How to add ‘Contact Button’ to your Instagram account

Today I’m going to show you How to add a Contact button to your Instagram Page. This can be an excellent addition to your business or brand profile as it affords you a unique means by which people or companies can contact you in case they need your product or services.

So if you still don’t know How to add a Contact Button to Your Instagram Page, this article will show you how as easily as possible.

How to Add ‘Contact Button’ to your Instagram Account?

What does the Contact Button do on Instagram?

Visitors of your page can directly contact you and its an excellent means of developing your brand and Instagram business opportunities. Anyone who wants more information about you and your brand can merely read your profile and then contact you quickly and conveniently.

Note: Only Instagram business profiles can have a contact button, so in order to be able to add a contact button on Instagram, first switch to a business profile.

How to add a Contact button on Instagram?

How To Add ‘Contact Button’ To Your Instagram Account

1- Go to your Instagram profile and head to the settings at the top right of your screen.

How To Add ‘Contact Button’ To Your Instagram Account

2- Now look for a switch to business profile and tap on it.

How To Add ‘Contact Button’ To Your Instagram Account

3- On the next page connect your Instagram account to your Facebook page. You should already have a Business page for your brand or your profile. Log into Facebook, grant permissions and select your profile.

How To Add ‘Contact Button’ To Your Instagram Account

4- Make sure to add your email, phone number and essential information you need to be seen by people who wish to contact you.

How To Add ‘Contact Button’ To Your Instagram Account

5- After this finish up the setup and that’s it you are done

How To Add ‘Contact Button’ To Your Instagram Account

Note! Make sure that the phone number you added its a Business phone, or an online number within Google with a voice-mail box as using your usual phone number if you are a small business is not smart. Also if you have a store, you can always add your location but never reveal your home address.

How to remove a contact button on Instagram?


You can easily remove the contact button you have added if you regret adding it to your profile. Below are the steps to remove the contact Button if you want:

  1. Go to your business profile and tap (iPhone) or (Android) in the top-right corner.
  2. Tap Edit Profile > Contact Options.
  3. Select the call-to-action that you want to remove on your business profile and delete it.


That’s it on How to add a Contact button to your Instagram profile, and now people will be able to contact you easily. If you found this article useful, please leave a comment below and as always make sure to check out a few more articles.

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