Best Angular Startups 2023

If you are reading this, likely, you are either thinking about creating an Angular-based application or wishing to update the one you already have. Google’s AngularJS framework has gained popularity since it was introduced in 2009. For web and mobile front-end development, 36.9% of developers use various Angular versions, according to a 2019 StackOverflow study. An oldie but a goodie that has a new and improved iteration in Angular. It distinguishes itself with attributes like reactive programming, two-way binding, templating, modularization, support for mobile, and material design.

Best Angular Startups

What Is Angular?

A programming environment based on TypeScript is called Angular. Angular’s platform features include:

  • a framework for creating scalable web applications that are based on components.
  • a group of tightly integrated libraries that include a wide range of functions, such as client-server communication, routing, and form management.
  • a collection of developer tools to aid in the writing, testing, and updating of your code.

With Angular, Angular developers can benefit from a platform that scales from projects with a single developer to enterprise-level apps. Angular is designed to make updating as easy as possible, so take advantage of the most recent developments with the least amount of effort necessary. The nicest part of the Angular ecosystem is that it is composed of a diverse community of over 1.7 million developers, library authors, and content creators.

Top 6 Startups Using Angular


One of the most well-known suppliers of free open online courses, Udemy focuses mostly on professional adults.

Instructors can use the course construction tools on the massive open online course (MOOC) website to create online courses that are similar to those found in post-secondary education.

Following that, students can enroll in these courses to advance their professional development or earn credits toward technical certification. Udemy’s brand recognition is at 39% among American consumers of online education services.


Iflexion provides dependable Angular solutions that aid in expanding their clients’ companies. The business has been converting various business requirements into highly adaptable and scalable Angular apps since AngularJS’s 2009 launch.

The Angular development team at Iflexion accepts projects of various sizes and faces problems at every level of solution development, implementation, additional customization, and support.


It is hardly surprising that the corporation employs Angular in many of its products given that it was created by the Google team of developers.

The Google mailing service software Gmail merits a separate paragraph to highlight the broad scope and strength of Angular. What makes Gmail so incredible?

  • Despite being a straightforward one-page software, it serves more than 1.5 billion people per day.
  • Even though it is just one HTML page, it renders data on the front end as fresh emails and messages are received.
  • It works with Hangouts texting.
  • Other excellent features include spell-checking, predictive texting, and mail composition with built-in syntax and grammar.


For freelancers and businesses searching for remote work arrangements, Upwork is a well-liked website. Its tech stack includes Angular components, enabling it to offer a flexible single-page web application that serves users.

Best Angular Startups

Delivery Hero

More than 50 nations in Asia, Europe, South America, and the Middle East are served by the global delivery juggernaut Delivery Hero, which is based in Germany.

It is primarily a food delivery business that collaborates with over 500,000 restaurants globally and links them to its clientele. Quick commerce, which entails delivering goods in small batches within an hour, is another area where Delivery Hero is increasing its service offering.


With full-cycle custom Angular development, ELEKS assists clients in realizing their most complicated ideas.

To enhance their operations and increase the value they provide for the contemporary world, the organization offers Angular 2.0 development services to Fortune 500 companies, large corporations, and technology challengers. Engineers at ELEKS can complete the most difficult projects and create complex Angular solutions using the most recent Angular development tools.


With no requirement for third-party libraries, the basic setup of Angular offers all the tools and a preset environment to aid development and testing. As a result, Angular is quite useable right out of the box. The responsive web design framework Angular, in contrast to other JavaScript-based frameworks like React, ensures code consistency across the whole codebase.

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