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8 Instagram bots that are still working (2023 Update)

8 Instagram bots that are still working (2022 Update)

As you might have heard today many Instagram users search to find the best instagram bot and use their valuable instagram automation tasks. If you are among this group of people and like to find the most famous instagram bots to automate your followers’ growth, keep reading until the end. Here, we will start with what are bots on instagram, and continue talking about details, like free instagram bots, best instagram bots, and how they differ from instagram automation.

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What are instagram bots?

Let’s see what are bots on instagram, which is not a hard question. All Instagram users know that to make the best they have to do different tasks like following accounts, liking and commenting on posts, sending generic DMs, and so on. But the point is that not all users have enough time to do these tedious tasks, so they can choose one of the best instagram bots, and this automation tool will do these basic social media activities for them.

What do Instagram bots do?

Now that you know what are bots on instagram, it is easy to find out what the best instagram bots do. Generally speaking, these bots help you build your brand by instagram automation tasks and saving your time, such as:

  • Leaving relevant comments by recognizing hashtags
  • Liking posts
  • Following accounts in your niche
  • Scheduling posts 
  • Hashtag generation

Do Instagram bots still work?

As you read above, instagram bots can be very effective because they do different instagram automation tasks for you. While these days, it is a bit hard to find great free Instagram bots, there are several trusted software companies that offer their best instagram bots. If you like to know more about these perfect instagram bots free to use, do not miss the next paragraph.

8 Instagram bots that are still working

When you know what are bots on instagram, and how they help you with instagram automation, you would probably like to find the best option and start using your chosen free instagram bot as soon as possible. So, let’s not waste time and find the 8 most popular instagram bots still working.

  • Inflact is the first Instagram automation service I want to introduce here, which is popular because of its various features, such as automated follow and unfollow, automated likes, automated direct messaging, and scheduling posts.
  • SocialMeep is the second-best Instagram bot that still works and does more options, like audience targeting, auto-Growth, cloud analytics, reports, and so on. The only disadvantage of this instagram automation service is that it is not among the free instagram bots.
  • The next option in the list of best instagram bots is Instazood. This bot is popular because of its wide range of instagram automation services, such as automated follow and unfollow, automated likes, automated direct messaging, Instagram search tools, comments tracking, scheduling posts, and Tik Tok automation build-in. Also, many users like to use this bot because of its affordable price.
  • While Kicksta is not again among the instagram bots free, it is so popular because of its wide range of instagram automation services and simple UX overall, from onboarding to using the app.
  • Like what I have explained about Instazood, Instamber does all those instagram automation tasks besides helping you grow on TikTok. Also, while this is not in the group of free Instagram bots, you have to pay a low amount to use its services.
  • If you are searching for the best instagram bots free, the good news is that Social Captain offers a free trial to all users who use this bot’s instagram automation services, like Custom targeting.
  • While Upleap is among the simple set best instagram bots, and you have to pay high for its instagram automation services, it is among the 8 best instagram bots because of its unique account manager services dedicated to every customer.
  • Like Social Captain, Combin is another best instagram bot that offers a free trial for 7 days. It means you can use all of its services like custom targeting for following and unfollowing, scheduling posts, Instagram account audit, and so on without paying in the trial period. 

Instagram automation Vs. Instagram bots

While some Instagram users might think that Instagram automation is different from Instagram bots and even versus it, that is not true. In simple words, instagram bots are the tools you can use to reach the instagram automation goals, improve your page, and avoid wasting much time on some boring and regular tasks.

Are bots legal on Instagram?

One of the most important questions Instagram users who look for the best instagram bot ask is about the legality of these instagram automation tools. The answer is simple, the famous ones like what I have introduced above are 100 percent legal, and as Instagram is a competitive platform, these bots can be a great chance for any Instagram user who likes to gain more followers.

How to get rid of spam Instagram bots accounts?

If you have a public Instagram account or a Business account, you might face many Instagram bots, and most probably you are looking for a way to avoid them. If so, read the below points and find out the most effective ways you can use to get rid of these Instagram bots.

  • You can block any of these bots you like.
  • The other way is to change your account to private and remove these bot accounts.

Better solutions than using an Instagram bots

Now that you know all details about instagram bots and instagram automation, you can decide whether you like to use these tools or not. Here, I want to add some other tricks for those groups of people who do not like to use these best instagram bots, such as:

  • Growing your reach with hashtags
  • Determining your target audience
  • Using automatic posts ahead of time
  • Posting consistently
  • Communicate authentically with your followers


If you are wondering why some Instagram users use instagram bots, you should learn more about what bots are on instagram, and what do they do. Above here, I have explained how you can use the instagram bots for free and increase the number of your followers. Also, these instagram automation tools help you save time and reach your goals sooner. To know more about the best instagram bots, read the above text.

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