Top 10 tools to find Instagram influencers

Influencers will have a huge impact on the activity of our Instagram page, but finding Instagram influencers is not an easy task and you cannot easily find people who are related to your field of activity. In this article, we will introduce ways to find Instagram influencers and make more impact on our page.

To find Instagram influencers, you need to pay attention to two points, the first point is that either you know them or you do not know them and you want to use related tools to find them. In this article, we have tried to introduce a tool by which to find and target Instagram influencers related to your field of activity. Of course, many influencers are also good bloggers, so you can take full advantage of their podcasts and texts to target your Instagram page.

10  useful tools to find Instagram influencers


The AspireIQ tool is a smart social platform that gives you some kind of advice. This program selects the goals of your Instagram page, including influencers, professionals, and customers directly intelligently and puts them in front of you so that you can achieve your goals through these people. The AspireIQ database contains over 6 million influencers on various social networks, so you are free to choose between related people.

This system will allow you to plan carefully and step by step for the sale and introduction of the product and will give you advice and guidance at any stage, wherever needed. After using AspireIQ, you can connect with a network of influencers associated with these people.

AspireIQ is not a completely free service and you have to pay monthly or annually to access some of its tools. website

One of the major differences between and other tools for finding Instagram influencers is that is more of a social networking platform. This tool helps users to be able to communicate with influencers and also to establish more and longer-term relationships with them. The website has more than 250,000 users, more than half of whom are influencers and other ordinary deaths and business owners.

Through website, you can easily connect with influencers related to your Instagram page and expand your products and activities even more. Of course, the options of this website are normally limited, and you can use it indefinitely by paying monthly or annually. Chrome extension is a very useful Chrome add-on that you can use to find influencers on various social networks including Facebook and LinkedIn. This tool gives you access to influencers from more than 100 different social networks. One of the benefits of this tool is showing the connection of your contacts with other influencers so that you can find the influencer related to your work.


If you want a versatile Twitter app that can help you find influencers, Tweetdeck is the best choice. This tool lets you manage up to 200 Twitter accounts simultaneously, read messages, view hashtags, like or retweet posts, and much more to manage a social network.

This tool also gives you the ability to professionally search for influencers so that you can easily find any person related to your job or activity on Twitter.


If you are looking for the biggest platform to find influencers on Instagram and other social networks, Upfluence is the best possible option for this. Influencer Database This tool accommodates more than 3 million people, and its artificial intelligence can easily find and suggest related influencers based on the needs and desires of your Instagram page.

This tool is based on categories and keywords and special algorithms, so you can find the relevant influencer based on each category or word you want and enter it into your work system. You can even customize the influencer search on this tool based on your location or social networking platform to find related options faster.

The Upfluence tool also provides users with a Chrome extension that allows them to better search and check your influencer profile related to your activity.


If you want to see Instagram influencers based on page feedback, likes, followers as well as page quality, the HypeAuditor tool is the best option. HypeEditor is a great option for finding Instagram influencers and categorizing them based on the quality of the Instagram page.

The tool first receives the general information of each influencer through various sources and then analyzes the information based on its algorithms and scores. Of course, one of the advantages of HypeAuditor is that it only shows real likes and followers and also has the power to detect fake likes.

HypeAuditor is more useful for people who drink

Find Instagram influencers, compare likes, followers, page quality, and posts, and review and analyze each influencer.

Post for Rent

Post for Rent is a very useful tool for finding and influencing Instagram influencers based on the views of others. Not only does this system provide you with a list of influencers, but it can also go a long way in increasing the profitability of your Instagram page sales products. You can introduce yourself as a brand in this tool and get opinions and points from others and do the same for other people.

Post for Rent tool with a stylish and simple user interface provides you with the general information of influencers, their related content, profile information, contacts of each, and the field of work with its internal algorithms. Of course, the interesting thing about this tool is its suggestion system. If you build your brand in Post for Rent and specify the category, this system will automatically suggest the relevant influencers.


One of the easiest tools to find Instagram influencers is Alltop, which of course does not use any particular algorithm and will only serve based on the search and content that other people produce. In this system, you can see all the trendy and special posts and find the influencer related to you through the posts.


Klout tool is a system for rating people on social networks and gives you the activity of each person or each page on different platforms in a range of 1 to 100. For example, a normal person who has a social network gets 40 points in Klout, celebrities, and celebrities get points above 80.

Using this system, you can categorize people and choose them as your influencers based on their score, which of course is a practical method and can get you to what you want faster. It is interesting to know that only 5% of people have a Klout score of more than 63.


The Crowdfire tool is essentially a kind of social media page analyzer. This tool is also very useful for finding Instagram influencers. Crowdfire tool allows you to follow people related to your activity and also analyze the profile of each.

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