How to Gain Followers on Instagram (as an Actor/Actress)

It is a well-known fact that Instagram followers really do matter and it cannot be denied that we all love to have a lot of followers not only on Instagram precisely but on all our social media accounts because more followers get you more attention and more reputation on social platforms.

Followers would be even more critical for you if you are already famous. This is of great importance for artists such as actors, actresses, and models to have more followers on Instagram.  

Why are Instagram follower important?

It is more like a competition for famous people on platforms such as Instagram to cross each other’s followers count because

that means more popularity and reputation for them and also having massive followers on Instagram has several social and financial benefits. Here are some of the benefits of having more followers on Instagram (for actors or actresses):

  • Instagram will be more fun with more followers

Imagine you are an actor and you have your own fans, but when you share a post, it does not get much interaction, and nobody seems to love and care for what you have just posted. This way, you’ll feel a lack of attention and care. If you have more followers, you will surely get more comments, Likes, and engagements, which is so much fun.

Getting comments and other’s opinions on a post you share, no matter what the content is, is just fun. And also seeing your like count going up to give you confidence and motivated you to post more useful content and get more followers.

getting Instagram followers
  • You can count on your Instagram for earning extra money

Having a lot of followers and real engagement will capture the brand owners and advertiser. You might be asking why is that?

Advertisers want their products and business to reach people, and the more Instagram followers a user has, the more it is likely that the advertisers notice you. It is actually the most significant advantage of having massive followers count on Instagram. Even the very famous and multi-billionaires such as Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian and so many other great actresses and models sponsor a lot of brands and frequently advertise on their Instagram accounts.

You can make your account on Instagram, your second source for earning money. This way, you are both considered an actor and an Instagram Influencers brands would reach for his/her massive follower numbers and influence.

earning money on Instagram
  • You can feel the fame

One of the perks social media has given its users over time is that it has made so many people famous. The people who even did not think they could get famous in the real world if social media did not exist! Even if you already have a bit of fame and are popular amongst a small group of people, you can increase this fame and popularity much more, using Instagram.

When there are a large number of people who love you and show love for you, it would definitely make you happier. And fame has its own perks too. Fame attracts more opportunities and gives you more chances. And most importantly it is a very wonderful feeling to know that there are a lot of people who like you and would know you even if they meet you out somewhere out of the blue. Popularity is a great feeling that we as humans crave for.

Now, you do not feel you are just a small newcomer actor, and you can sense that you have fans as well as others, and your popularity would grow shortly.

getting Instagram followers
  • With more Instagram followers, you can gain more followers

It is almost like a chain reaction. When the number of people following you increases, it goes on increasing. Once you have accumulated a significant amount of followers, you become more noticeable. For sure more followers mean you have the opportunity to turn those followers into your consistent and loving fans. You just need to follow an appropriate strategy for your account, and you can make your fame grow day by day.

getting Instagram followers

How to get more followers for your Instagram account?

The process of gaining more followers is somehow the same on all social media platforms. There are tons of articles and blogs all over the web on getting followers on Instagram, and so many more similar topics and all of them follow some essential tips, and most of their captions and titles are the same as well. This is because the first steps of getting Instagram followers are the same and need to be applied and considered in order to grow your followers count.

For any of you reading this blog that do know the main ways of getting Instagram followers below are the most effective and important ones:

  • Use the power of hashtags

Until now, you should know how vital are hashtags on Instagram. Hashtags are like a connecting bridge which connects you to your fans and the people who are interested in getting to know you or are searching for you. By using the right hashtag under each of your posts, you would always be on your chosen hashtags’ posts when somebody searches them up. For example, if you have had a role on a movie, you can use that movie’s hashtag under your post. Since some people might be looking for you through the movie’s name or they are just searching for that movie but you as the actress of that film, have the right to be shown as a relevant subject to that search.

Note: Remember to make your own hashtag as well and use it on each of the posts you share. Let’s imagine your name is Jennifer and your surname could be Johnson. Write #JenniferJohnson from your very first post. This way, you have created your own hashtag, and your followers and fans would also use that hashtag if they share a post including you.

Instagram hashtags
  • Have an effective first impression

It surely has happened to you as well that you have visited an account only because you thought their profile picture was so attractive and then you went to see their profile and their bio caption just got you disappointed. I am not saying a nice Instagram profile picture is not adequate. Actually, it really is, but along with that, you should also have a descriptive and good bio on your profile.

  • Attractive Profile photo

As an actress/actor, you surely have more professional pictures than an ordinary Instagrammer, so choose one of your beautiful headshots you think is the best and use it as your profile photo. Another wise choice can be using a picture of one of the characters you have played on a film, and you went famous and viral for that role. This way even by looking at your profile picture, many Instagramers might recognize you.

