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Addison Rae: What you didn’t know about her

Addison Rae (born October 6, 2000) is a well-known TikTok dancer and one of the most popular characters on Instagram and TikTok. Born in Louisiana, US, she was a member of her school’s Cheerleader group from the beginning. In this article, we will see the biography, character, interests, and fame of Addison Rae.

Addison Rae was born into a large family. She also has two brothers, Enzo and Lucas. It is interesting to know that Addison Rae’s parents are both active in TikTok, Monty has 5 million and Shery has 13 million followers in TikTok. One of the highlights of Addison Rae’s life was starting a dance career at the age of 6 and competing in the United States. She later came to Los Angeles to showcase her talent at TikTok.

Addison Rae and starting a career

Addison Rae launched its TikTok page in the summer of 2019, reaching more than 1 million followers in just a few months, after which it made its way to YouTube and Instagram, and two new social networks. There were many successes. She’s popularity on TikTok and Instagram led her to join WME USA in mid-2020 and become one of the top social media talents.

Addison Rae is active in cosmetics as well as advertising campaigns. At the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, pictures of her at home were circulated on social media. In the field of cosmetics, she is in charge of the creative management of the Madeby Collective brand and delivers most of she’s cosmetic products to the fans in this way. Addison Rae reportedly earned more than $ 5 million from its social media and advertising in 2020.

How active is Addison Rae on Instagram?

Addison Rae has more than 36.6 million followers on Instagram, and in addition to her interesting photos and images, she also posts photos from fashion magazines on this social network.

Of course, the increase in Addison Rae’s Instagram followers over the past year has grown significantly from 15 million to 36.6 million, and it should be noted that more than 30% of these followers are always interacting with she’s content and images.

She also uses her own Instagram brand called Shop Addison Rae and sells she’s related products on the social network.

Addison Rae activity on YouTube

It is interesting to know that Addison Rae has more than 4.5 million subscribers on YouTube and one of she’s most-viewed YouTube videos is related to the introduction of cosmetics products and testing of these accessories. As you know, the YouTube monetization system is based on the number of views and interactions with videos, so influencers can earn much higher revenue from YouTube and videos that are more attractive to users than other social networks.

Addison Rae on TikTok

It seems that in addition to her dances on TikTok, her lip-sync on this social network is also very popular and is one of the most popular contents posted by Addison Rae. She is currently one of the top three TikTok members in terms of the number of followers and has also received more than 3 billion likes so far. What’s more interesting about her is dancing to Mariah Carey’s Obsessed video, which even Mariah Carey herself liked.

We will soon see her play a role in movies

One of her biggest dreams is to become an actress one day. Of course, this is not far-fetched, as most film companies in the United States like to have best-selling films, especially if they can use creative and popular people like Addison Rae in their films. It seems that we will soon see her become a successful actress.


Addison Rae never looked at it as a professional when she installed and used TikTok on phone, but with 93,000 views of the first video, she concluded that could become a popular character, and Reach the position it has now. Social network influencers all use one trick, and that is to influence the general public. This influence makes them very famous. You can read how to become a professional Instagram influencer in this article. What do you think of Addison Rae?

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