The ‘’you’re all caught up’’ Instagram new feature

Instagram’s timeline is very addictive; you can scroll and scroll and forget about time and the real world. It tends to show all the posts not only in last 24 hours but posts with 48 hours old or more.  So you may not notice the time when using Instagram, and that’s really bad and addictive! Instagram has updated a feature to change this for you. You’re all caught up.

What is the Instagram You’re all caught up ?

This feature will let the users know if they have seen all the posts from the last 48 hours by showing you this sentence: “You’re all caught up.”

However, you can see posts which you have already viewed. How can I get this feature?

This feature is available in the latest version of Instagram for iOS and Android. So to get it you must update your Instagram for good.

You’re all caught up | Instagram new feature

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