Instagram Marketing Automation

Instagram Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is about using software to automate marketing activities. Technology can help marketing sections to do a repetitive task such as sending emails, website, or even social media activities.

Since these kind of duties are time-consuming and sometimes complicated; marketing automation can remarkably help to make it easier and more accurate.

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What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is a system in which software can do the repetitive marketing task instead of a human. However, marketing automation has different categories including email marketing, social media automation such as Instagram automation, website automation and so on. Here I will explain more about marketing automation on social media such as Instagram.

What is Instagram automation?

Instagram automation is about using technology to do Instagram activities on behalf of a person. With the help of technology, you can post, like, or comment as you need. Instagram automation is becoming more and more critical because social media’s trends are increasing. It can save your time and grow your Instagram accounts. Understanding Instagram algorithm is essential if you aim to improve your account through Instagram automation.

Nowadays, if people want to buy from a brand, they first check their social media profile. Instagram is especially useful for this because it has a business profile option on it. Even if you want to use it for personal life, you can easily switch it to a business account, to get the best of it. There are some useful features on the business account such as insights, which show you the number of shares or save by users. You also can see the audience analytics, from which regions, or countries they most come. It also shows you the number of people who have visited your profile.

Understanding Instagram algorithm is essential if you aim to grow your account through Instagram automation. If you read about the Instagram algorithm, you see that it is changing every year, and sometimes in a couple of months, based on the users’ behaviors. For example, the new Instagram algorithm is about user’s engagements. You will see the posts, that you have more engagements with the related profiles. That’s why if you want to get updates from your favorite pages, you have to turn the post notifications on their profile. Marketing automation would help you to keep contacting with others, which is an essential step of growing your Instagram account.

Here I would explain more about building relationships, which can lead to your success. As I have written above you, need to engage with others, to get known by the. You should like, comment, visit their profiles. Instagram automation is a great help for you, but you have some other strategies you can add. Build your relationships with your audience through your posts and stories. You should show people that your profile is real, and somehow not a selfish person/company to add people and sell its products. You can randomly select some of your audience in a competition or challenge you already prepared. You can even send them some gifts, if you get positive feedback from the public, you grow more. Therefore, don’t just wait for automation to do all things for you. Show some activities that are specifically from you, and it is made for the specific people. Positive comments that you have received from people through your actions have a remarkable effect on your profile quality and encourage others to follow you. It shows that you have a real connection with others, and it shows some kindness or a favorable profile, which people are interested in. Improving a profile is a mixture of different strategies.

These days, having an active Instagram account is very important. You can gain popularity, fame or making money from it. So, you should be aware of how to grow your account. There are lots of tasks you have to do if you want to make your account likable for others. You have to post several times a day, post on your feeds, make your stories updates, and the essential part is to build your relationship with others. If you want people to see you, you have to visit their profile, comment on their post, like their posts. Instagram automation can plan this for you and can do it based on your desirable actions or any other plan that you think might help you to grow your account.

The benefits of using automation is not about saving time only or doing activities that are beyond human abilities, but also have plans for your actions on Instagram. A very first step of having a successful business or even an account is a plan. With doing so, you can analyze which kind of users you need to engage with, which kind of posts you need to publish more. However, it is sometimes challenging to find a trustable Instagram automation service. Hopefully, there is some excellent read about choosing safe and effective Instagram automation.

How you can get the best of Instagram automation is about how you plan your actions. If you consider the relevant users and taking action with the relevant content so will get the best of Instagram automation. In this regards, you can consult with the service provider to do the right activities for your account or your business. Before starting with Instagram automation is better for you to have some basic knowledge of Instagram automation marketing, online business and at which stage your business or you are. I believe if you have recently started your business, or you are going to expand your business profile on social media using automation you are at right place. But if you asked yourself how the business knowledge would help you, I would explain to you here. It is true that it would help you a lot to grow, especially if you have recently started, but there are some other essential matters. For example, who is your targeted audience? Do you know which kind of profile you need to engage with them? Do you know the best time to post your contents? Or any ideas about the post size, quality, or which kind of post your audience like to hear from you? All these matters, and while you get the help of Instagram automation, you should know about it. So, better to use it with knowledge.

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What do you expect from Instagram automation? I believe our expectation from everything, would shape our satisfaction level. If you assume too much or something not reachable, you soon get disappointed. Do you think of becoming Instagram famous overnight? Or you reach more than 100,000 audiences within a week? It is true that everything is possible, but to what probability? You know that you have to be patient, you need to wait, try many ways, do several posts and build your relationships. Instagram automation can help you, but you should stop trying other strategies too. I mean being a successful marketer, or online business is all about a combination of many strategies that work together and shape your dream.

