from net worth to personal life )

Among the popular names of TikTok stars, almost everybody knows Bella Poarch. She is a Filipino-American TikTok sensation and one of the social media influencers. She became famous from TikTok by posting comedy lip-sync videos, often about gaming. More than that, she is a content creator who won many awards. If you want to know more about this celebrity, continue reading the below paragraphs.

bella poarch

What is bella poarch real name ?

While many TikTok celebrities choose a nickname for themselves and become popular as their chosen name, this TikTok star’s real name is Bella Porch. She doesn’t talk much about her personal life. But, we know that she is originally from the Philippines, raised in America. If you heard about the bella poarch navy, it might be interesting for you to know that your popular Tiktok star once worked as a US Navy Veteran. She served in Japan and Hawaii for three years till 2020.

What are bella poarch’s social accounts?

You can find Bella’s account on other social media like TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. The bella poarch instagram account holds 12.5 million followers. Similarly, bella poarch TikTok account has 75.4 million followers and 1.7 billion likes. Also, you can find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

How many followers does bella poarch have?

In December 2021, Bella Porch had 85.2 million TikTok followers. Now, she is one of the most-followed TikTok users, like Charli D’Amelio, Khaby Lame, and Addison Rae.

What is bella poarch’s net worth ?

As a top TikToker, she earned millions from sponsorships and endorsement deals. More than presenting on social media channels, she releases songs like Build A Bitch from the movie Build A Bitch. Assume that she earns between $24,932 to $41,553 per sponsored Instagram post, and $45,121 to $75,202 per sponsored TikTok post. Also, she has a Youtube channel that earns around $18.3K to $293.1K monthly and $219.8K to $3.5M yearly from that side. Collectively, you can think that bella poarch net worth is about $1 million.

Does bella poarch have any tattoos?

Another interesting point is bella poarch tattoos. This TikTok star covers herself in tattoos.  Her tattoo is a huge ship with feathered wings across her back, reaching her arms. Also, there are two bows on the back of her thighs and a script across her chest.  Her controversial tattoo is a Rising Sun on her arm, which she apologized for its connotation with Japanese militarism and colonial rule.
bella poarch

Who is bella poarch’s boyfried?

Most fans of Bella Poarch are still wondering about bella poarch boyfriends and her personal life. She sings a song about shutting down the impossible standards that men often have for women, and she shows enjoying her single life. While she does not often discuss her dating life, in July 2021, she announced publicly that she was single. Once in a funny TikTok video, she stated that she wanted to find her husband at a Seafood City supermarket.

About one month earlier, on an episode of The H3 Podcast, she talked about her past relationships. She mentioned that “I only had two ex-boyfriends,” who were in the military as me. And both of them broke up because I decided to exit the Navy. We do not have any other information like their names.

Bella and rapper Tyga posted videos together in the fall of 2020. It makes fans suspicious whether the two were romantic or not. But as Bella said she had been single for nearly a year in the summer of 2021, they should not have formally dated each other.

bella poarch


If you are the kind of person who follows celebrities’ life, you might like to read the above text. There you can read about the famous TikTok star Bella Poarch. You will find interesting facts about her personal life, net worth, tattoos, boyfriends, and more.

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