Instagram profile photo
  • Appropriate Instagram bio

The next step is to prepare an appealing bio which contains the answer to the questions such as: why someone should like or follow you. Then write a short text of what you like and what you do and a few your characteristics. Your Instagram bio is an indirect way of advertising yourself, and your account is a concise form, so be creative. You can also use the name of your most popular movie on your profile so that people would get to know you more comfortable.

  • Don’t go private

You surely want to have some privacy as a human being, and there are times you think that you just want to keep everything personal, but you need to know that as a public figure, you have to keep somethings public for your fans or potential co-workers. People on Instagram are so curious, and the more you show them you care for them enough to let them see a bit of your daily life, they’ll become more interested.

Just make sure your account does not stay private and make it public and give your fans and the people who want to know about you the chance to look at your profile and pictures, this might lead to a further follow from them.

getting Instagram followers
  •  Devote time to your followers

Follower-care is really important in the process of getting followers because it is not just about increasing your follower numbers, but you should try to keep them happy with a consistent interaction.

You, as a celebrity can make so many people happy by liking heir pictures and replying to the comments, they leave under your posts. This way, the word would spread around that for example, Jennifer likes most of her follower’s posts and pays quality attention to them. This way, you can both build an excellent reputation for yourself and also gain more followers because you take time to interact with them, and they feel necessary. Once in a while, follow some of your fans and comment on the photos that you are tagged in, or mentioned. This would lead to the owner of that page tagging you in a post or story and thanking you for being so caring, and this is a shutout itself. Smart, Isn’t it?

Remember to always care for your followers, especially the ones who are already your fan, because they are the ones who would keep talking about you to others and convince them how good you are.

engaging with fans
  • Have a strategy for your posting

If you want to have a consistent follower growth, it is not a wise thing to post at any time you were just bored or felt like sharing something, and you have to have a plan and a specific time for sharing posts. But this is not true about stories since stories are up on all your follower’s story, and you do not have to consider a fixed time for it. But since posts might get lost or fade after new posts would be shared by others, you need to know the best time to post and when your followers are most active so you can make sure your fans have seen the post and gotten your message.

You can get information like when your posts get the most interactions, by switching to a business Instagram account.

Tip: As an actor/actress you must have a hectic daily routine and you barely would have the chance to check your Instagram or to take time editing posts, writing captions and doing this 2 or more times a day, since it is better to post more than one picture a day to stay active but do not overdo posting.

Here comes an excellent recommendation from me to free up your mind about this issue. Just leave these tasks to an Instagram post scheduler. With Instazood’s schedule post service, you can take only 5 minutes to schedule all your future posts. With only 5 minutes, you can choose your upcoming Instagram posts, write their captions, add filters and watermarks to them and finally set your desired time for them to be posted in the future and you do not have to worry about not being able to post at the best time.

Instagram post scheduler
  • Don’t forget the magic of stories

Instagram stories have so many fun option to take advantage of and make your followers to interact with you. The best features of stories are the interactive stickers such as question and poll stickers, the emoji slider, and the newest quiz sticker. Instagram users love these stickers since they’d have the chance to give out their opinions or to ask you questions, and this makes them interact with your story.

When users interact with your stories, Instagram algorithm will receive a signal showing that people are actually engaging with that story. This way, your profile rank would go up and in the future, and you have the chance to appear the first story, on the story list of your followers.

Instagram stickers
  • Hire an Instagram automation service

If I were in your shoes and were an actor, I’d devote 100% of my time for the improvement of my career and to be better every day so that I would be left with no time for social media. But as you know, social media plays a huge roll in all of our daily lives, and it has the most powerful impact on people’s minds and interests.

So if you want to be noticed and loved more, you need to be active on Instagram and have followers.

There actually is a way that you can maintain a successful account without having to waste your time growing Instagram followers. Easily automate your Instagram actions using a reliable Instagram bot. If you do not know what these tools do, I have to tell you that they automate all your Instagram activities and would interact with your target audiences which can be hashtags, locations, and people, on your behalf and make them curious and excited about you and they’ll check your profile. If they know you as an actor, they’ll love how you have been so generous to interact with them, and they’ll follow you back. And if they do not recognize you, they’ll look into your bio and content, and if it were appealing, they’d hit that follow button.

Since you are an artist and reputation is one of the things that matter to you, make sure you choose a reliable and safe Instagram automation tool. I recommend Instazood, which has been a choice of a lot of people like you.

getting Instagram followers


It is vital for you to have a good number of followers on Instagram since you are an artist and people know you. In order to increase you’re your popularity and Instagram growth, you need to follow the essential tips on how to improve your Instagram followers, and meanwhile, you can ditch the Instagram limits and restrictions to get what you want in a way more convenient and easy way.

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