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What is SHINJA? (A Kusari Blockchain to Transform DeFi)

There are hundreds of new cryptocurrencies joining the crypto industry each year. You have to know a lot about cryptocurrencies and how they work to identify a profitable new coin. Here, we want to discuss the SHINJA coin which is one of these newcomers in the crypto industry.

We will explain what the SHINJA coin is and how it is going to affect the industry. To do that, we should first learn about the SHINJA use case and what it has to offer. Then, we will also about the plans for the Shibnobi SHINJA coin.

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Then, we will also teach you how to find places where you can buy SHINJA coins. After that, we will also introduce places where you can trade SHINJA. Therefore, keep reading this if you want to learn more about SHINJA coins. 

Let’s not waste more time and begin this paper about the Shibnobi SHINJA coin. 

What is SHINJA?

Before we can discuss how to buy the SHINJA coin, we must first learn what it is. Then, we can further discuss SHINJA coin price, and how you can buy them.

Shibnobi SHINJA coin is the name of the new crypto project. This new project has quite potential and we can expect an increase in SHINJA price. The SHINJA coin is a multi-blockchain DeFi utility token that aims to make crypto a better place. 

This means that SHINJA coins run on multiple blockchains at the same time. SHINJA runs on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum network, and Polygon at any given time. This means that users can choose and use the network that they prefer to work with.

SHINJA coin aims to make the cryptocurrency industry more friendly to use and safe. Then, they also aim to educate and inform newcomers to the crypto space. The developers of the Shibnobi SHINJA coin also aim to create its blockchain called Kusari.

The Kusari network is a hard fork of the Ethereum blockchain. However, this doesn’t mean that SHINJA transactions are as expensive and slow as Ethereum’s. The SHINJA coin is fast and also cheap, so users won’t be losing much to fees.

How does SHINJA differ from other DeFi projects?

Another feature of SHINJA coins is the Katana wallet. The SHINJA token developers introduced the Katana wallet which SHINJA token users can use.

The Shibnobi SHINJA coin Katana wallet has two-factor authentication for transactions. This will help to keep your funds and assets safe in the wallet. The SHINJA token developers also have developed the Dojo swap. 

Dojo swap is the native swap of the Shibnobi SHINJA coin. This swap is also multi-blockchain and is running on Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain. 

Why do we need the Kusari blockchain?

The SHINJA token blockchain Kusari uses a Proof of Stake algorithm. This means that miners won’t need mining devices to verify the transactions. Instead, Shinja coin nodes are stakers who will keep the SHINJA token safe and secure. 

Because of the reasons we mentioned above, the SHINJA token has a lot of potentials. This means that you can start to use the Shibnobi SHINJA coin and Kasuri blockchain. Also, you can start to invest in the SHINJA coin if you find the project interesting.

Now that we have learned about the SHINJA token, let’s explore SHINJA further. Then, we will discuss how much the SHINJA coin price is. And also will introduce to you markets which you can buy SHINJA tokens from.

How to obtain SHINJA?

To find places that sell and trade SHINJA token, visit CoinMarketCap. Now search for SHINJA in the search bar at the top right side of the screen. Then, coinmarketcap will show you the SHINJA coin page with detailed information. 


Here, you can find the SHINJA page, as well as SHINJA price. As you can see the SHINJA price is $0.00000000000000041 at the time of writing this article. However, you should be careful and don’t think SHINJA prices are cheap at the moment. 


Although, this is what users call a dead coin. SHINJA coin price looks pretty dangerous. Be sure to do your own research before you invest in SHINJA. The SHINJA coin price has made an All-Time-High at may and then dropped.

Until now, the SHINJA coin price was unable to once again go bullish. 

While the SHINJA coin price is very low, you can get more than billions of SHINJA tokens for a dollar. But, the SHINJA circulating supply must be enormous as well. Shibnobi SHINJA coin has self-reported its circulating supply at 34,188,864,670,045.50 billion.

So, remember that the SHINJA coin price is low at the moment. But that doesn’t necessarily make it a good investment. Now, let’s get back to the main discussion. Scroll down until you can reach the Markets tab.

Then, tap on Markets to view the exchanges that trade SHINJA token. 


Then, you can view all the exchanges that trade Shibnobi SHINJA coin. You can use any of the exchanges to buy SHINJA coin. You should also know that SHINJA coin prices are almost the same everywhere. Then, unless you want to profit from arbitrage, you can use any of them.

How to trade SHINJA?

You can use a Decentralized or Centralized exchange to buy SHINJA coin. But, you need a centralized exchange to trade SHINJA. The SHINJA coin price is not different in various centralized exchanges, at least not that much that would matter. 

So, check out the crypto exchanges listed above and choose a centralized one. Then, visit the website and create your account and crypto wallet at the exchange. After that, deposit some assets in your new crypto exchange account.

Then, you can start trading SHINJA in the exchange you have picked. 


Shibnobi SHINJA coin is the name of this new crypto project. It aims to make the crypto space a more friendly, safe, and educational place. Then, more and more groups of new crypto users will join the crypto community. We have also discussed the SHINJA price and where to buy SHINJA here.

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