The cryptocurrency industry is home to thousands of crypto tokens and ecosystems. Most cryptocurrency tokens have their own unique platform and blockchain.

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Users can obtain those crypto tokens and make use of them if they have any real-world use cases. Most new cryptocurrencies or Altcoins, have a use case that you can learn how to use.

What is an altcoin?

Altcoin is short for alternative coin which refers to every single coin except for bitcoin. As you most definitely already know, Bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency in the market. Bitcoin usually owns 40 to 60 percent of the daily trading volume and the total market cap. 

What is poocoin? 

Poocoin is a Defi trading analytics website. Poocoin is one of those cryptocurrencies that have a fundamental use case and value that traders and investors can look up to.

According to the Alexa website, poocoin was the most visited Defi analytics program. This means that poocoin is gaining the attention it needs to grow as a successful Defi platform. Users can obtain poocoin tokens to use this blockchain. Continue reading this article, as it will explain what poocoin does and then we’ll take a look at the poocoin charts and stock. Then, sit tight as we begin. 

But first, let’s find out how to connect trust wallet to poocoin?

How to connect trust wallet to poocoin? 

To connect poocoin with trustwallet, you must first have a trust wallet software on your mobile phone, to begin with. This section of the article will give a step to step guide on how to connect the trust wallet to the poocoin platform. 

Step 1. Visit trustwallet

First, open your trustwallet crypto wallet or create an account if you don’t already have one. Then, continue reading this tutorial, as it will teach you how to connect trustwallet to poocoin


Step 2. Find poocoin

Click on Dapps and start looking for Poocoin. Then, choose the first shown search result. Tap on the poocoin to connect poocoin to trustwallet. 

Step 3. Enter token address 

In the upper right corner tap on the Ethereum logo and make sure the network is set on the Smart chain. Smart chain is one of Binance’s blockchain networks, BEP-20. Poocoin runs on the BEP-20 network. Then, choose the Smart chain, and let’s continue. 

Step 4. Done

Then, the job is done and you’ve successfully connected trustwallet to the poocoin app. The next section will explain how users can use the poocoin app and poocoin chart.

How to use poocoin? 

This section will explain how you can use the poocoin app and poocoin chart. But mostly it will cover how to use poocoin stock and poocoin chart. But what are those?

Poocoin app offers a special telegram bot to users. This telegram bot will enable crypto traders to keep up with the market price of their favorite tokens. By providing crypto tokens price crypto users are now able to follow up with the market and don’t feel left out again.

All you need to do is to add the poocoin app telegram bot to your telegram channel and enjoy.

How to trade poocoin?

To trade and buy poocoin you need to have a crypto wallet in the first place. We recommend that you visit the metamask website and download the latest versions of their crypto wallet software. 


Then, you need to use a decentralized exchange where the poocoin is being traded. Visit Coinmarketcap

In the upper tab, search the poocoin in the search bar and click on the first result. On the poocoin page scroll down till you reach markets.


As you can see poocoin is currently being traded on the pancakeswap. You can also find the poocoin price on this page. After knowing the poocoin price you can manage the poocoin stock amount you want to buy.

Also, you can see the poocoin contract on this page. You can use that to add poocoin to your trustwallet. 

Then, visit Pancakeswap. In the pancakeswap connect your crypto wallet to the platform. After that, you can trade poocoin tokens.


What is the poocoin telegram bot?

Poocoin has a telegram bot that enables users to track every token in the supported markets. By using this feature, users can wait for the token to reach a preferable price first before trading or investing in them. Investors and traders can come to great terms with poocoin. You can also track poocoin price using its bot.

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