Is always good to get the help of new strategies, having new ideas and see what’s the trend is. Instagram marketing is competitive, and you should do your best to get to the top, or at least achieve your goal, or even achieving what you have expected from using Instagram marketing. Online marketing and specifically social media marketing like Instagram is an ever increasing trend; you can take benefits. See what skills, ability or product you have! I believe if you are in business or not, you can have a product. It can be making people happy, or make them healthier or even more prosperous. It is all about your vision, and fortunately in the Instagram marketing you not necessarily need a formally registered company. Your personal goal or personal vision is your product. Instagram automation can help you to get closer to your goal. So, a better understanding of your place and your product is a big help to grow.

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Your account can be anything, from a personal account, with some goal about giving people free exercise lessons to an account to sell your beauty products or anything else. There is no limitation on your products choice.

How to use Instagram for marketing

What can you do with a global audience of 800 million people? That’s what Instagram offers – over 800 million active users, 60% of which use the platform daily. With Instagram marketing, there is huge potential for growing your brand and landing sales for your business.

But first, you should understand the metrics to track growth for your brand:

  1. Number of Followers: This is basic. To get your word out there, you need devoted followers who see your posts. You want to get more followers on Instagram who will receive and spread your message.
  2. Follower Growth Rate: Even more important than the sheer number of followers you have is the rate at which your community increases. This is one of the surest ways to judge the effectiveness of your Instagram marketing strategies. If more people are following you, then you are doing something right.
  3. Content Engagement Rate: This is simply the rate at which people like, comment, and share your posts. A good content strategy will usually get you more likes on Instagram.
  4. URL Clickthrough Rate: Since your URL serves as a call-to-action when people click through, this gives you an idea of the number of people who are really interested in dealing with you. This is very important if you’re out not just to increase brand awareness but also to land sales.

Instagram marketing tips

Take Advantage of an Instagram Business Profile

Instagram offers special tools suited for businesses. To access these benefits, you need to switch to a business profile. Some benefits of a business profile include:

  • –   Special contact buttons where people can click to contact you and learn more about your business details and product portfolio.
  • –   You get structured statistics of your reach and content impressions though Instagram Insights.
  • –   Your brand is given priority in your followers’ news feeds
  • –   You get tools to create, publish and monitor your Instagram ads – which lead us to the next point…

Build your profile bio to project the right image and message.

Have an Engaging Instagram Content Strategy

Your King—that is content—must always be spot on because when people log into Instagram or any other social platform, they don’t care about brands as much as their passion. Your target audience should find your brand firmly positioned at the center of their passions. To achieve this, your content must be relevant to your audience, timely, consistent, engaging, and appealing.

Plan a content calendar ahead of time and add content spontaneously in line with current trends. Make sure the pictures and videos project the image and culture of your brand. Always ask yourself, will my target audience want to share this content with their small community? This is the secret of social marketing.

Partner with Instagram Influencers

Instagram, just like Snapchat and Twitter, is suited to celebrity figures with a large following. Most people see it as means of keeping in touch with their favorite celebrities and mentors. This makes it reasonable to partner with influencers who have already built a large audience.

The mistake some brands make however is to choose an influencer based on the sheer size of their followers. Wrong move. As with advertising, choose an influencer whose audience is built around the passions your brand promotes. Once Instagram influencers recommend your brand, they extend the trust their followers have for them to your brand, and that means a lot.

Promote your Content Across Many Platforms

About 95% of Instagram users in the US are also on Facebook, and 54% and 49% are on Pinterest and Twitter, respectively. Leverage you fan base on other platforms to boost the reach of your Instagram content. People tend to accept a brand if they come across it in several places.

Also, apply this to your adverts – especially on Facebook and Instagram – to take advantage of Facebook’s robust ad manager.

Utilize Campaigns, Contests, and Hashtags

Campaigns and contests drive brand awareness and grow your Instagram audience by involving outside content from individuals. The benefit is that people get to spread your brand among circles that know and trust them. You can organize like contests, comment contests, share and photo contests.

Always use appropriate hashtags when running campaigns and contests. You can have a brand hashtag and several campaign hashtags.

The thing about social media is that people want to interact with your brand as a “social being”. They want to seek direction and get responses from your brand and your content.

One way to achieve this is by using an Instagram bot.

An Instagram bot is a programmable tool that allows you to automate your Instagram tasks. Here are a few things an Instagram bot can do for you:

  1. Comment on posts on your behalf;
  2. Like posts on your behalf;
  3. Follow and unfollow people on your behalf; and
  4. Auto-new direct messages.

When utilized properly, Instagram bots like instazood can help you to get more followers on Instagram.

Finally, Stand Out

Of the over 8 million registered business accounts on Instagram, there’s a good chance you will have competition in your niche. Efforts made to create unique and content will pay off in the long run.


How to Create a Perfect Instagram Marketing Campaign

You are frequently posting on Instagram and hashtagging your soul out, but how can you take your brand to the next level with Instagram? Creating an Instagram campaign is not as easy as it seems, but it is beneficial. Instagram has the highest engagement among all social network platforms!

