How to Find your LinkedIn Page Engagement Rate?

LinkedIn is a scary monster to undertake. Many people use it, but it’s difficult to understand. A lot of the content there are typically work oriented, mainly a significant focus on personal development.

People are interested in personal advancement, but everyone is sharing this type of content.

Your LinkedIn plan may need a change. Analytics, especially engagement might be the key. Engagement rate is an especially important metric for brands on LinkedIn given how hard it is to get an audience on the network.

How to Find your LinkedIn Page Engagement Rate

What is LinkedIn engagement rate?

On LinkedIn, engagement depends on the relationship between your profile and your followers, and also the picture that you supply to businesses within the same specialization. As we stated before, holding the right level of engagement isn’t easy, as there are a lot of people who are presumably competent professionals in their area too.

The estimation of LinkedIn engagement can assist you in defining the plans of action, letting you understand if you are following the right policy or if your followers are reacting adequately. It can also let you find possible errors that you might be getting or can show you the divisions that you are missing when you define your target audience.

How to Find your LinkedIn Page Engagement Rate

How to calculate your LinkedIn engagement rate?

LinkedIn doesn’t present the calculation of the engagement rate on the platform. There are some different ways to measure the engagement rate:

  • Manually, examining the interactions that your followers had with your posts by yourselves. We can find out how many likes, comments or shares we receive to decide whether we are on the right track or not.
  • Using LinkedIn Analytics. Still, the info given is not impeccable, and it’s hard to understand.

LinkedIn engagement Rate Formula

There are many formulas to estimate the engagement rate. You can adopt the formula that suits you best as far as you continuously use the same formula to be consistent. Here you can find the standard formula to measure engagement on LinkedIn.

How to Find your LinkedIn Page Engagement Rate

Start calculating and preparing your social media strategy for LinkedIn. Aside from the opportunity of finding a new job within this platform, you can enhance the engagement and become a LinkedIn professional.

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