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Is Reddit Down? how to fix it

Reddit is one of the most popular social media platforms today. The website is a space for various communities and sub-groups based on their mutual interests and concerns. Even if you are not a Redditor, the chances are high that you have heard the name already on the news, especially after the GameStop situation took place.

Naturally, this website’s popularity keeps the company’s servers quite busy and you will face the reddit app not working. Consequently, just like any other platform, it might face inevitable outages from time to time. This article shows you how to find out whether reddit is not working or you should contact your Internet Service Provider.

Is reddit down?

  • Check Reddit’s official account on Twitter

More often than not, companies’ official accounts on Twitter or other social medias report if they have issues or outages in specific locations.

  • Check reddit down detector or similar websites

You can visit Statusgator, Downdetector, or similar websites for more information on downtimes and their locations. You can also report problems with Reddit to these websites and follow the pattern of similar issues on graphs and charts. To directly go to Reddit down detector page click here

Reddit down

  • Ask people around you if they experience a similar problem

If you do not have access to any of the methods above, you can ask around or perhaps post about it on a subreddit and find out if the same problem happened for others or not?

How to fix reddit down? (Reddit not working)

If you faced reddit not working, or any similar issues and you made sure reddit is down, it is time to do something to try to fix the issue.

Below are all the solutions to fix reddit app not working:

  • Close the Reddit app or website and try reloading it

  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection

Sometimes the internet disconnection is the cause. So, try different ways to test your internet connection. If you are disconnected, then it is best to contact your ISP service. If that was not the case, try the following methods.

  • Logout and login again

  • Update your app

Bugs are a common issue. To resolve this, check the app store to find available updates. If there was none, and you guess it might be a bug, you can report it on the official subreddit here: Be patient; developers will resolve these bugs in new updates.

  • Try Reddit on other devices

Users have noted that sometimes Reddit android app does not respond while the web version is up and running. This should be resolved on its own after a while. If it did not, you could use our last approach.

  • Reinstall the app!

Try this method as a last resort! Especially if your account seems to have issues only on smaller devices like smartphones or tablets. 


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