Here is everything you should know about running an Instagram Marketing campaign for your brand; from setting guides to choosing a suitable hashtag, we have covered it all for you. So what are you waiting for? Read on to find out how to create a perfect Instagram marketing campaign:

What is an Instagram marketing campaign?

An Instagram marketing campaign is a marketing campaign that takes place on Instagram! Basically, it involves brands sharing content on their Instagram feeds with the intention of reaching a marketing purpose. That purpose can be broad, like growing brand awareness, or it can be specific, like generating sales leads for a new service or product.

How to Create a Perfect Instagram Marketing Campaign

In either case, the purpose is to generate a ton of interest in a limited amount of time; and usually, the best way to do this is by sharing engaging, creative, and excellent content! One of the essential indicators of an Instagram marketing campaign is a branded hashtag, which helps tie everything together in the platform. Here are a few steps to help you run a perfect Instagram marketing campaign:

1-  Set Goals for Your Instagram Campaign

Before diving into an Instagram campaign, it’s essential to plan everything out first. To have a thriving Instagram campaign, you should be super clear about your intent: do you only want to raise brand awareness, or are you trying to market your product, push sign-ups, or develop your email list?

How to Create a Perfect Instagram Marketing Campaign

Your Instagram campaign should eventually tie back to numbers, so define your purposes and then set some goals! If you want to promote your new product, choose an aim for how many units you want to sell through the campaign. Setting goals that attach your Instagram campaign to your overall marketing purposes will help you get results that are not only related to your business, but also improve your bottom line!

2- Define your Instagram audience

Understanding who you are trying to reach with your Instagram campaign is just as important as how you contact them. If you want to drum up a lot of engagement, it makes sense to plan a strategy around content that your audience is more likely to engage with. The more you know, the more you can tailor your Instagram campaigns to your audience’s needs!

The best way to define your audience is to follow them on Instagram and, well, stalk them!  What sorts of posts do they like the most on your account? What kinds of content do they enjoy sharing on their own feeds? How do they use the platform? A quick way to find out more about your audience is to use Instagram’s “suggested” feature to research your target audience. When you find a customer, click on their suggested tab to see more users like them.

3- Craft a plan for your Instagram campaign

As you may know, a lot of ingredients go into creating a successful Instagram campaign. You should have a well-defined goal, measurable goals and a clear perception of your target audience. But how do you achieve any of this?

Start by preparing a roadmap:

  • How long is your Instagram marketing campaign going to run for?
  • How many posts are you going to share?
  • Are you sharing original content or user-generated content (UGC)?
  • Are you hiring a photographer or capturing the pictures yourself?

Answering these questions will help you plan your resources.

You should also spend some time into coming up with a shareable and fun hashtag, like Coca-Cola’s #ShareaCoke. We suggest doing a little research to discover popular trends and hashtags that are related to your community.

Once you have created your roadmap, it’s time to begin thinking about how precisely you want to execute your strategy; there are a few common strategies, such as user-generated contests and influencer marketing. Whatever plan you choose, remember that at the center of any campaign, there must be high-quality, interactive content that encourages people to like, share, or comment.


The dos and don’ts of Instagram marketing

Being successful on Instagram is not as easy as it looks, you should practice a lot and monitor your process to find out what works and what doesn’t. You can check our infographic below to learn the do’s and don’ts of Instagram for your business.

  • Be professional

Gather around an additional calendar every month, schedule your posts with a tool like Instazood, try to post quality contents. Choose a proper username and bio to gain new followers.

  • Be consistent

Keep up with your audience to achieve more engagement and try to post consistently ( at least once a day), provide relevant links to direct traffic to your website.

  • Be yourself

Try to post pictures of your personal life too. Don’t try to be like someone else, connect your audience in a non-robotic way. Write your own captions and find your writing style.

  • Use new Instagram features

Use Instagram stories, post videos or go live. IGTV is excellent for your videos over 1 minute. You can also use stories stickers and polls to gain more engagement.

  • Engage with your audience

Engage with your audience and other business accounts, build a community, share posts and Reply to their comments and make them feel included.


  • Be too Salesy

Try to post content relevant to your business but don’t be too promotional. Follow the 80-20 role of marketing.

  • Fade away

If you post less often, your Instagram followers will lose interest or forget about you. Try to post regularly to stay in their minds.

  • Be spammy

Don’t annoy your followers with over posting and using a lot of hashtags! Avoid over-sharing, just share the right amount of information.

  • Have a blank profile

Your audience should know who you are and what you do, make sure to share your contact info in your Instagram bio.

  • Put links in your caption

The only place that you can put a clickable link is in your bio. You can use it to direct your followers to your blogs, websites or landing pages.

  • Ignore your followers

If you don’t engage with your audience, they will lose interest and unfollow you. So spend some time responding to their comments (negative or positive)




Instagram automation is about using technology to grow your or your business account. It will help you to build your relationships with your audience better.

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