How to Unlock Borrow on Cash App? (Terms and requirements)

how to unlock borrow on cash app

Nowadays, many people use the Cash App for different finance purposes, such as paying anyone instantly, saving when they spend, banking like they want to, and buying stocks or bitcoin. While these are the most talked about features, they are not all. This app offers other amazing options, like a borrowing feature that allows qualified users to access short-term loans. If it seems interesting to you and you wish to know about this, don’t waste time and keep reading until the end of this text to learn more about how to unlock borrow on cash app and its terms and requirements.

How Cash App Borrow Works

Before I start talking about how to unlock borrow on the Cash app, let’s see what the Cash App borrow feature is and how it works. This new option is a quick and easy way that allows eligible users to receive up to $600 instantly without visiting a bank or credit union. It is very similar to taking a loan, but there is no need for any collateral, and you have to consider that it is not the best option for long-term loans. If you want to know more about the general rules, I have to add that the initial loan amount does not exceed $200, and you should pay it back within four weeks to avoid additional interest charges. After borrowing and repaying several loans to increase the loan amount, it can reach $600. 

How to unlock borrow on cash app

Now that you know what the Cash App Borrow feature is and how it works, let’s go through the process of unlocking it on the app. Just follow the below steps and go to the next paragraph for more details:

  1. Open the Cash app and sign into your account.
  2. Choose the “Money” option from the bottom left.
  3. Select the “Unlock” button and open the loan unlock screen.
  4. Choose “Continue” and unlock the loan feature.
  5. Now, you can access the new ‘Borrow’ option on the ‘Money’ tab page.
  6. You can borrow money from the Cash App by unlocking this feature. So don’t miss the next paragraph.
how to unlock borrow on cash app

How to Borrow Money from cash app?

Whether you are an Android user or an iPhone owner, you can follow the steps below to borrow from the Cash app after completing the above. And by doing this quick and easy process, you can get $20, $100, or even up to $600+ loan.

  1. Sign up or open the Cash App and log into your current account:

At this level, you need to sign into your Cash App account, or sign up and get the free money bonus with referral code: K2VP13D.

Pay attention: If you verify your identity with Cash App while signing up, you can have two Cash App accounts.

  1. Set up a direct deposit and activate a debit card:

Then, you need to set up your deposit with your Cash App account, activate the debit card, and increase your usage to prove your eligibility through the below steps:

  • Go to the “Money” tab in the cash app menu left.
  • Choose Direct Deposit.
  • Then, choose”Get Started” and follow the on-screen prompts.
  • Go to the “Cash Card” tab (bottom left) from the Cash App menu.
  • Here, you should follow the on-screen prompts and order or activate your card.
  • Set up direct deposit procedures.
  1. Start the borrowing process of borrowing cash plan:

Now, you can access the Borrow feature by going to the “Money” tab on the Cash App menu. Go down to find the “Borrow” option and click it. Pay attention: If you can not see this option, you are not eligible, which I will discuss later.

  1. Choose the loan amount you want:

In this level, you should choose how much money you need (it can be up to $600+), then choose the “Request” button and tap “Confirm”.

  1. Choose the way you want to repay the loan:

After all, you should decide how you want to pay the loan amount back. Notice that Cash App loans are not restrictive like payday loans or loans that you should forcibly pay back with your paycheck without any grace period. You can pay them back in one of these two options: four weekly payments or all at once. The best part is that if you repay the prescribed amount early, the application will reduce the loan fee by 5%.

  1. Agree the app’s terms of loan and get a loan immediately:

The last thing you need to do is confirm the terms and get the money instantly in your Cash App wallet. Then, you will receive a notification email from the app containing a link to make the first payment. 

What Are the Terms and requirements of the cash app loan?

With all the above points in mind, I want to talk about other terms you should know before you make the final decision and accept a loan with Cash App. You need to tick all five below points to unlock this feature and borrow money from the Cash App.

  • Receiving immediate funds
  • Paying only a 5% fixed fee (no hidden fees).
  • Repayment in 4 loan payments within four weeks (early repayment at no additional cost)
  • Setting up direct deposit (not required)
  • Paying late interest accrues if you do not pay your loan on the due date. (If you have an unpaid borrowed amount, the interest begins accruing and will accrue weekly, until you pay it fully. 

Also, some factors show your qualification to get the Cash App loan:

  • You should be 18+ and live in the United States.
  • Good credit history
  • Activated Cash Card
  • Frequently used Cash App.
  • Living in an eligible state

Why is Cash App not letting me borrow?

If you did all the above-mentioned steps but still see the “you’re not able to borrow at the moment” error and wondering why, I have to say that it could be due to different reasons, which I will mention below, so you can read them and find the one that relates your case.

  • You did not use the app and their Cash Card frequently.
  • You don’t have a good credit history, and your deposit is less than $1,000 monthly.
  • Your age is less than 18.
  • Your Cash App account does not seem good.
  • It has been detected that you are involved in a scam.
  • The feature is not yet available in your state.
  • You do not have a fully verified account with your identity and SSN.
  • You are using an old Cash App version.
  • You have a negative Cash App balance.

How can I increase my cash app borrow limit?

As you read above, the Cash App loan limit is $600, which sounds good, but the point is that this amount is not immediately available. Here, the good news is that there are ways you can benefit from and use them to increase this limitation soon.

  • The first and most important rule is to repay the borrowed amount, even if it is only 20$ on time.
  • Also, some users have stated that early repayment is not good and it is better to let your loan pay off automatically when it is due.
  • More than borrowing history and timely repayment abilities, your financial situation and adhering to the Cash App terms of responsible borrowing will also affect your borrowing limit.


In the above text, you read that borrowing money from the Cash App is one of the best ways, and many users prefer it to other bank loans. There, we have discussed all the details, from how to unlock borrow on the Cash App, terms, eligibility, how to get a loan from this app, and how to repay it. Also, you can check the Cash App official website to find more details or contact their support team. If you have any experience or additional info, we will be happy if you share it in the comments for other readers.


  • How Do I Repay Cash App Borrow?

Open the Cash App> select the “My Cash” tab> choose the “Cash App Loans” option> click on the “Repay” button> follow the instructions to repay your loan.

  • How Often Can You Borrow from Cash App?

This time depends on how long it takes to fully repay your last loan, which can be four weeks at the peak.

  • What Happens with Missed or Skipped Payments?

First, it will cause a drop in your credit score. Also, a late fee will be imposed, for example, $5.00 for seven (7) days after the due date.

  • Cash App Borrow States

California, Florida, Lowa, Kansas, Massachusets, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, Washington, and Wisconsin.

  • Is Cash App Borrow Available to All Users?

No, the Cash App loan feature is only available for customers in a list of special states and with a specific deposit.

  • Is Cash App Borrow Safe?

Yes, be sure that borrowing money from Cash App is safe.

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