What is Facebook jail meme? (with examples)

What is a Facebook Jail meme? You’ve probably heard the name Meme a lot by now, but you don’t know how to use it. Memes are visual tools that can show an idea or a story to the audience in just one written photo. Facebook jail meme is also a photo of posts related to Facebook jail, in this article we tried to list the best Facebook jail memes and show them separately.

The difference between Meme and other photo posts

There is a major difference between a Meme and a regular text photo, and that is the level of its distribution on the Internet and social networks. You can not select any photo for yourself and make a photo of it and call it Meme. Memes, In particular, Facebook jail memes are a type of trending image that goes hand in hand in cyberspace or related social networks. Here is another series of Facebook jail memes.

Facebook Jail Meme examples

One of the coolest Facebook jail memes is the image below. Look at this guy’s face in Meme. This Meme is one of the most widely used images on the Internet. This meme is mostly used to surprise many people on various social networks, including Facebook.

The following meme shows a picture of a person behind bars who has an allusion to Facebook jail

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Jail Meme

The following meme is ironically shown by Mark Zuckerberg, and the text of the photo clearly shows the story of this Facebook jail meme. This image shows who threw you in jail on Facebook.

I’m out of Facebook jail

You can use this Meme when you get rid of Facebook Jail. This Meme has also become one of the most used photos of the year.

One of the best Facebook jail memes

In the following Meme, which is one of the best photos of posts related to Facebook jail, you can see the feelings of the person who was in this situation and has now escaped from it.

When you find out that you have freed out of Facebook jail

Mel Gibson Facebook jail Meme

Did you remember Mel Gibson in Braveheart movie? This Meme has become one of the best Facebook jail memes in years.

Facebook jail Meme and happiness by getting out of this state

The coolest Facebook jail Meme to show the degree of justice on Facebook

This image seems to show injustice on Facebook. Although the picture is comedic, sometimes some people are completely trapped in the Facebook jail trap.

Facebook jail Meme Thanks, Obama

This Meme is also a kind of great irony of justice

Facebook jail Meme for while you are still in this situation

Facebook Meme with Prison Break

Prison Break One of the best series of the last few years that was more about prison and escape plans, this Meme shows a lot to do with being in prison on Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg as International Police

This meme also shows Mark Zuckerberg as a cop who arrests you and jails you on Facebook.

Exit Facebook Jail status

Meme Freedom from Facebook jail


As Facebook Jail Meme puts most of its focus on the status of users in Facebook Jail so that most people who are in this situation and cannot like, comment or do other things on Facebook, these memes for their different status To use. We also gave a full explanation of this issue in the full Facebook Jail article, which you can read




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