Fire Staff Code and Upgrade: How to get and use Fire Staff?

Are you a fan of online games or one of those players who have recently become interested in spending time with online games, such as Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies? If so, you should know that Fire staff are among the most essential elemental staff on Origins. To get the most out of these powerful tools, you should learn how to upgrade them. So, here we’ll talk about all the details of how to build a Fire Staff, the code you need to upgrade it, and how to use it. You can act as a professional player and enjoy the game more by solving a simple puzzle and collecting zombie souls in two crazy locations. Please don’t waste time and let’s dive in to make more fun.

What is the fire staff code?

Before I go through this topic of how you can get the Fire Staff code, let’s explain a bit more about the Fire Staff and what the Fire Staff code means for those who are new. Fire Staffs are one of the most popular staves in Origin, and you can constantly upgrade them and use them as a doomsday weapon. So, if you want to become the zombie-slaying sorcerer you have always meant to be, you should find the Fire Staff code, and here we are to help you through this process by offering necessary part locations, upgrade steps, and other details you need.

How to get and use the Fire Staff?

The first level to get and use fire staff is to start the game and try to build up points. It needs three parts: one color disc, one black disc, and a gramophone, which I will mention to the parts you can find each one.

  • Red Disc:

As the first step, you should find the Red Disc, always spawned by the church. You will probably find it behind the tank (move it if necessary), upstairs in church on the bench, or behind the church, on a box near Generator 6.

Also, you should consider these three Red Part locations:

  1. Drop from killing the Panzer boss (spawns after round 7).
  2. The reward for turning on generator 6 (behind the church). It comes from the soul box.
  3. Crash after shooting the plane on fire. Look in the sky around the excavation site for the flaming plane that usually forms after clearing the church path.
  • Black Disc:

The black disc, which is in combination with the gramophone to open the lower level of the excavation site, is found in one of three locations:

  1. On a box that is in the bottom of the walkway leading up the excavation site (Generator 2 side)
  2. On a box that is on the opposite side of the excavation site, near the entrance leading to the church
  3. On top of the excavation site, in a wheelbarrow beside PaP
  • Gramophone:

And finally, Gramophone, which is always located inside the central excavation site (excavation site), one floor down on the floor.

Now that you have all the needed things, it is time to learn the final step and how to use them, so:

  1. Go to the Speed Cola side from spawn.
  2. Immediately go down the tunnel on your left, place the gramophone on the table at the bottom, and wait for the red portal to be created.
  3. Go to the crazy place, grab the crystal from the red base, and leave it by rebuilding the red portal.
  4. Finally, return to the central excavation site, go down to the lower level, and build the fire station, in front of the statue.

Fire Staff Upgrade Codes

You should complete a series of puzzles to upgrade the Fire Staff code. First, a mini-game that tasks you with killing 30 zombies. Second, use torches and icons to guess the correct number. But before that, I want to show you a list of each number and its corresponding symbolism to help you use the lit symbols and determine which torches need to be lit using the Fire Staff.

  • Three: Two horizontal circles, the first colored in, the second open.
  • Four: Two horizontal circles, both colored in.
  • Five: One circle followed by two vertical circles, all colored in.
  • Six: Two vertical circles followed by one circle, the first two colored in, the third open.
  • Seven: Two vertical circles followed by one circle, all colored in.
  • Eight: Two vertical circles followed by two more vertical circles, all colored in.
  • Nine: Three horizontal circles, the first colored in, the last two open.
  • Ten: Three horizontal circles, the first and last colored in, the middle open.
  • Eleven: Two horizontal circles followed by two vertical circles. When the first horizontal circle and two vertical circles are painted, the second horizontal circle is opened.

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How to upgrade fire staff ?

And finally, we reach the amazing part of upgrading the steps of Fire Staff, which is divided into four below ones:

  1. Fill the Fire Cauldrons:

First, go through the red door to the crazy place and stand on the metal grates next to the cauldrons, right in front of the fire door exit> Now, you should kill about 20-30 zombies and watch closely as puffs of smoke appear> when each pot has a bright flame, it means this level is done.

  1. Solving Puzzles:

The second step is to solve puzzles, which I talked about above. So, you can use the previous paragraph guide. Pay attention: the first number should always be 11 or 5, and the last one is 4.

Then, you can go downstairs and find the tank, then shoot the torches on the wall (using the Fire Staff) correctly based on what you solved upstairs.

  1. Line Up the Rings:

As the third step, you should go down to the bottom of the excavation site and notice the four mechanical rings floating there (Each ring has four colored gems on the side)> Rotate each ring until all the red gems are aligned using the four keys that are also located at the bottom of the excavation site (Each pull of a switch rotates a specific ring)>  When all four red stones are aligned, shoot the floating red orb that appears at the bottom of the rings.

  1. Charge the Fire Staff (Collect Souls):

Finally, you should find a decent weapon, like a PaP’d version with Speed Cola, Jug, and a shield to cover your back. Then return to Crazy Place using the red portal place the staff on the red pedestal, and kill 20-30 zombies in your vicinity to charge the staff. If Samantha says: “Elemental fire is yours, finish what you started” it means the work is done.


In the above text, we talked about the fire staff code, the fire staff upgrade, and how to do it. Then, you’re called the Blood of Kagotsuchi, who can instantly revive downed teammates from afar by pressing the left d-pad button and firing Sekhmet’s Vigor. If you like to play Call of Duty and Kill Zombies, you can read it in detail, follow the tips, and make an interesting game. If you followed the guides above and have any experience with them or any information on the steps to pick up and upgrade the Staff of Ice, Staff of Wind, and Staff of Lightning, please share it in the comments.

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