Izood Contributor’s rights, Rules, and Guidelines

Every Author who wants to publish an article on Izood needs to follow some specific rules. Failure to do so will result in the article being rejected. These rules are in place to ensure that only high-quality, well-written articles are published on the site. Authors also have certain rights. We take care of our authors and make sure they are not exploited. Izood contributors can receive their income through PayPal or Cryptocurrency. On this page, you can find information about tax laws and how to pay. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. 

General rules

  • The article should be more than +1000 words.
  • All article parts must be original and have never been published before on another website.
  • You cannot publish the articles published on Izood later on another website.
  • Ensure your article is truthful and does not contain false or misleading information.
  • The article cannot contain offensive content.
  • We do not accept any article with sexual content, gambling, hacking, and violent content.
  • The article must have correct grammar and be written with adequate quality.
  • The article must have two or more images, and the images of the article must have a source.
  • Most tutorial articles and guides require screenshots so people can see how to use the information.
  • Articles cannot have the author’s affiliate link.
  • The article can introduce your product or service and help your branding and marketing, but you cannot call yourself “the best.” You can write about how you are better than your competitors, but be sure to focus on the benefits of your product or service and never destroy your competitors.

Author rights:

  • The articles of each writer will be published under their own name. At the beginning and end of each article, the writer’s name is mentioned as the author.
  • The author can edit his article at any time, but he must wait until at most 48 hours later.
  • The author cannot request to delete his article.
  • The author can call himself an author of Izood after five articles were published on the site.
  • In case of a complaint about an article, the responsibility lies with the author, but we will do our best to solve the problem with the least possible damage.
  • The backlinks that the authors bring in the articles are Do-follow.
  • All income of the article (Google AdWords – Sponsored Links – Affiliate marketing) is divided between the author and Izood based on the author’s level.
  • The author cannot use the Izood brand to prevent abuse.
  • If an author puts a copy article on Izood, he is risking all of his earnings.

Izood’s rights:

  • When you send an article to Izood via e-mail or Submit Form, the right to publish that article with your name will be given to Izood.
  • If necessary, Izood informs the author that a part of the article needs an edited or written more, and if the author does not respond within 48 working hours, Izood has the right to apply the changes himself.
  • Izood can create internal links to Izood in all articles written by everyone.
  • Izood can add sponsored rel to the published links given by the author.
  • If the article did not have good views (1500 views per month or less than 15% of the primary keywords searches), it could be deleted so that another author could write a better article.
  • Izood can review the article the author sends and request corrections or reject it for publishing on Izood.
  • The copyright of the article is reserved for Izood, but Izood cannot remove the author’s name from the article.
  • If Izood decides to change its participation percentage in the future, this change will not be applied to the authors who started working with Izood before the announcement of this change.
  • The link to the articles published by the author

Authors’ levels

There is a description of the levels on the page “Earn money with Izood“, and we have explained some things that need further explanation.

  • Starter Contributor: This level is the lowest level of contributors. He receives 40% of the total income of his article. The starter contributor can have one link per five articles.
  • Contributor: This is the usual level of most authors. The author receives 50% of the total income of his articles. The contributor can have one link per three articles. The author can request to receive an affiliate link from a new site, and he will do this as soon as possible.
  • Pro Contributor: Authors with more than 70 articles plus more than 100,000 views per month (average of the last three months) become Pro Contributors. Also, if the author earns more than $10,000 in a month, he can get 70% of his income, and if the average income of the last three months of the author is $10,000, he becomes a Pro Contributor. If the author becomes a Pro Contributor, he will not return to the previous level. The Pro Contributors can have one do-follow link per two articles. The author of Pro can request a personal page of articles and then publish his articles in his own section with his brand next to the Izood brand. Pro Contributors have access to Google Analytics of his articles. Articles by Pro Contributors are published in their special section on the home page. Pro Contributors can request special features for their articles.


  • The percentage of the income of each author is determined based on his level on the site.
  • The author can earn money from articles that earn more than $2 per month.
  • The minimum payout is $30, which means you can request payment when your income reaches $30.
  • Payouts can be made through PayPal and cryptocurrency. If the payment is more than 1000 dollars, it can be through bank transfer.
  • 18% tax is deducted from all our income and the author’s income.
  • Payouts through PayPal have a 6% fee that will be deducted by PayPal.
  • To pay via cryptocurrency, you need to verify your identity.

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