Snapchat VS Instagram: Which One Is Better for you?

It’s Snapchat vs. Instagram; it’s the clash of the Titans! In one side you have Instagram, the heavyweight platform, weighing in with over 1 billion daily active users and a great marketing stance!

On the other hand, the failure contender: Snapchat with a reported 250 million daily users and its own robust set of features and sales strategies! Each is competing for victory, or at least the chance to be the go-to platform for your marketing plan. At first sight, these champions may look like they contribute a lot of the same features — walking around in their gold lame and purple nylon, scoffing at the crowds and riling the masses!

Seriously, though somewhat different in their strategy, each platform is competing to be the go-to platform for all of your video- and photo-sharing marketing works. To the social media marketer, the expanding similarities between the two can make it hard to decide which is worth the effort. So we’ll stop with the madness and help you decide which one works better? We’ve compared the features that the two platforms share and come up with a final champion!

Snapchat VS Instagram: Which One Is Better for you

Instagram vs Snapchat (Stories)

  • Instagram stories

At first sight, the Stories feature is just much more comfortable to access within the app as it is the first thing you notice at the top left of the screen as you launch the app. You can’t help but make the feature your starting point within Instagram, abandoning your instinct to jump impetuous into the scroll.

In addition to that apparent advantage, Instagram Stories have plenty of stickers, filters, polls, location tags, and drawing tools which make it a great interactive experience and let you bring an extra layer of a muchness to every story.

  • Snapchat stories

Although Stories did Auto-play earlier on the Snapchat app, they have done away with that option for the time being. Having the ability to watch what you desire to watch when you want to watch it and without anyone finding out is an obvious plus. The downside that we found within this platform was the overall accessibility of the Stories feature. You have to practically track them down, with a left swipe to view them. While a swipe is just a swipe, it’s a difference that matters in this field.

Winner of this round: Instagram Our vote here ultimately comes down to convenience and ease of use.

Snapchat VS Instagram: Which One Is Better for you

Instagram vs Snapchat (Overall Look)

  • Instagram

Instagram is about an order. The visual design of Stories at the top and app navigations at the bottom creates an organized and user-friendly interface. Everything has a place and everything in its place kind of situation.

After all, Instagram is an aesthetic platform where users manipulate pictures and adjust their placement to showcase their product or service in a compact, yet artistic, fashion. It is a platform where brands and businesses attempt to display the best versions of themselves.

  • Snapchat

When you launch the Snapchat app, you are instantly directed to the camera app, where you are forced to create something right away. This is nice for the creative types who always have something imaginative to post, or radical to rave about.

For the rest of us, it’s an unexpected transition that lacks feed for inspiration. Add to that a botched effort at cleaning up their interface through a new overhaul that only worked in making everything more confusing, and an experience that is lacking in both balance and order.

Which is why the Winner of this one is Instagram again. While appearance isn’t everything, it indeed is essential.

Snapchat VS Instagram: Which One Is Better for you

Instagram vs Snapchat (Features)

  • Instagram Features

Instagram does come heaped with features. You can message your best friends privately. You can share not only to your profile, or broadcast across various platforms with ease. Stories can be shared, with all the great filters that make you look cute even on a bad hair day.

But these are all merely icing on the cake because it’s the pictures that remain the focus no matter which features you’re applying. Yes, some of these features are obscurely familiar, and maybe swiping all these ideas from Snapchat would look bad to their users had they not developed on them.

  • Snapchat Features

Speaking of Snapchat, what’s their purpose? Are they a platform for information and news? Are they a private messaging app? A system of advertising your product and services to a broader audience? Even Snapchat has had a difficult time identifying its purpose as its original substance as a private messenger app with fading messages.

Awkward growing pains in Snapchat is having something of an identity dilemma. Upgrades and extra features seem to be added continuously without much organization or strategy, which makes the disordered and more confusing. It also makes it less likely to be used by new users.

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The Winner?

You guessed it, Instagram. Sorry, Snapchat … Instagram is the king in this ring.

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