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How to Fix Instagram Crashing?

Instagram has rolled out a new fix for its Android apps following the later reports of crashes this week. The company says they have discovered the issue on June, but it has been resolved now.

Crashes are frequent when the platforms make significant updates to their operating systems and release new phone versions.

How to Fix Instagram Crashing?
Android phones

Instagram rolled out a fix that resolved the issue automatically. So the android users weren’t required to do anything more than their standard automatic updates. This patch worked on most accounts, but some of them would not push the update live.

If you are one of them, you should uninstall the app, then reinstall the new version from google play. This will fic Instagram crashings on android phones.

How to Fix Instagram Crashing?
 iOS phones

there are a few ways to fix a crash on iPhone.

1- Close your background apps:

  • Click on the home button twice
  • Swipe up to close alls
  • If they are always running in the background, they may cause this issue.

2- Restart your phone:

  • Shut down your mobile completely, wait for a few seconds and then restart your phone.

3- Check for updates:

  • You should install the latest version of Instagram on your phone to fix this issue. Go to your app store and update your Instagram app.

4- Re-install the app:

  • Uninstall the app
  • Install a fresh version from your app store

If these tips didn’t help you fix this issues, the problem might be from your phone, not the app. In this case, you should restore your factory setting to fix it.

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