How to Signup on WazirX NFT Marketplace to Buy and Sell NFTs?

By now, crypto users are familiar with NFT and NFT marketplaces. Aside from that, a lot of people are joining the crypto industry to buy cryptocurrencies or NFTs. This is why we need many articles that explain different tokens or NFT marketplaces. Therefore, in this article we want to explore the Wazirx NFT.

In this article, we will discuss the Wazirx NFT marketplace. We will teach you how to signup on the Wazirx NFT marketplace. Then, you will learn what is Wazirx NFT and how you can buy NFT from Wazirx NFT marketplace. 

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Before we do that, we should learn about what is Wazirx NFT and why you should use it. Then, let’s not waste any more time and begin with our tutorial.

What is wazirX?

As we mentioned above, we will learn about the Wazirx NFT in this section. Wazirx is the biggest and most trusted crypto exchange in India. You can purchase Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies safely through the Wazirx exchange. WazirX is a user-friendly crypto exchange, which means that it is simple to use. 

This doesn’t mean that WazirX is a simple exchange. Infact, it has a lot of advanced features which crypto users can use. Therefore, users have a simple to use crypto exchange with a great set of features. Then, the question is, what is the Wazirx NFT?

wazirx NFT

Does WazirX have NFT?

You have probably read about Wazirx NFT somewhere on the internet. Or maybe you’ve heard about it from a friend. Then, you would wonder whether WazirX has NFT.

Wazirx came into existence so at least Indian people could buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Then, they developed the Wazirx NFT marketplace. Therefore, people of India have a trusted and reliable marketplace to buy and sell NFTs, thanks to Wazirx NFT.

What is Wazirx NFT?

Now that you know about the Wazirx exchange, we will discuss the Wazirx NFT. Then, we will teach you how you can create a Wazirx account. 

The Wazirx NFT is where you can purchase Non-Fungible Tokens from. The Developer team created Wazirx NFT marketplace on BSC. BSC is the Binance Smart Chain, it’s the network that the Wazirx NFT works upon. 

The Binance Smart Chain is faster than the Ethereum network, and the transaction fees are really cheaper. Therefore, it’s a good idea that users can purchase NFT Wazirx on the BSC network. Now that you know about Wazirx NFT let’s find out how you can create an account on Wazirx NFT marketplace.

How to create an Account on Wazirx NFT?

In this section we will teach you how to create a Wazirx NFT account. You should first create an account to be able to buy and sell Wazirx NFT. Then, head down to the NFT Wazirx landing page

wazirx NFT

Then, tap on Connect Wallet on the top right side of the screen. After that, a screen will open up, asking you to choose a way to connect your wallet. 

wazirx NFT

You can select Metamask or WalletConnect to connect your wallet to WazirX NFT. If you choose WalletConnect, you have to scan the QR Code with your wallet on your phone. Or choose the Desktop option.

wazirx NFT

After you scan the QR Code, you have to sign using your wallet. Then, you are done signing up on Wazirx NFT. So, you can visit the Wazirx NFT marketplace to buy or sell NFTs. 

After you connect your wallet to Wazirx NFT, you are done. You can buy and sell on NFT Wazirx, even if you aren’t from India. In the next section, we want to figure out how much it costs to mint an NFT on NFT Wazirx. 

How much does it cost to mint an NFT on WazirX?

The Wazirx NFT is working on the Binance Smart Chain or BSC. Therefore, you have to pay a lot less fee. This is because the Binance Smart Chain requires a lot less transaction fee than the Ethereum network. Therefore, you don’t need to worry much about the cost to mint an NFT on NFT Wazirx.

But, let’s discuss how much it costs to mint on WazirX nft anyway. The platform mints NFTs on NFT WazirX based on a fixed price. Then, you have to pay a minimum of $1 to mint your NFTs on NFT WazirX marketplace. 

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