Instagram new Features Are Coming! Donation Sticker and Shopping from Creators

On April 30, Instagram announced that new features are coming soon to connect people, family, and friends more easily and enjoyable. New features for who want to donate and help their family and another for businesses. And also Instagram will change the appearance of its screen.

Though donation stickers are now available in the US only but hope soon people all around the globe can use it to enhance their role in their community.

How to use Donation Stickers?

To use this new option, you should open your camera, take or upload a picture from your gallery, then tap the sticker symbol and select the “Donate Sticker from the list. Now you can choose an organization to help. When it’s live, you can swipe up on your story to see the engagements and all raised money. The whole amount of the raised money goes to the organization that you are supporting.

Donation Sticker and Shopping from Creators

There are also some new features in the camera and create mode. The design of the Instagram camera is going to change in the coming weeks. Instagram will add “Create Mode” in which you can freely share and express yourself without a video or photo. You can write your ideas! And publish it like a journal.

And also the shape is going to change soon. The new form of the camera and Create Mode will be rolling out all over the globe soon.

Donation Sticker and Shopping from Creators

Good news for the business account!

From next week you can shop directly from Instagram. Instead of asking about a product from entrepreneurs, you can see its details and tap to buy it. It is an amazing move for the businesses, and of course, it will increase the probability of shopping from a company on Instagram.

Donation Sticker and Shopping from Creators

Instagram is going to test this shopping-related feature on a small group of brands, which Instagram listed them on its website. Aimee Song, Alissa Ashley, Alondra Ortiz, Alyssa Coscarelli, Annabelle Fleur, Ashley Strong, Blair Eadie, Brittany Xavier,  Candace Parker, Chriselle Lim, Cole Carrigan, Chiara Ferragni, Dave Gilboa, Devin Brugman, Diana Saldana, Ellen V Lora, Madelynn Furlong, Mary Lawless Lee, Mona Kattan, Stephanie Ann Shepherd, Tyler Haney, Vogue and Yovanna Ventura are only some of these brands which are going to participate to test this new features. As Instagram announced on their website the aim of these features are people ease, safety and access to their loved products.


These are a fantastic move for the whole community from businesses, publishers, philanthropists and all and it would give the inspiration to look forward. It seems that Instagram is going to make it easier to engage you in all community activities.

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