What do Public Utilities Jobs Pay? (2024 Complete Guide)

You might have heard about public utility jobs, but if you are eager to find a job in this field and work as a professional public utility, you need to collect more information about these jobs, such as how many jobs are available in public utilities, is public utilities a good career path, what do public utilities jobs pay, and like this. So, I invite you to read this text until the end and find helpful information about the best paying jobs in public utilities and their details.

What is a public utility job?

Before introducing the best-paying jobs in public utilities, let’s see what professionals in the public utility field do. All people who choose to work these jobs are responsible for providing water, electricity, and other essential resources for the people of their country. Whether you are working for the government or a private company, if you want to be successful in your public utility job, you should be interested in helping others to live easier. If you are among this group of people, but you are not sure is public utilities a good career path, read the below paragraphs.

What do public utilities jobs pay?

Like always, talking about the price and salary is hard because it is a variable factor that might change based on different options, such as the city you live in, the company you work for, your career position, and things like this. But if you still want to know what do public utilities jobs pay, I have to say that generally speaking, they are in the category of well-paid jobs as if you choose one of these best-paying jobs, you can earn over $120,000 per year. Also, you can read the below list and learn more about the salary of best paying jobs in public utilities in different locations:

LocationAverage salary
United states  $57,467/ per year
United Kingdom£42,500/ per year
Canada C$52k – C$86k/ per year
Nigeria 87,000 naira/ per month

10 best paying jobs in public utilities(+Salaries)

Now that you know what is a public utility job, let’s go deeper and name the top 10 best paying jobs in public utilities, such as:

  • Water Plant Operator:

The first position I want to introduce is working as a Water Plant Operator, who controls the water quality with a $47,880 salary for a year.

  • Nuclear Criticality Safety Engineer:

Also, you can work as a Nuclear Criticality Safety Engineer and work on transporting, managing, and storing nuclear materials with an annual salary of $102,950.

  • Nuclear Licensing Engineer:

The next popular position is Nuclear Licensing Engineer. In this position, you are responsible for helping nuclear energy plants to get licenses based on relevant regulations, and you will earn about $120,814 a year.

  • Utility Manager:

Another option of the best paying job in public utilities is Utility Manager, which means you are at the head of a utility system’s operation, and you should control developments with an annual salary of $78,637. 

  • Power Plant Engineer:

Power Plant Engineer is another great public utility job, in which you should test day-to-day operations, like controlling equipment, supplying preventative maintenance, considering thermal systems, and so on. In this position, you will earn about $80,097 in a year.

  • Energy Auditor:

Energy Auditor is another helpful position in the public utility field, in which you should help organizations optimize their energy consumption. In this position, you will earn about $74,670 in a year.

  • Pipeline Controller:

Pipeline Controller is another great job I want to introduce in this position, in which you are responsible for duties like scanning pipelines for leaks, ensuring fuel liquids flow, and so. The annual salary of a Pipeline Controller would be about $94,937 in a year.

  • Environmental Engineer:

Among the best paying jobs in public utilities, I can mention Environmental Engineer, and in this position, you should use science and technology to protect and improve the environment by earning $92,120 a year.

  • Petroleum Engineer: 

Petroleum Engineer is another great position, in which you should work on preparing, building, and utilizing oil and gas wells with a $114,285 annual salary.

  • Health and Safety Engineer:

Also, you can work as a Health and Safety Engineer and guarantee the workers, the environment, and property safeness.

How to get best paying jobs in public utilities?

Until here, you learned what are the best paying jobs in public utilities, and what do public utilities jobs pay. Now, let’s see how you can get these best paying jobs in public utilities. To gain a job in the public utility field, you should be a registered employee, who has the Public Utilities Commission. If you do not know how, read and follow the below steps:

  1. Get a high school diploma or another degree equal to this.
  2. Pass a criminal background check.
  3. Register as an employee by filling out an application form for the Public Utilities Commission and sending it to the Public Utilities Commission.
  4. Then if your form is approved, they will send you a registration number, which means you can start working as a public utility. 
  5. Now that you did all of them, you can use job search sites, like ZipRecruiter, as a great resource to find the highest paying jobs in public utilities.


Is public utilities a good career path?

Based on reports, the answer is yes because most people working in this field are satisfied with their position. But pay attention that these kinds of questions and answers would vary from person to person.

What are the benefits of best paying jobs in public utilities?

If I want to count some of the most important benefits of this position, I can mention a good salary, stable employers, and great growth opportunities.

What are examples of utility workers?

There is a long list of them, but if I want to mention some, I can name a journeyman electrician, a plumber, a dining services worker, and so on.


Are you a fan of helping people and have a high school diploma degree or higher looking for what do public utilities jobs pay to make your final decision whether you like to work in this field or not? As you read above, these jobs are generally counted among the best paying jobs. Also, there I have mentioned a long list of best paying jobs in public utilities. But if you still have any questions on your mind, please comment below, and we will find the best answer to it.

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