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The Ledger Nano X: A Beginner-Friendly Guide on What You Need to Know Before Buying

One of the biggest worries of crypto investors is how to keep their crypto assets safe. You need a wallet as a safe place to keep your cryptocurrencies as well as Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs). There are various types of hot and cold wallets that each offer a different level of security. In this article, we are going to discuss Ledger Nano X, a crypto-cold wallet. 

If you are looking for the safest way to store cryptocurrencies, Ledger Nano X is one of your best choices. Therefore, in this article, we will explore and introduce the Nano Ledger X wallet to you. Then, we will discuss if buying a Ledger Nano X is worth it and if you should buy one. 

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Later we will compare Ledger Nano X vs S and will discuss Ledger Nano X supported tokens. For now, let’s begin with understanding what Ledger Nano X is. You will learn what you can do with a Nano Ledger X wallet. So, let’s begin.

What does a Ledger Nano X do?

Ledger Nano X is a cold wallet designed by Ledger to keep your crypto assets safe. Then, it means that the Nano Ledger X wallet will never connect to the internet. Therefore, your wallet is safe from the risks of getting online, such as manipulation, theft, etc. 

The Ledger Nano X vs S only differs in some features. To put it in other words, the Ledger Nano S vs X do the basic stuff the same way. For example, the security of Ledger Nano X vs S is at the same level. There are some extra features that are different in Ledger Nano S vs X.

Do you need a computer to use Ledger Nano X?

No. You don’t need to own a computer to buy and use the Ledger Nano X wallet. You can easily install the Ledger Nano X app on your phone and set up your wallet. Then, you can easily deposit or withdraw cryptocurrencies on your Nano Ledger X wallet using your phone.

Ledger Nano X

Setting up the Ledger Nano X wallet is quite easy as well. You just connect the Nano Ledger X device to the app and proceed with the instructions. Then, you will also save and store the Recovery Phrase to finalize the setup. Do not keep your recovery phrase on your phone on pc; write it down and keep it somewhere safe.

This is because anyone can access your assets in Ledger Nano X. Recovery phrase is the only key to your Ledger Nano X. You can use it to recover your wallet. Therefore, anyone else can also access your Nano Ledger X assets using your recovery phrase.

Is the Nano Ledger x worth it?

The Nano Ledger X wallet is one of the safest wallets to keep your cryptocurrencies. This is because it is a physical wallet that you can keep somewhere safe. And if someone wants to withdraw assets, they need to have access to both Nano Ledger X and your phone. Then, you will be sure that your tokens or NFTs are safe in the Nano Ledger X.

You can check Ledger Nano X vs S if you want to buy a cheaper version. This is because one of the differences between Ledger Nano S vs X is the price. Ledger Nano S has a cheaper price than Ledger Nano X vs S. 

In Ledger Nano S vs X, the S model comes with a $59 price point. Therefore you may want to buy a Ledger Nano X, but the price is too much for you. Or maybe you like the new update on the Nano Ledger X better. Either way, is sure to compare Ledger Nano X vs S.

Can Ledger Nano X be trusted?

As we mentioned earlier, you need to save your Ledger Nano X recovery phrase offline. Then, hackers can’t access the assets in your Nano Ledger X. On the other hand, you have total access to the Ledger Nano X, and you own the private keys. Therefore, no one else can access your wallet recovery phrase other than you.

And the recovery phrase is the only way someone can access your Ledger Nano X. Therefore, it is safe to store crypto in the Ledger Nano X wallet. This fact doesn’t change in either Ledger Nano S vs X. 

ledger nano x supported coins

Earlier, we mentioned some differences between Ledger Nano X vs S. In this section, we want to discuss how many tokens can Ledger Nano X support. We will also compare the tokens they support in Ledger Nano S vs X. If Ledger Nano X supports a coin, you can deposit and store your coin in Ledger Nano X. 

Then, by Ledger Nano X supported coins, we mean the tokens you can save on your Ledger Nano X. If Ledger Nano X doesn’t support a token, you can’t store the token. 

How many coins can Ledger X hold?

The Ledger Nano X wallet aims to be your only wallet. Therefore, there are more than 5,000 Ledger Nano X supported coins. On this website, you can find a list of the Ledger Nano X supported coins. 

Ledger Nano X supports most crypto tokens. Ledger Nano X supports a very wide range of cryptocurrencies. You can store more than five thousand tokens such as BTC, ETH, BNB, ADA, CRO, etc. 

Ledger Nano X

As you can see, it will show you the Ledger Nano X supported coins and their logo. If you want to buy a certain token, check the Ledger Nano X supported coins before you buy it. 

But both of the Ledger Nano X vs S support the same amount of tokens. Then, you don’t need to worry about that between Ledger Nano S vs X. 

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