How to Change Reddit Username

Reddit is a community of intercommunications. But if you make the wrong interactions or an act of cheating or spamming, then the website will punish that account.  Recently, Reddit made some adjustments to its website. And try to hold it at the head in words of quality. You might need to learn how to replace your username with a new one on Reddit. Many issues enclose this platform, but our central focus will be on the username and names. 

What Is a Reddit Display Name?

A Reddit display name is a public title, which everyone can see it. You can have the same display name and username. Unlike the username, you can change your name any time you wish.

How to change my Reddit username

I need to mention that Reddit won’t allow you to change the username. Even if you deactivate the account (there is no delete option), it doesn’t apply to the username. First, I would like to explain some about the Reddit name and username. Then I suggest some ways to have your favorite username.

I suggest if you want to have your favorite username, create a new account with a new email address and contact information.

A lot of people order Reddit helplines and ask how to change Reddit username. Once you chose a username, it is permanent.  It is good to know that Reddit ties it to verifying items and social media accounts. It is more or less a means to decrease cybercrime on the website.

How to change my display name on Reddit

First, let us know that you intend to public display the name and not the handle. The shifting of Reddit public name is quite simple. First, you have to open your settings at the bottom left of your profile. Then, you will see Customize profile, and you have to tap it. After that, it redirects you to a page where you can change your new display name.

How Do I Change My Snapchat Username on Reddit

It is sure that for some security purposes, Snapchat does not allow you to edit your username. So can you replace your username on Reddit?

Yes. And here are some actions on how to replace the username on the Reddit application or Reddit usernames.

The first tap on the top right-hand corner of the app where you see the gear icon, then choose your account. Next, you tap name and later enter your preferred name and tap Save.


As you can not change your username, you have to be very careful about choosing it first. While you can change the usernames of other programs like Instagram on Reddit, the main username cannot.

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