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What Do the Snapchat Emojis Mean?

Amongst young people, Snapchat is one of the most popular Social Media apps. This app offers quite a lot of exciting features that attract the younger generation. Snapchat is beyond text, and it’s far ahead of many other messengers that are about to get useless in the future.

Snapchat offers a variety of filters, stickers, and emojis. Make your messages more comprehensive and funny using these. In this article, we are going to talk about emojis and what they mean. Many uses use emojis, but they don’t know what that means; for example, are you familiar with 💩? Do you know that it is not poop! It Is actually chocolate, yet many users worldwide think that it is poop, but it’s not.

Emojis are so popular that users use them next to their username. Emojis are a revolution unto themselves because plain text cannot get your emotions across but using emojis, you can tell how you feel while writing text.

Today you’re going to know what emojis exactly mean because I think Active users should know what emojis mean.

Now let’s hop into the world of Snapchat emojis.

What Are Snapchat Emojis?

Snapchat emoji is a feature to show how you and your Snapchat friends interact with each other.

The emojis are shown next to your friend’s username changes based on How long you’ve been friends, how often you sent Snaps for each other, and how frequently you and your friends interact with other users.

In the past, there was a feature called “best friends” that showed who you interacted with the most, and the problem was the information was publicly available so everybody could see it. This was the initial version of the emojis system that we see today.

Snapchat removed the “best friend” feature for privacy reasons. Many users didn’t want others to know the quality of their interaction with their friends, so they replaced the Snapchat emojis with the old system.

What Do the Snapchat Emojis Mean?

Emojis differ from device to device, but the difference is not that sharp. iPhone users in Android users experience different emojis, but the overall shape is the same. Below is the list of Snapchat emojis.

  • Smile emoji 😊

This emoji shows that the user is your best friend, which means you spend a lot of time with them, you guys send each other snaps more than the other users, but they’re not your number one friend yet. It means they’re one step away from being your best best friend.

  • Sunglasses emoji 😎

This means you are close friends and send and receive snaps with this person often but not enough to be the best friends yet.

  • baby emoji 👶

If someone is recently added to your Snapchat contact list, you’ll see this one. Also, if you are recently joined Snapchat, you’ll see this emoji the whole time.

  • Grimace face emoji

This emoji simply means that you have a friend in common with this person. In other words, this person interacts with someone who interacts with you a lot. So there is a possibility you two become closer.

  • the gold heart emoji 💛

WOW!!!! This only means you two are the best best friends on the entire platform! You guys send snaps to each other more than someone else, and you two interact with each other much more than the other people.

  • pink hearts emoji 💕

you won’t see this emoji a lot if you are not a social person! (Just kiddin’)

if you have been best friends with someone for the past two months, this emoji will appear.

  • 100 Emoji  💯

This Snapchat emoji is new. In the New version of Snapchat, You can send snaps to multiple users. This emoji means you and this person are in a group.

  • Sparkle emoji ✨

This Snapchat emoji is kind of new. In the New version of Snapchat You can send snaps to multiple users. This emoji means you and this person are in a group.

  • Birthday cake emoji 🎂

This Snapchat emoji is simple. If you come across this one in your friends list, you should say Happy Birthday to the person because it’s their birthday, and the place of this emoji is next to their birth date. Maybe you should buy a gift for the person too depending on how close they are to you!

  • Red heart emoji ❤

We Almost missed this one. The Snapchat emoji means you and that person have the best friends for the past two weeks. Keep up the interaction and heat it up if you can to get the pink hearts emoji with that person.

  • FIREEEEEE emoji 🔥

This Snapchat emoji means that your friend is burning in fire. just kiddin’ 😂

If you and your friend snap each other for  at least 3 days in a row you will see this 🔥 next to their name in your friends list. There is also a little number next to this emoji which is the number of days you guys have been snapping each other.

  1. Smirk face emoji 😏

This emoji is the face of a clever guy, which is not irrelevant to the meaning of this emoji. If you are somebody’s best friend, you will see this emoji next to their name. This means that person likes you more than you like him, and they interact with you much more than you interact with them. Maybe it’s time to put aside the arrogance and step ahead and build up a closer friendship with that person.

Snapchat streak emoji meanings

So far, we talked about the most common emojis you will see in your friends list. Sometimes you see a streak of emojis, and this means that your relationship with that person is quite complicated. Two emojis have two meanings in your relationship, and you need to figure them out.

In my opinion, you should see a lot of Pink hearts on your friends list. This means you are a very popular person and that’s the best time to become a celebrity among your friends!

Then Maybe you want to take a screenshot and show it off to the others 🙂

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