How to Make Money through Instagram Fitness

You might have heard that Instagram fitness models earn a lot and you had become motivated to be an Instagram fitness model, or you are going to grow your current account into a fitness profile, and become a fitness influencer and make money.

You might all know that taking beautiful pictures, showing your well-shaped body would attract followers and boost your account, but here I would give some ideas about all actions that matter, for example, bio, hashtags, captions, etc. We have analyzed many fitness-related profiles, and here is the summary of this analysis, which is written as a step-by-step guide.


How to start fitness Instagram?

While you are interested in sports or being physically fit and healthy or the related subject, there are three ways to make money on prominent social media like Instagram.

  • Instagram fitness influencer
  • A trainer
  • Fitness model

You can choose any of these you are interested in, but according to the rise in the influencers industry and need for them by 2020, it seems that it is well worth spending time to become an Instagram influencer of fitness or any other topics.

There are four steps for you to reach your goal making money from being an Instagram fitness. Keep in mind that for making money, you need big fans and followers. So, all these actions guide to boost your fitness account and start working as a fitness influencer.

Step #1: Recheck Your Entire Instagram Profile
Step #2: Create Quality Content
Step #3: Connect to Other Instagram Users
Step #4: Make Money When You Have Enough Audiences

  • Step #1: Recheck Your Entire Instagram Profile

Here are some points about preparing your profile, or if you have already started, it is better to recheck it.

Name & username: After analyzing many Instagram accounts with big fans, I found that it is better to match the name & username. Though, some username is not available anymore, so, it is good to choose a username closely related to your name or your business name.

Bio: Write your aim in your Instagram bio. For example, a sentence in bio can be “workout without going to the gym.” The content can help society exercise at home or in any open spaces.

Website or link: You can add your website or other account links in your bio. Many users who visit your profile would tap the link in bio too. If you link your account to YouTube or other apps like Telegram, users can join and download your videos which is highly requested by followers.

Story highlights: Almost all accounts with big fans have catchy story highlights. You can choose a cover for each highlight.

stories highlight on the Instagram profile is a useful place to show a summary of an account
  • Step #2: Create Quality Content

Your first sentences are significant because Instagram users would see and read them. Remember that the content should be engaging and not too serious. Use positive words, and most importantly related to the sports, or exercise.

Types of photos or videos: If there is an idea behind the picture that is very worthy and engaging. Here are some examples of content ideas related to a fitness-related account. 

  • Do’s and dont’s
  • Client Spotlight
  • Tips
  • Meals
  • Workout videos
  • Fitness Funny videos or pictures

For instance, test the A/B format of sharing tutorial photos and videos of yours or any of your customers who got the results or even repost from other pages with their name (then and now or before and after) because doing workout for a couple of months, with excellent results attracts many followers. Users would love positive changes and transformation of doing exercise.

before/after the pictures for sharing on Instagram

Using relevant hashtags: Lots of visitors reach your account if you are using hashtags. Here I would write some related hashtags to #fitness on Instagram. You might use up to 30 hashtags, but it is better to use up to five hashtags only because your content aesthetics is also important. The first comment is also a place to insert your hashtags.

Related hashtags to #fitness



using hashtags in the first comment is also useful
  • Step #3: Connect to Other Instagram Users

Instagram actions, follow, like, comment: Are wondering who you should follow on Instagram as a fitness influencer? If you have recently opened your account, you should know that due to the newest Instagram algorithm, you can only follow a certain number of accounts. Though, when you are going to follow others on Instagram, it is better to select users randomly or use any targeted location. For example, if you want to have more followers from the UK, follow location tags, to find more Instagram users from that location and follow them. Instagram can realize that you are using or interested in the place, and You will be in the suggestion lists related to that location or topic.

Connect with influencers: Many influencers can talk about your brand, profile, activity, aim, etc. take advantage of this opportunity because if you become tagged on a page which has already many followers, the most probably many users would visit your profile and visit your page. This connection helps you increase the number of individuals talking and reacting in your account.

tagging your name in all the related content can bring more followers to your Instagram account

Connect to other networks: There are some other networks like Youtube, Facebook, or functional fitness social network, and apps for fitness like Fitocracy, Daily Mile, Extra pound, MBodyment. In this way, you will get new updates, and challenges regarding the fitness programs, and what others might need more. Reading and connecting more will broaden your knowledge and horizons.

  • Step #4: Make Money When You Have Enough Audiences

An Instagram influencer who works in fitness and related subjects with one million followers and more earns $10,000 per post on average. Individuals use their potential to influence the community through their posted photos and videos or words.

Many social media marketers claim that they are earning one cent per follower for each post. It is estimated that as a social media marketer, a person can gain around $100 if they have about 10k followers. Though, it is better to start advertising, or promoting posts when an account has reached to 10k followers since some of the options are available with a certain number of followers (for example, swipe up to see the link).

photos or videos with Instagram fitness motivation would bring lots of followers to an account


Becoming an Instagram fitness trainer, model, or fitness influencer, is not easy at first, but if you are patient to reach this valuable achievement, it is well worth working for it.


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