How to watch Instagram stories anonymously

Sometimes it is necessary to find a way to watch what someone has posted on Instagram Stories without them knowing that you’re stalking them sitting on the couch waiting for them to update. As you probably already know, anyone who posts a Story on Instagram has a viewer list. They can view each and every person who has seen their Story. As you can imagine, the situation can get really awkward if an ex-lover or a sworn enemy finds you sneaking a peek at their posts!

It is quite embarrassing to be caught watching someone’s Story that you probably should not be watching; that is why you need to do it anonymously. In this article, we suggest a dozen ways to go about it; from creating a Finsta (Instagram fake account) that no one will find out about it to more advanced and creative methods. There are quite a handful of websites that allow you to view Stories anonymously on Instagram.

Instagram is one of the famous and populist social media in the world with 1 Billion active users that are increasing day by day. And one of the most used feature in Instagram is Stories because they remain for only 24 hours. But when you watch the story your name is mentioned in the list of “seen by”.I am sure that you also have the time when you want to see other people’s Instagram stories anonymously, whether it’s your friend, competitor, or an ex. But Instagram officially did not give the option to view stories anonymously.

That’s why we made this simple guide to show you the easiest ways to view Instagram Stories Anonymously.  So, let’s get started.

Can we watch Instagram stories anonymously?

If this is your question, can I watch ig stories anonymously, do not miss this paragraph. The short answer is yes. You can watch instagram stories anonymously, meaning all Instagram stories are available to view without them knowing you. Just, you need some simple tricks that I will show you in the next paragraph.

How to watch Instagram stories anonymously

Now, it is time to see how to watch ig stories anonymously. Here, you can read about three most important ways which can help you in this way.


If you have a mobile device, then this method is also very easy for you. You just need to Open Instagram App (If you don’t have then you need to install). Once you open the Instagram App then wait some second for all stories loaded.

Then, on Airplane mode and watch stories. Because the stories are preloaded and airplane mode is on, your view does not count. Then, you need to take some steps to ensure security. You need to close the Instagram App after viewing the Instagram Stories. Now, you can turn off the airplane and normally use your mobile. Don’t leave the Instagram app in the background.


The next method I am going to show you is using Chrome Extension. But this method only works for PCs.  You just need to Open Chrome Web Store and search for “Stories For Instagram” now install the extension. Once you installed the extension, clicking on the extension will give you two options, you need to click on “Go To Stories”.

Now, it will redirect you to a page where your all followed persons stories are shown. Now, click on the eye icon that appears on the right side of the profile. But if you want to view the person’s story that is not in your following list then you need to search and enter the username. That’s it, you can view Instagram stories anonymously.


When you talk about the ways to view Instagram stories anonymously, the easiest way is using Online Tools. There are a lot of best Instagram Story Viewers but I am going to tell you the top methods. Continue reading to learn more about these tools.

What is an watch ig stories anonymously app?

You know that Instagram makes its users able to see who viewed their stories, the same for others. But previously, you read that you can view others’ stories without them seeing. The important solution is to use watch ig stories anonymously apps. These apps help you check and watch stories anonymously. You can do this when you are not logged in or following that person.

The best apps to watch instagram stories anonymously

Here are some of the best options which you can use as a watch ig stories anonymously app.

  • StorySaver.io

StorySaver is one of the best Instagram Story Viewers that allow you to download and view Instagram stories anonymously.  It is one of the easiest tools. This Tool is free and has no restrictions on it. So, you can use it as many times as you want.


Steps for Viewing Instagram Stories Anonymously with StorySaver

  • Open Google Chrome or any of your favorite browsers and go to StorySaver.io.
  • Paste or Enter the username in the search field, Click on “Get”.
  • Now, all the stories shown below.
  • Click on the story that you want to view anonymously
  • All Done! Now Enjoy:)
  • Storiesig.com

Storiesig is also one of the best tool that allow you to view Instagram Stories Anonymously.  The process of viewing Instagram Stories Anonymously is also the same.


Sometimes we want to view someone’s stories anonymously. No matter for what purpose. So, in my opinion these three are the best ways to view Instagram Stories Anonymously. Using Online tool work for PC and Mobile Device Both. On the other hand airplanes work for only Mobile Devices and Using Chrome extension work for PC only. You can use one of these methods according to your requirements.

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