WhatsApp Business App now Available on IOS

WhatsApp business is a free application for small businesses. It has some features that make the communication easy, such as tools to the fast response, to automate and also to sort the messages.

Though, some changes are coming soon!

WhatsApp business for iOS

Since Facebook bought WhatsApp, made it a free communication media for people, but it later added WhatsApp businesses application which was previously accessible through android users only. WhatsApp business is now available for iOS users too! Great news.

WhatsApp announced launching Business application in September 2017 and made it available only for Android users in January 2018. Now, iOS users can also have access to WhatsApp business. Mexico was the first country in which WhatsApp business was reachable. It seems that WhatsApp business for iOS users is also now accessible in other countries such as France, Argentina, and Brazil.

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