The problem with creating new accounts on applications, websites, or platforms is that we may lose our passwords. This can happen for many reasons. Maybe you entered a password just so you could enter the app as quickly as possible. So you entered a password that you never memorized in the first place. Or maybe you just forgot your password like every human being does at one point or another. This article will teach you how to change metamask password. After that, we’ll give you a step-by-step guide on how to change your metamask password. So let’s continue. 

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Metamask, like most applications and platforms, requires a password when you’re creating the account. If you’re one of us who might forget your password from time to time, you might have forgotten your password to your account. You don’t need to be afraid, it’s not the end of the world! 

There are ways in which you can change the metamask account password. It’s not completely necessary for you to remember or save your metamask account password. But it’s definitely VITAL that you save your metamask secret recovery phrases (wallet seed codes). Now let’s find out how to change metamask password?

How to change metamask password?

First, you should know why you should never lose secret recovery phrases. When you’re creating your account on metamask you’re agreeing with the terms and services. This means you’re agreeing that if you lose your password or your metamask application gets removed or anything, and you don’t have or have access to your secret recovery phrases, your assets are gone!

So that’s why it’s very important that you write down and save the secret recovery phrases. Somewhere that isn’t in your phone of course, because then there’s also the risk of you losing your assets when your phone gets hacked. Recently a hacker stole hundreds of dollars worth of cryptocurrency by accessing someone’s iCloud and finding the secret phrase codes there. So be sure not to save them on your phone either. 

So if I’m locked out of metamask, don’t know my password, and lost secret recovery phrases, does it mean I lost my assets?

Well, the harsh truth is, Yes. If you don’t have your recovery seed codes, you can not change metamask password. If you are locked out of metamask and you don’t have your seed phrases stored somewhere, your assets are good as gone. And it’s not just about metamask. Most of the crypto applications you use nowadays have this policy. So you better get used to it, and find a secure way to keep your recovery seed phrases all the time. 

How to change metamask password: a step-by-step guide

This section of the article will give you a step-by-step guide on how to change metamask password. To finish this process you need to be logged in to your metamask account and also have your secret recovery phrases. If you do have them, let’s begin to change your metamask account password. 

1. Open metamask:

In the first step, you must log in to your metamask account. Whether it’s an application installed on your smartphone or it’s the browser extension you’re using. 

 change metamask password

When you’re logged into your metamask account, you need to click on the menu icon located on the left side of the screen (depending on your device this may be different). 

In the browser extension, for example, you must click on your account icon in the right corner of the screen.

2. Import your wallet using seed phrases:

If you’re using the browser extension, you should select “Import using Secret Recovery Phrases”. On the mobile app versions though you should first log out of your metamask wallet.

If you’re using the mobile app version, log out of your account. Then, choose “Import using Secret Recovery Phrases”. And let’s move on to the next step. 

3. Enter your secret recovery phrases:

In this step, you must enter your recovery seed phrases to import your metamask wallet. Note that you must enter them in the correct order. The order that was first shown to you. 

So make sure you store your recovery seed phrases in someplace safe and that you write them down in the right order. 

 change metamask password

Now enter the new password for your metamask account password. Make sure you choose your password strong enough. And that you store it somewhere safe, so you wouldn’t lose it again. 

Click on Import, and Done!

That’s how you change metamask password. It’s not that hard or time-consuming if you have your recovery seed phrases. If you don’t, it simply isn’t possible to change metamask password. 


What do you need to change metamask password?

To change metamask password, the only thing you need is recovery seed phrases. If you don’t have them, it’s simply impossible to change the password of your metamask wallet.

What can I do if I forgot my metamask password?

If you forgot your metamask password, you need to import your secret recovery phrases. After you import your secret recovery phrases, you need to enter your passwords. If you don’t have your secret recovery phrases, you can’t do anything to recover your account.

Why is my metamask password not working?

This may be happening for two reasons. Maybe your browser or the app on your phone is experiencing a lag. Or maybe its feedback is an invalid password. If that’s the case you’re entering the password wrong.

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