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The Unibright Token: The Utility Token for Smart Contracts

A uniform framework called Unibright makes it possible to integrate and use applications based on blockchain. The platform aims to assist individuals in identifying the blockchain protocol that a company could require for its applications. The asset intends to integrate different blockchain processes into its systems and create unique blockchain use cases for organizations. A company can use Unibright to track and keep an eye on the blockchain availability of its processes.

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According to the whitepaper, Unibright’s goal is to offer a uniform platform for blockchain-based integration. Only a few companies are currently integrating blockchain technology into their operations. Additionally, it is believed that blockchain technology facilitates the exchange of cryptocurrencies. The platform aims to give high-level concepts and useful tools to integrate current processes into the blockchain platform in order to address the problem.

Additionally, this network aims to function at both the software architectural level and the level of end-user-driven applications.

The development of Baseline Protocol, an open-source initiative that aims to integrate the best of blockchain, communications, and encryption, is something Unibright hopes to contribute significantly to. In doing so, the network would use the open blockchain to enable private and secure corporate procedures at a reasonable price.

What is Unibright?

A member firm of the 1989-established SPO Consulting GmbH is Unibright. The cross-blockchain and cross-system business process integration of Unibright was introduced in 2016, while the cloud-based integration platform was made available in 2011.

A team of blockchain specialists, as well as architects, developers, and consultants with more than 20 years of experience in business processes and integration, support Unibright.

With the intention of introducing blockchain technology and contracts to general consumers, Unibright provides a uniform framework. Enterprise-level blockchain solutions, platforms for integration, and an ecosystem built around tokenized assets are all provided by Unibright.

Additionally, Unibright is crucial to the Baseline Protocol’s development. This protocol aims to notarize states on a public mainnet, like Ethereum, and link conventional systems to one another.

A project called Baseline Protocol is open-source. It serves as middleware, fusing blockchain with recent developments in messaging and cryptography to enable safe and private corporate processes at a reasonable price.

Baseline Protocol can combine new relationships with old ones in a flexible manner without compromising system integrity. It can also automate B2B agreements without the need to construct new blockchain silos. In addition, the Baseline Protocol can enforce consistency among the records of many parties without transferring the data from outdated systems. Additionally, it can compel a multiparty process.

Unibright Objectives

One of the main barriers to the adoption of blockchain technology by businesses has been worries about the usability of existing solutions and the vast knowledge gap that exists in relation to installing, developing, and designing blockchain solutions.

Additionally, consider the difficulty in finding and the high cost of recruiting skilled blockchain engineers. Despite the fact that many business leaders can see how blockchain has the ability to significantly enhance their operations, it is understandable why companies have been cautious to implement blockchain solutions.

The blockchain solutions that are being developed frequently have definite advantages for organizations, but these fresh and innovative solutions have not been quickly adopted by traditional enterprises. Many people have stayed off the blockchain integration bandwagon because of the uncertainty surrounding prices, development, and effectiveness.

Although the blockchain solutions that are being developed frequently have definite advantages for organizations, these more established companies have been sluggish to adopt these cutting-edge technologies. Many have refrained from participating in blockchain integration due to the unknowns surrounding costs, development, and effectiveness. And this is where Unibright functions and why it was created.

Through its algorithmic architecture, the Unibright project seeks to establish itself as a holistic platform that streamlines all elements of blockchain integration for businesses.

Businesses can benefit from interoperability through this architecture, not just between blockchains but also with legacy systems. A whole suite of solutions from Unibright are available to integrate information amongst all systems, boosting an organization’s productivity and efficiency.

The Unibright platform’s flexibility in terms of blockchain is one of its best features. It seeks to illustrate business integration scenarios and make them as affordable and simple to implement as possible by using visual clues and more abstract designs. Additionally, the network has made an effort to adapt to blockchain technology improvements.

Unibright Technology

In its most basic form, the Unibright platform was developed as a straightforward foundation that different companies can customize to suit their unique requirements.

Managers will be able to deploy blockchain solutions with less risk in day-to-day operations, which will reduce costs and boost productivity and efficiency. With Unibright, the gap between blockchain technology and conventional business applications will finally be bridged.

The Unibright framework currently contains four distinct tools:

UB Workflow Designer

With the help of this tool, anyone may define processes visually without any understanding of or experience with a particular blockchain protocol. Users of the UB Workflow Designer can select an existing template and then modify it to suit their workflow requirements.

Even interfaces with other blockchains and IT systems can be defined via this visual designer, along with system boundaries. The technology automatically generates the required smart contracts with the required business logic after the workflow has been built.

UB Contract Interface

The ecosystem of Unibright revolves around this component. Users can modify previously created workflows and turn them into blockchain-specific smart contracts using the UB Contract Interface. The smart contracts can then be published, maintained, or automatically generated templated connection adapters for already installed systems.

Users of the Unibright ecosystem have access to templates that have been created around specified business operations and are presented at a high level of abstraction. The development team intends to keep the templates current, improve them as necessary, and make new ones to cater to new use cases and sectors.

UB Explorer

Users may keep track of all ongoing operations using the UB Explorer’s user-friendly interface. Data is gathered from any systems that have been linked to the selected template as well as from the smart contracts themselves.

The Explorer offers Smart Queries, which are automatically developed based on the particular workflows and deliver helpful information. In this manner, both on-chain and off-chain data can be displayed together in a simple-to-read and incredibly helpful dashboard.

UB Connector

This is how Unibright makes its smart contracts accessible to be usable by off-chain systems. Additionally, it makes it possible to create cross-chain and cross-system workflows.

This is accomplished via the Smart Adapter, which changes all the technical requirements for connecting an ERP system or blockchain in order to make the connection possible. The Unibright Connector is dynamic and offers a wide range of integration opportunities such as ubt login thanks to Smart Adapters.

What is UBT Token?

The ubt crypto required for all goods and services provided is the Unibright Token (UBT):

Smart Contract Creation

For each smart contract that is implemented on our platform, Unibright tokens are necessary for registration. The use of just the best smart contracts across our entire platform will be standardized thanks to this required procedure.

Smart Contract Connection

Every time a smart contract that complies with Unibright is connecting to another contract or an existing IT system via the Unibright Connector, Unibright tokens are necessary.


For the features and services provided by Freequity, our tokenization solution, Unibright Tokens are necessary.


Customers can access our consulting seminars to create effective blockchain use cases by using the Unibright Token.

In conclusion

This framework is a platform for low-code business modeling and integration. It was developed with the goal of assisting businesses in utilizing blockchain technology. Tokenization and DeFi are also used by Unibright in their Unibright Freequity solution. They provide token definition, issuance, custodial services, exchanges and liquidity, integration, derivatives, and portfolios through this service.

The ubt crypto utilized in all of the aforementioned goods is the Unibright Token, or UBT. The construction of smart contracts, connecting smart contracts, tokenization, and workshops are all potential applications for ubt login.

Smart contracts may be generated, deployed, and even updated entirely automatically into other blockchains because to their no-coding-required approach. As a result, Unibright uses visual use-case templates and has the ability to seamlessly incorporate current IT systems into the blockchain.

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