Top 7 Cart Abandonment Techniques That Actually Work

Cart Abandonment Techniques

Can you imagine cart abandonment causes a whooping $20 billion revenue loss yearly? Approximately 70% of people who shop on e-commerce websites leave their carts without making the purchase. That’s a truly scary statistic for marketers. 

However, there is no need to be upset about this situation. It’s better to arm with proven strategies to make people complete their purchases. And that’s exactly what we’ve prepared for you in this article.

7 Cart Abandonment Techniques

Let’s have a look at 7 battled-tested cart abandonment techniques that actually work! 

  • Show Shipping and Payment Options Directly on Your Product Pages

If people don’t see the shipping fees and payment options right away, it can be the reason why they may decide to leave when they click through to the checkout page. That’s why you make everything more transparent for your customers. It will have a positive impact on the conversion rates. 

It’s recommended to place the shipping fee under every product you have in your e-commerce. More importantly, offering a free shipping option for people who make their first purchases with you is a great idea. It will knock them off the fence. 

If you have popular payment options in place on your product pages, it can also decrease the number of abandoned carts. 

  • Take Advantage of Omnichannel Campaigns

Omnichannel marketing can be a really powerful way to decrease the number of cart abandonments. This approach is built around the way people use the Internet.

For example, when a potential customer leaves your shop without a successful purchase, they can go to Instagram, Facebook, Google, or some app on their phone. And that’s a great opportunity to send them an in-app message, an SMS, an email, or a push notification with a special offer. 

  • Use Retargeting Ads 

Retargeting ads are an integral part of any cart abandonment marketing campaign. They work like a charm in most cases. With the right implementation, you can improve your conversion rates significantly with a minimum amount of budget spent. 

Show a retargeting ad with an irresistible offer and a strong call to action. It’s an excellent opportunity to get the attention of hot leads ready to make a purchase. To make this strategy even more efficient, segment your audience and create a separate retargeting ad for each segment. 

  • Integrate Live Chat 

Live chat is another great tool in your arsenal against cart abandonment. It enables you to provide your potential clients with immediate answers to their most common questions. Sometimes, it can save a sale. Pay attention to where you’d like to locate your Live Chat.


Usually, marketers place Live Chat on the product or checkout pages and make them bold so potential clients can see it clearly. 

  • Try Exit Popups

This is another excellent strategy that can boost your sales if you use it correctly. How does it work? When a user makes an attempt to leave your e-commerce app, a popup appears. This may be your last chance to convert your potential client into a sale. So make sure you show them an amazing offer with a special discount or maybe free shipping. You can also take advantage of such popups when users try to delete your app altogether.

It’s also possible to customize messages that appear in exit-intent popups. You can use segmentation here as well. A smart move can be implementing customization based on the product your potential customer checks. You can also build customization around the stage where your potential client is in their customer journey. 

  • Use A/B Tests and Analytics 

Your e-commerce app has many different elements, from design to layout. You need to A/B test everything, including your CTAs and the checkout process. Why? That’s because A/B testing can help you find out what works and what doesn’t. In turn, it can help you decrease the number of cart abandonments. 

Every advanced marketer knows that A/B testing is a vital part of any cart abandonment campaign. It helps you understand what you should improve to get higher conversions. Always pay attention to your app’s overall performance and make well-informed decisions from there. 

Data-based analytics is invaluable. That’s because it can help you understand your customers better. It shows you what customers are valuable and have higher Life Time Value. Such customers are worth winning back. On the other hand, thanks to data-based analytics, you can understand what customers are not worth the effort. Thus, leaving them to your competitors may be a good idea. 

  • Create a Decent Refund and Return Policy

Why should you care about refund and return policy? A strong money-back guarantee can protect your reputation. A good return policy can also prevent future cart abonnements. Both these policies can help you avoid negative reviews. They can help you build trust with potential buyers. And when people trust you, they feel more confident to buy from you. 

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