How to fix “user busy iPhone”? (Are you blocked?)

Whether you are using iPhone or Android system phones, you might face a situation where you call a number several times, and each time, you receive a repeated message; “The user is Busy”. That might be strange, why did you receive this message several times repeatedly? If you are an iPhone user who faces this problem, keep reading. Here, I want to talk about what does user busy mean on iPhone and how you can solve the iphone user busy problem.

user busy iPhone

What does “user busy iPhone” mean?

Before searching for a solution to the user busy iphone message, you should find out what does user busy mean. Generally speaking, you might try to make a phone call with somebody, and instead of him answering you, see “User Busy” on your phone screen, which means he is currently talking to another person. So, you have to wait some minutes, and if you try again, you might probably talk to that special person because he had hung up the previous call. But what will happen if you see this message time by time and just for one person? In such cases, a user busy iphone message might seem a bit suspicious. If you want to know more about these questionable iphone user busy messages, keep reading.

Why are you getting the “user busy iPhone” message?

Now that you know what does user busy mean, let’s see why you might get the user busy iphone message. As I previously mentioned, the most common reason is that the person you are trying to call is on another call. Also, sometimes you might see an iphone user busy because the targeted person has turned on Do Not Disturb mode, or is in a place where he or she can not take calls at the moment. The other reasons, which might happen rarely, are that he has accidentally rejected your call or it can be due to a network issue. Whatever the reason is, it is not pleasant to see messages like iphone user busy, so let’s see how you can overcome this issue.

How to fix “user busy iPhone”?

Actually, when you face a user busy iPhone case, you can do nothing more than wait because the reason for this situation is not related to you. So I suggest you wait for a few minutes and try to call him or her for another time to see if the last call has finished. 

But if you think you are facing the iphone user busy message because the targeted person has declined your call, he or she might be under pressure in a specific situation that can not answer you, so it is better to call the user at a different time.

Finally, if none of them is your case, it might be good to check the network you’re using or try to send a message to that user and discuss this with him or her. 

User busy iPhone; am I blocked?

Until here, you learned all points about what does user busy mean, the reason, and what you should do in these cases. Here, I want to add another point about the reasons for seeing user busy iphone messages. In some situations where you try to use your iPhone to call someone, but you hear a single ring that goes to voicemail, it can be a sign of being blocked by that user. That is not a definite reason, so if you want to become sure about being blocked by someone, you should check other signs, too. Read the next paragraph, and learn more about how you will understand if someone blocked you on your iPhone.

How do you know if someone blocked you on iPhone?

While this article is mainly about what does user busy mean, and the details of the iphone user busy message. Here, I want to take a glance at how you will understand if someone blocked you on your iPhone. Follow the below signs and I hope you find the best answer for your case:

  • Are your iMessages delivered or not?
  • Send an SMS and see if it was delivered and if you got an answer or not.
  • Are you going straight to Voicemail?
  • Are you getting automated responses, like “can I call you later” or “user busy iphone”?


If you are using an iPhone, it might happen a lot that you face user busy iphone messages. But what is it exactly? Why do you get these messages? Have others ever faced the same situation as you? Read the above text and find the answer to all your questions, such as what does user busy mean, and other details about the iphone user busy message. 

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