Fetch Pet Insurance 2024 (Pricing, Coverage and Reviews)

Do you have a pet? Are you thinking about keeping your favorite cat or dog? An important concern of pet owners is about their health and how they can keep them safe. Today, there are many insurance companies that offer pet insurance services. If you do not know much about them, just keep reading. Here, I will introduce fetch pet insurance, and its complete coverage features, costs, and how you can get them.

fetch pet insurance

What is Fetch Pet Insurance?

Today, I want to talk about Fetch by The Dodo, which was previously known as Petplan insurance. Then in January of 2022, they changed their name to Fetch by Dodo pet insurance and continued their way as an ideal solution for those pet owners who get overwhelmed by their pet insurance details.This pet insurance company is famous because of its straightforward and simple rules and policies. Also, it covers many illnesses and accidents that might happen to your pet. To know more about the fetch pet insurance reviews, go on and read the rest of this text.

About Fetch by The Dodo

One of the most important factors pet owners consider choosing a great company for their pet insurance, like fetch pet insurance is their history. Fetch insurance is owned by a young couple, who had an unpleasant experience when their cat got sick and they had to pay 5000 unexpected dollars for their veterinarian bill.

Also, you have to know that Fetch by The Dodo is one of the oldest pet insurance companies in the world, and has been working since 1970. Fetch US is built on the shoulders of the Fetch UK giant, and it’s right in with time-tested policies and market research. 

Is fetch pet insurance the same as petplan?

One of the most common questions asked about fetch pet insurance reviews is what is the difference between Petplan company and fetch insurance. While I have answered this question previously, again I want to mention that they are the same. They rebranded the company from Petplan Fetch by The Dodo, which means now Fetch Insurance Services provides all Petplan insurance policies and LLCs.

How much does fetch pet insurance Cost?

Another major factor to consider when choosing a pet insurance company, such as pickup insurance, is cost. To answer this question, first I have to mention that this cost might vary based on different factors, such as the breed of your pet, their age, and your living location. After all, it depends on your decision about your pet insurance coverage, and if you want to choose a big or small deductible and reimbursement. 

For example, if you have a 6-month Golden Retriever and choose a $250 Deductible and 80% Reimbursement, you have to pay about $27.63 per month for fetch pet insurance. Or if you have a 3 years Poodle and choose $300 Deductible and 90% Reimbursement, you have to pay $41.02 per month for Fetch by The Dodo insurance.

Fetch Pet Insurance price comparison for dogs

As you know, fetch insurance provides insurance services for two groups of cats and dogs, and absolutely the prices of them are different. If you choose to fetch pet insurance for your dogs, the average cost you have to pay for a month is 35$ (it might differ based on the above-mentioned item), while based on the latest published reports, the average monthly cost of pet insurance is $50 for dogs.  

Fetch Pet Insurance price comparison for cats

Also, if you have a cat and look for an affordable and trusted part insurance company, you can choose to Fetch by The Dodo. The average cost of cat fetch insurance is 25 dollars for a month, which is lower than 28$, as the average cost of pet insurance. But again this cost might vary based on your cat breed, its age, and how you choose your insurance coverage limitations.

How to get the Fetch Pet Insurance?

Now that you had almost a complete piece of information about the fetch pet insurance reviews, it is time to see how you can get the fetch insurance. It is not hard to get pet insurance, and you can do it as simple as sending an online quote or calling through the phone, giving details about your pet’s age, its breed, and your location. Then they will give you a general price and introduce the most popular plan, but you can adjust the details of this plan, and most importantly the cost of your pet fetch insurance based on your preferences.

What are the fetch pet insurance plans and coverage?

As you read above, fetch insurance provides different plans for cats and dogs of all ages. These insurance coverages include different items, such as:

  • The fees for tests on a sick or injured pet
  • Comprehensive dentistry (all teeth)
  • Injuries and diseases
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Imaging and ultrasound
  • Virtual visits
  • Surgery and rehabilitation
  • Comprehensive care and chiropractic
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Cancer treatment
  • Breed-specific conditions
  • Prescription medication, except for food

Fetch pet insurance doesn’t cover:

  • Pre Existing conditions
  • Routine and preventive care (though the company may offer it soon)
  • Beauty and selective methods

Pros and Cons of the Fetch Pet Insurance

Like all other companies, the fetch pet insurance company has some advantages and disadvantages, which we will not miss here.

Fetch by The Dodo insurance advantages:

  • You can customize its details as you like
  • This includes coverage for adverse events
  • Efficient and helpful online resources
  • No restrictions on its network

Fetch by The Dodo insurance disadvantages:

  • Only one plan for each category
  • It does not cover preventive care
  • Restricted cover for old animals

How do I contact the Fetch Pet Insurance’s customer service?

If you are looking for a way to contact pet insurance, I have to say that there are different ways in which you can choose the best based on your need. For example, if you are looking for the answer to a question, you can check out the FAQs. Or you can contact the customer experience team by simply filling out a form on the Fetch website. Also, you can use email and send your request to the address. And if you want to contact them through the phone, you can call the (866) 509-0163 phone number. Their support team hours are:

  • 8 a.m. to midnight CST Monday through Friday
  • Saturday 9 am to 8 pm CST
  • Sunday 9 am to 7 pm CST

How to cancel Fetch Pet Insurance?

Whenever you decide to cancel your fetch pet insurance, the process is as simple as getting it. Just need to call the company at 1.866.467.3875, and they will cancel your Fetch pet insurance policy. Here, I have to mention that by canceling the fetch insurance, everything will be like the past, and the Fetch by The Dodo company will not cover your pet’s illness or accident costs.

Some of the Fetch Pet Insurance reviews

fetch pet insurance

At last, I want to go through some of the fetch pet insurance reviews provided by the Fetch by The Dodo users with the hope they help you decide better.

  • Debbie of Lovettsville, VA: “Fetch has been great! My young cattle dog started limping after jumping to catch a frisbee. He went to the vet 3 times, then we went to an awesome rehab vet for a thorough evaluation. They recommended a CT scan. The thought of paying all of these bills on my own was overwhelming. Each time I submitted a bill Fetch was efficient and fair. Knowing my boy could get the care he needs is priceless. I ended up opting for physical therapy instead of the CT scan because he was improving. But it’s a great feeling knowing he could get the CT scan if he needed it. Both of my dogs have been covered by Fetch starting on the day I got them. If you wait until something happens it will be too late. A Happy Customer.”
  • Cindy of Anaheim, CA: “We are extremely pleased with our experience with Fetch! Submitting claims is a breeze and reimbursement is super fast making the whole process stress free. Having Fetch has given us peace of mind and we can solely focus on getting our puppy back up to speed. Thank you!!!”
  • Connie of Lynden, WA: “I was quite distraught when my Labradoodle was diagnosed with undetermined liver problems. What a comfort to know that Fetch was helping pay the vet bills while I concentrated on treating Nugget and getting him well. The timely reimbursements helped me to continue treating my pet so that he could return to active service as a therapy dog. He brings so much joy to the Alzheimer’s patients he visits weekly. Thank you, Fetch for sharing the burden of his care.”


Are you searching for the best pet insurance company? If you have a pet or you are looking for one, choosing the best insurance pet company is a major point to consider. Read the above text and find the complete fetch pet insurance reviews with all details you need to know. And then it is just you to decide whether you like to choose the fetch pet insurance or not.

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